The Capable

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Submitted: April 16, 2015

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Submitted: April 16, 2015



Drums, footsteps, clanging sounds, and heavy breathing is all Simins can hear as he runs for dear life toward "anywhere but Goslo". Goslo is a seemingly shy and peaceful town, a population small enough to fool you but big enough to give the vibe of something fishy. Of course no one truly understands how it got to be so unfortunate, all Simins knows is that he was about to make it the least unfortunate. Goslo is run by a very powerful gang known as The Right, they secretly control the kingdom through the corruption of the poor King Hennry Kir who gave away his rights as the most powerful man in Goslo unknowingly. The fate of Goslo was about to change drastically at the hand of one unlikely hero, Simins. 

Simins plan was simple, for him, for all he was going to do was destroy the entire town in an instant. There was truly no point in saving anyone as they were all practically fugitives and their leader, the head of the Rights. Thus, peace would come to his world in their destruction. Simins planned for years to overthrow the town and here's what he did:

A Dam five miles away has a rope tied to it that will be pulled by the biggest ox Simins could find and with the signal of a red flare would pull the dam out from under itself. The immense amount of water was to flood the town and distract everyone. With all the chaos, Simins would take out the six guards infront of the castle and make his way in. Simins use to live in the castle before the King had been tricked so he knew every hallway and every room. It was obvious where the King was being held as there was only one secure room, the tallest tower. Twenty guards were stationed all over the castle and each one significantly more powerful than the last as you got closer to where the King was. Simins had studied each one during his residence and knew each of their weaknesses. Upon reaching the King he would have to force him to drink the "Remember Potion" that he had gotten from the dragons blood a few months ago, causing the King to gain his strength and memory back. Simins would present the plan to the King, that was to fight off all the gang members. Of course there were the reinforcements stationed in camps a few miles away surrounding the town, and Simins had already planted fireworks on the inside of each tent (a very difficult task as he was there to be a pooper scooper for the horses). Simins and the King would escape having bypassed all the frazzled gang members. Ten miles away from the reinforcement gang members sat the most fearsome kingdom in the land, Richsonland. Two years ago Simins had saved the town from a ferocious dragon ( no the dragon isn't dead, more like a pet now) and the town owed him a debt. After a meeting with the King of Richsonland they would storm the town and wipe out every member. Unfortunately, the leader and the rest of the gang do not live in the town, making life even more difficult as they would have to venture off to Stantonland one hundred miles away. 

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