My Short Story

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The story you are going or not going to be reading, is not a story I can clearly describe to you... This is a story that doesn't revolve around a character, a plot, or even much of a story.. If you can ever find any of those things in this story, then please, do so as you may..

Beginning, middle, and end. In every story, these are the components needed for a good short story. Now before I begin I must ask you for just one requirement, to pay attention. Don't glance away, no skipping, just to keep reading from; say it with me... Beginning, middle, and end...

For all I know you probably skimmed around, to see what's in store for you, and as the thought came to mine I figured you would do so, so I well ask if you could kindly skip any paragraph that begins with "So" any paragraph that begins from there you may skip, of course I also know for those of you who are skimming you probably are now only reading the ones without "So", rest assured that I was prepared for this story, to grip and capture your full and utter attention. After all, that's what a storyteller does, we do what ever we can to get our readers attention.

Oh! ofcourse, back to my story... But the first thing our story needs a beginning; a fresh start, yes? First we need a character, no!.... we need a setting, otherwise our character would be floating in a blank space of nothingness, and we wouldn't want that. What about we start off with~

Once upon a time- oh no no nooo, that is far too easy of a beginning, we need something to get straight to the point.. oh forget it, we'll just put him in a box. It is a lovely box I may add, it even has it's own skylight, not that it really matters... afterall when is a skylight over going to be used in this story? Now our character well be Bob... no?... we'll fine what about you come up with a name? I'll just leave in some blanks for your characters name how's that? I'm just saying.. Bob sounded like the perfect name...I guess everyones a critic...

Once upon a time _________ lived in a lovely box, _________ admired his box, the box was a fitting home for _________, but then...but then... oh gosh what happens next?... I never really had time to think about this but...what does happen to _________... and may I add you have a very bad taste for characters, what about we add a great to the name, right?

Great _________ the third!!! Oh now that's just silly...

It seems we really hit a wall here, what was I thinking? Thinking that me, of all people could create a story from beginning, middle, and end. How could I possibly think I could tell a story about a man who lives in a box, a man in a box.. you remember the story right?

"Once upon a time he lived in a lovely box, he admired his box, the box was fitting for him.. but no one knew of what was in his box, cause no one bothered opening it. Afterall, it was just a box, what could ever be in such a regular looking box? It doesn't even have a cover, nor tags, or a good enough description of what it is? Instead it has a title.. My Box... but isn't that good enough? Good enough to be opened? Isn't a title all you really need to wonder?...What is this book? and where is it going to take me?....

Submitted: November 25, 2014

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A very interesting attempt at being esoteric; your story is too short for arcane rhetoric; perhaps as you add to it, it will develope.

Wed, November 26th, 2014 12:55am

Ben A Vanguarde

Without a plot or conflict you have either a travelogue or erotica, both boring. This story seems like high literature, something too clever for my poor mind. I would advise, keep pitching, keep writing and you'll find "your voice".

Wed, November 26th, 2014 1:26am

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