Vicious Truth

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I got mad at my friends, bf, and my 'rents.

Submitted: July 30, 2008

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Submitted: July 30, 2008



You look at me like you know who I am

But every word you say to me is so bland

And I'm like a wall that keeps caving in

Never stop pretending what I have been

The scars and broken hearts never meant shit to you

It's okay I couldn't have aked for more

That sweet talk to bed me

As if I were some two dollar whore

A way with words is how you put it

Sorry, but it's the truth

You always told me to be straight forwrad, didn't you?

And I'm alone in this crowded house of people

I'm dying here with so much life

I can't stop what's already started

Mabey if I'm lucky, I'll die tonight

Wish I could wish I could

Just float away into the stars

I'd join them, but I'd be a disapointment

Too many nights of too many scars

Huddled up under the tree

You'll say prayers to me

Wishing me a nice after life

And to bad it ended with a knife

But you, you were never there

Pretending day after day to care

In truth ti you I was always just a whore

And I wasn't ever anything more.

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