Till The End and Beyond

Till The End and Beyond Till The End and Beyond

Status: Finished

Genre: Humor



Status: Finished

Genre: Humor



My best friend's and I have had some very exciting, fun and entertaining experiances over the last few years. Well, we want to share them with you. They might make you cry, they will make you laugh, and many will make you smile.
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My best friend's and I have had some very exciting, fun and entertaining experiances over the last few years. Well, we want to share them with you. They might make you cry, they will make you laugh, and many will make you smile.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Till The End and Beyond

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My best friend's and I have had some very exciting, fun and entertaining experiances over the last few years. Well, we want to share them with you. They might make you cry, they will make you laugh, and many will make you smile.

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Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 17, 2013





February 5, 2013; the last day I ever saw or spoke to Ann. Who is Ann? Ann is my sister, well not actually but she is so much like me and understands me so well that we consider ourselves sisters. Ann is the most wonderful, sweetest girl you could ever meet. Once you first meet her you will think she is a goody good; actually both of us will appear that way. Fact is, neither of us are anywhere near goody good; you might consider us just the opposite. One last thing, the two of us can hardly live without each other.

You might be wondering who I am or even why you should be using your time to read this. Well, I’ll tell you why you should read this and I’ll tell you who I am. I am May. You are reading this because you also know of the one person you trust more than anyone and they know you better than anyone on earth. I am a writer, obviously since you are reading this. I have big dreams and I hope to accomplish some of them. I am a teenage girl and have a pretty clean background. All of my friends are amazing and mean the world to me.

Back to the beginning of the chapter; what’s so big about February 5? Well on February 5 I was taken out of public school and placed into an online school. Nearly a month later I still have not spoke at all to her and not because of choice. A very long story behind why I have not communicated with her but basically my parents and I had a big argument and my discipline was that I can’t talk to any of my friends, especially Ann.

Ann will always hold a place in my heart and I will always hold a place in hers. Only a few years together and the two of us know eachother better than anyone else on earth. This little book will explain one lovely unforgettable moment at a time. With every chapter it will explain specifically that moment that we were together and what happened. All I can say from here is read and enjoy.



Chapter 1


June 3, 2011 at about 3:30 pm. This was the last day of 7th grade and everybody was celebrating because “now we are 8th graders!” that pathetic thing that nearly all elementary and Middle school and some High school kids do. Anyway, my best friend at the time Nicole had a school graduation party nearly every year. This year there was a new girl, she had transferred to our school that year and Nicole had invited her, me, and a few other of our friends to the party.

Ann was wearing a blue Hollister shirt and pair of denim shorts. We all were playing some weird form of tag and we were having a blast. The little game was very strange; there were groups of two and each group of two linked arms. One person not liked was it, the other had to find a group to latch onto; once latched on, the person on the other side of the chain had to release and run to another group. The game went on for some time and we never got bored.

Nicole’s mom came outside where we were goofing off and said our food was ready. Once we were all inside, we all go our pizza and both Ann and I grabbed the ham and pineapple slice of pizza. Unintentionally, both Ann and I sat next to each other to eat. Nicole’s mom offered us all some pop, milk, water or juice; Ann chose pop, I chose water.

Ann and I didn’t really talk much that day and because we didn’t know each other, we didn’t talk over the summer. I will say, I thought she was a very pretty girl and I was pretty darn jealous of how she looked. Jealousy is not right, I know but she had an amazing figure; the hourglass look every girl wish she had. Before you get the wrong impression, I am not a homosexual by any means. I just know what a good body looks like because I want one myself.




Ann later told me once we had become friends that on the day we first met, she thought I was the prettiest girl she had ever seen. Ann’s exact words were, “When I first saw you I thought, oh wow she is so pretty!” Ann and I reflect on this day quite often.




Chapter 2


September 6, 2011 at 7:50 am; school started and my friends and I were now 8th graders. Ann and I still had not yet seen each other but over the next few weeks and especially the next couple of months, we had found each other more and become distant friends. We had no classes together but we had talked quite often especially at lunch.

A few months later Ann, and everybody else accept me had a banana. Nicole was not there and if she had been this would have never been said because Nicole is an extreme goody, she has never and I mean never, had a B and rarely an A-; Nicole is extremely smart and would have slapped me if I said this around her. Anyway, I hate bananas for many reasons one of which is this reason here. I looked at all of my friends eating their bananas and said “look at your banana there.” They all looked at their bananas, “What do they look like to you?” They all set down their bananas and started laughing and Ewing.

If you think about it, the banana has a similar shape to a man’s junk. Ever sense, neither of us can look at the banana the same way. A little while later, my friends that sat at my table joined me outside and my friend Salome had grabbed her banana and took it with her. Once we were outside with our guy friends, Salome took the banana and said, “Hey May!” She then took the banana peeling it open more and stuffed it into her mouth. Ann, Salome, and I all laughed; Ann and I fell to the ground laughing.

Was it exactly right or good of us to do so? Absolutely not but we were so much like so many other teenagers, we had perverted and depraved minds that only got worse as we aged. Inside jokes are what define us and no matter how bad they are it gives us all live within our own lives. Still none of us can look at a banana the same.

Ann has watched other people eat bananas just like Salome and I have. We all must control ourselves from laughing too much but of course we all have to chuckle a little bit.




Just a few days before I had left public school Salome, Ann and I had discussed the banana story and we all had a good laugh. Salome had joked about getting a banana from the snack bar we all laughed and had a good time just being ourselves.




Chapter 3



The year 2012 finally came around and Salome, Ann, and I had continued growing closer and our perverted minds didn’t get any better. This memory is also one that takes place during lunch. One big difference is in High school, you don’t get to go outside like you do in Middle school.

Well today we were all going outside and I specifically remember that it rained the night before and you will realize why I remember that once you hear the story. A part of the school yard was filled with water so we were not allowed near the puddles. Also all of the ground was pretty wet so we couldn’t sit on the grass.

Ann sat on the yellow fire hydrant that was on the edge of the school yard.Salome and I were taking the heads off of the dandelions just for the heck of it. I had learned this dumb little jingle in fourth grade and I had taught it to Salome so the both of us were singing it. “Mamma had a baby and the head popped off!” taking a dandelion in our hand, at the end of the jingle we popped the head of the dandelion off laughing. Ann watched both of us laughing.

Once I got bored of doing that I also sat on the fire hydrant next to Ann. Salome had disappeared for a bit so Ann and I had a nice girl talk. I don’t remember exactly what we talked about or exactly when Salome came back but I had got off the hydrant and Salome had taken my spot. I walked around Ann and Salome and suddenly stopped. “He has a boner!” I said, I didn’t say it very loud but loud enough for the two of them to hear.

“What?!?” they both said looking around at all the guys. I shook my head laughing.

“The fire hydrant, it has a dick…. Come to think of it, you both are sitting on a dick!” I said. Ann and Salome jumped off. They looked oddly at the fire hydrant. I explained that all the parts sticking out of the fire hydrant were like its dick, you know, like a man’s junk. Salome, Ann, and I all started laughing. I said I was going to stand on the dick and the two of them laughed as I put one foot on one part and the other on another part.

“She’s standing on the dick!” they both called. I laughed so hard I fell off. I stood back up and sat on the top of the dick.

“I’m sitting on the dick!” I said, I put both of my hands in the air, “ooooh, look at me! No hands on the dick!” again we laughed. I fell off and the three of us fought over who was sitting where on the dick.



Still to this day we joke about the dick and never do we call it a fire hydrant. Looking at a fire hydrant we just laugh and whisper, “There’s the dick!” Just thinking about it makes me laugh.



Chapter 4


September 29, 2012 at 5:30pm now in ninth grade; Ann, Salome, me, and my date Allan were all having a tasty pizza dinner at a local restaurant. Allan was my boyfriend and he was meeting my parents for the first time that night. I was as nervous as ever and I think he was too. For quite a while it was just me and Allan sitting there across from my dad and siblings. It was pretty awkward, not sure exactly why it was awkward but it was.

Finally Salome arrived with my mom and a little bit of the awkwardness disappeared. Allan and I looked at each other; I could tell he was nervous with my dad being there. Once the buffet opened, we all got up and started grabbing our food. Ann still had not arrived so I was on the lookout for her. We grabbed a slice or two of pizza and sat back down. Seconds after we sat down Ann arrived.

Once Ann got her pizza and sat down with us we all had a blast. Of course my dad had to talk to Allan about what he likes to do and such. Finally once we had all finished eating, my mom took us to the high school gym for the homecoming dance. My mom drove away and we all waited in line to get inside.

Once inside we pretty much just stood around and chatted like losers. Ann and I had danced together for a while sense Allan didn’t want to and Ann didn’t have a date. While Ann and I danced, Allan talked to Tyler his best friend. Tyler is a black guy and loves to make black jokes, you will find out more about him later. After a while I went and got a big glass of apple juice from the stand.

I snatched Allan away from Tyler; Allan didn’t really want to dance at all but Tyler wouldn’t help him. Allan and I danced for a while. At 11pm, it was time for everyone to go home. I don’t remember much after I drank the apple juice.




Come to find out, the apple juice got spiked before I took a big glass of it. Meaning I had a big glass of apple juice, mixed with a fair amount of alcohol. I haven't really had alcohol before so having that much then was a huge shock to my system.

My mom had asked what was wrong with me because the whole ride home I was laughing, Allan thought was acting weird too. But only a few weeks after the dance did we all find out about the spiked drinks. I had gone home and told my mom about it and she laughed. I still have a hard time remembering what happened at the dance but I did my best writing this chapter. Still to this day do my friends make fun of me because of how I acted the night of that homecoming dance. I just laugh along with them because I don’t remember really much of what happened. I can’t imagine how I would act if I actually got drunk… Boy that would be a terror!




Chapter 5


December 9, 2012 at 3pm; a major shock in my life, the first big one to be exact. Allan broke up with me. Now before you go thinking something weird about me, although I am weird; I did not write any of this information down. I just remember the day it happened and where, based on where it happened I can figure out when. I’m weird like that.

Earlier in the day I had actually found out about this. My other really good friend Alan told me that Allan had said he was probably going to break up with me. He notified me but made sure to let me know that he wasn’t positive. Once I got to my next class, I started crying a little; I thought Allan was the love of my life.

A note for all the girls reading this with boyfriends, your boyfriends in high school especially are very unlikely to be the man of your dreams; very rarely do high school sweethearts get married. Well at the time, I thought Allan was the one for me so finding out that he might possibly be breaking up with me was heartbreaking. I hadn’t seen him at all that day until it was time to go home.

Once I got on the bus I waited for him and once he didn’t sit with me, like he usually did, I knew that it was over. Needless to say, I was a bit upset about it and kind of went off on him about it. Once I got home I told my parents and they said if I felt bad I should call and talk to him and apologize.

I dialed his number and we had a nice talk, by the end we decided to at least just be friends. I was pretty jumbled up about it for a while but eventually I moved on. The next day at school was a little strange because I wasn’t waiting for him, I wasn’t talking to him, and I did nothing with him. I did however get through the day and eventually the week, and finally the month.




Allan and I eventually talked and even now we talk fairly often. Allan is like a brother to me and I trust him a lot. It did take me a long, long time to get over him though. Like seriously, it took me till about mid October of the following year. Also you will hear a lot more about what happened not too far before that time… But for now, Allan is just a friend and that’s all we will ever be as I am proud to say.


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