C.mansons playbook

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a world all its own

Submitted: November 26, 2012

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Submitted: November 26, 2012



Im not mad, im just alive without any connections.outta touch? dont know do not care.life lived happy, loven every second of it is a perpetual busted nut.sex is life. its FUCKIN AWSOME.Im a Nazi with jew barrings,Im a hippie in nam killin for a peace that will never be. Im a pagan with a crucifix in sundays mass touched by the preist, god save the children.Im a indian wheren celtic regaila. I havent not one soceity to claim..i do without reasons to have reason of why . My lifes been swell and with so much ive came to know so well,so young as i am,i cannot help but see a mortal enden. DEATHS is close,So i close my eyes and wait for my Souls harvest. Love is a bitch of wantin.Goddam how  Love has come a cheap trick.Real true love is not for the convict,as it will never settle down.Like a cowboy pon the open range theres no tamein my rowdey soul,i live lone and ill die lone. my three wisemen ipay heed to :a pen/paper,gun and knife.To me that is reality.Oh i still bromance very homoerotictly.But i am not ment for ones growen old and dien with mate,marriage is a penitentary ur confined to ur lover to one nother .one is not w/o the outher.well im just  one w/ many a side .My world is freak show not for the faint hearted.To be w/me gotta be like me,likeminded,Gotta be abel to kill w/o thought nor emotions,Im bahalla bound .ive lived the vikeing life A>T>W>,Im bout pain ,Anger,Hate,Psychosexuality.My reality is twisted ,far more than the most hardcore jugalo,SEND IN THE CLOWNS,we are a fuckin riot,like a nam war,for nothen  and senceless,INSAIN?fuck no,unsainity,IM gray tween it all. W/O care!!F>T>W>

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