Good Night

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Submitted: October 03, 2008

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Submitted: October 03, 2008



I cry myself to sleep sometimes

My pillow soaked with tears

Because it seems that I am worthless

And my happiness is drowned by my fears

It seems like you all hate me

Like my whole network wants me to die

Deep inside I know it's true

I fake a smile for my lie

I cover my eyes whenever I'm around you

I burry my head between my knees

To hide from you the pain I feel

That spreads throughout me like a disease

I've been along so many paths

They all take me the same way

It feels like the world is my predator

Feeding on me as their prey

I thought there was more to this life

Than being smothered with all this pain

The pain that I know I give everyone

Is the reason I'm growing insane

I wish I weren't such a screw up

And that I don't live for very long

Simply because I fucked up too mant times

And how everything I do is wrong

So, to everyone who's listening

I'm ending all your spite

Just by saying my last two words

And cry for one more night.

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