Taste of Chaos

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For the love of my life...

Submitted: March 04, 2008

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Submitted: March 04, 2008




These walls can't keep me away forever
And there's no such thing as life-long authority
I'll have you someday, Love
And to live without your skin touching mine
Is total madness- I'm risking my sanity
Let's runaway, my Love
And with a love like ours
we're immune to calamity
just take me away, Love
The trace of your face puts me in place
Is such touch too much?
Oh, the taste of chaos we create
The darkness is all around us
but we're in the light's simplicity
Such beautiful brilliancy
Can I survive another day, Love?
You share with the sun it's rays
and fill me with warmth and intensity
in my heart you stay, Love
These eyes can't disguise my old life's demise
So you kill to feel real?

Oh, the taste of chaos we create

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