Like Plastic

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My life.

Submitted: February 23, 2008

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Submitted: February 23, 2008



sun shining through your window

the sign of morning

and mourning

so open your eyes

to see your new world

without him

take your time

you'll never get over it

don't worry

this pain will only last forever

so absorb your energy

from your experience

and wake up

you're still not awake

put on your clothes

and your mask

with a smile to cover your frown

and put on your skin

to hide your inner self

the one who won't quit crying

pretend he's not yours

pretend the sun always shines

pretend your footsteps never fade away

Reality, why have you abandoned me?

I have no shelter

I'm lost in this plastic world

and I think my skin

is turning hard

like plastic

so my inner self is captured

within this fake skin


I miss your love...
Category: Writing and Poetry

I miss your love

so foreign to my mind

I almost forgot

how it felt

so what are smiles?

and define happiness

are hugs real?

Oh how I miss your love

yelling and pain

is my only knowlege

of what we call "emotions"

I'm so alone now

pushed aside from

what makes me me

are you getting it?

are you even listening

can your ears hear?

can your eyes move

away from all distraction

and temptation

oh such isolation

what is life?

and how can you find it?

these walls are closing in

I cannot breathe

I cannot "live"

whatever that means

Oh where have you gone?

and who has taken your place?

I miss your love

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