Apocalypse prophecy dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's a real dream I had which felt real to me.
I had continues same dream for several days and couldn't resist writing it.

KIDS don't watch Apocalypse video too much :)

The same dream repeating night after night wake me up with visions of terror flashing back in my eyes which it seemed so real. Each night the dream felt more real and the scenario got more vivid as the dream was repeated night after night, waking up coved with sweat with guilt and terror, feeling tension in my hands.



I was standing at the hill looking down at city central, it was me but it wasn’t me. I was looking down at myself from a distance with city centre as background and that wasn’t the scene froze me, every inch of my hair standing with feeling every drop of blood draining out of my body.


The cloud and sky was beautiful pink dyed by the falling sun, it was peaceful as everything was in perfect order feeling like I was floating in air, bubbled up with fresh pure water. When I looked around with curiosity found myself different to what I remembered before I went to sleep. I have gained weight and looked little older with a lady I have never meet. Strangely, I could feel what another me was feeling which was full of joy and happiness. I could feel I was in love with the lady I do not know.


The cloud started turn red fast second by second, soon the sky was bloody red as it was going dye the whole world. As I was fascinated by the beauty of bloody red cloud and the sky which I may never see again in my lifetime (my thought that time in my dream). Suddenly from inside the bloody cloud a chariot carried by white horse was flying slowly towards land followed by the large number of armies. It was like illusion more like hologram. I was thinking is it alien invasion? ‘no way….’ But soon armies and chariot faded away like a mirage and I could feel another me panicking with great fear and confusion. I looked up above and couldn’t believe my eyes. Everything was complete red, color like a red wine penetrated by the strong light. When I looked down the city central a line of fire was drawn in the sky, viciously drawing its line towards Sky Tower. ‘BOOM’ the large explosion sound was enough to ring one’s nature alarm ‘RUN’. Another me took the girl’s hand and started running towards the car, than I flashed out of the site and soon I was in another site.


It was dark, as I calmed down and looked around, I could see another me again. I was hiding behind the building looking very different to what I saw moment ago. I was looking very shabby; it seemed I couldn’t clean myself for some time. I could feel his/my fear and worry, aching my heart. Another me slowly moved towards the dark road leaving me behind. As I disappeared in to the dark road I was lifted up to the sky looking down at city central. It was no longer a peaceful city… everything was burning or burnt leaving dark trail of ashes as it was proving that human stands no chance against the nature, black burnt marks saying no more trespassing the forbidden line where nature had given so much to human kind. Another flash out happens… to another scene.


I was in a small room with my family me, mother, sister, brother in law and the lady I do not know. I could feel everyone was terrified and the complete silence with my sister’s quite sound of sobbing sweep the room like an Alaska winter’s wind pressuring the room like a bottom of the lake.


‘BOOM’ the same sound I heard at the hill came from side of the house? just lot louder, shaking the ground along with the room we were in. I could feel the fear in the room was growing by each second. Suddenly, another I and my brother in law were taking everyone to the garage and soon everyone was in the car. I could see another me in driving seat with mother, sister, brother in law and the lady I do not know. Wait.. Where are my nephews? I yelled at my sister and my brother in law… and my mother… for my nephews… but no one replied…  they don’t even seem to recognize I was there, I felt the pain and ache, squeezing my heart making hard for me breath. But no tears fell out… I could feel the pain of losing them but not being able to cry with tears for them made my heart torn apart even more.


 As I looked at everyone, their faces look tired and full of fear and only silence gently pressuring from giving up all hope and faith. I looked up at the sky asking why? Why are you showing me this to me? What did I do to piss u off man? Then my body was lifted up to the sky and I heard the voice “you have failed” “so many chances, so much time and you failed” I was confused and asked “me?” and the voice says

“no. YOU”

and before I could ask another question I was pulled back to ground looking above the car. As I could see the car was leaving the garage I looked up wanting to ask more questions but I couldn’t talk. A fireball size of tennis ball was directly dropping at me, as it grew bigger and bigger I was devastated and started yelling towards the car. “GOGOGOGO” but it was only echoing in my head and as I look back up..


“Whoooooo… phew”


That dream again… damn…

I wake up in middle of the night covered with sweat hoping this would be the last dream…



 Rather spend a moment in my dream with right women than to spend all my life trying to fill meaningless heart.

Submitted: May 17, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Kowi. All rights reserved.

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