To All My Booksie Friends

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To All my Booksie Friends. I have such appreciate, and admiration for all of you. Just my way of saying Thank you. I'm a work in progress.

Cheers to you!!

(oh, and the picture on the player with the song is not dont know who it is, but it came with the

I sit here quietly, as I read your poetry.

Memories flowing unevitably.

Words expressed in meaning, I quickly grab the dictionary.

Searching with uncertainty,pondering, moving minds imaginary.

Closing my eyes, taking deep breaths, my heart is moved with encouragement.

Crossing ones pathof fortitude and giving, receiving admiration.

Deeply touched by all friends of Booksie.

Truly, it's our Destiny.

The Reason - celine Dion\">a>

Submitted: June 20, 2008

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awwwww that's so sweet! I know how you feel. I have a lot of friends on here as well. Dont know what I'd do without them. =) Mandy

Fri, June 20th, 2008 5:42am


Thanks for the read Mandy!

Fri, June 20th, 2008 4:21am


This is such a sweet tribute, and where would we all be without your amazing stories? Over the past few days you've inspired me and I have to thank you for that. I too, have made very good friends here on Booksie, people who I have a lot of love and time for. I think you spoke for all of us with this lovely poem. :)

How is it you choose such awesome songs? What great taste in music!! I LOVE this song, it's one that holds a lot of memories for me. :) ~ Nixie

Fri, June 20th, 2008 7:52pm


Nixie? I will have to say I'm glad we have crossed one anothers paths. You are my encourager and the inspiration you give me is awesome. I've never in my wildest dreams thought I could write anything. The Love you have shown means alot to me. Thank you for that....... I love music and it gets me going with my writings, most definitely. I think my taste is awesome in music and songs, so thank you for that compliment as no one as really taken notice. Alot of my so called friends could care less about different music or the arts, or even writing. They seem not too care about too much. If I could move away from here I probably would, but things have it in which I can't at this time in my life. To me I reach out to others in need when I can, but it seems alot of people take advantage of kindness. But in some ways I guess their the ones that need the most love in a sense. I have always taken music and connected it with something in my life so I can hold on to that memory. A relationship I had for several years ended, but yet his memory is still there. It's almost like an obsession, but its not. I just know those were the best years of my life with a Man I shared some deep Love and feelings with, and the intimacy was like no other. But yet he chose a different path, so we parted. I won't keep carrying on so......but thank you so much. I really do appreciate you alot.

Sat, June 21st, 2008 1:24pm



U are such a warm person and I am happy that I am also a part of ur life and writing world....

Fri, June 20th, 2008 11:33pm


Thanks you so much Pratibha. You are also a kind warm spirit in which I'm glad we have crossed each others paths. I am happy about us meeting here in the writing world too. I'm glad you are a part of my life as well. It's all about the Love. You truly are a Lovely person too. I mean that with all my heart. You have such a beautiful spirit within you. I'm drawn to that as well as others here. Thank you for being a part of my life and I yours.

Sat, June 21st, 2008 1:15pm

Classy Peach

I don't share any of my writing with anyone I know personally (other than two people) simply because I wanted people who didn't know me to comment fairly. Then I joined booksie and now have so many friends here that that theory got blown out of the water!

I often come to booksie and my heart pounds for simple measures other than something i've written or something I've read.

I love taking the time out for all of my friends now on here just as they do for me.

Great poem too btw.

Sat, June 21st, 2008 7:20pm


Yes, I'm right there with ya. I don't get online now except for Booksie. I've really enjoyed it here. It's an escape from the outside world to me. Outside there's so much stress it seems. Finances, bills, GAS, and really not alot of kind people nowadays. So escaping here with writings and people you don't know comment kind and warms responses. That pretty much makes the outside world disappears until the next day, so speak. Classy Peach? You have been my inspiration truly! I'm not throwing out these words lightly either. I don't know you or any of the others, but when one feels a kind warm beautiful spirit you tend to want to hold on to it. Love does make a world of difference, and when you dont receive that warmth from the real world or people, friends you have made, then that spirit you crave. The warmth, and all the beauty that goes along with it, something you want. I have always said everyone's looking for 3 things in this life? It's Acceptance, Love, and Forgiveness. I have come to find out, that this is truly a true statement.

Personally, the good Book (bible) I have begun to read some, and alot of the stuff in there makes alot of sense to how the world should live. Sometimes it blows me away, in how people back then lived is similar to the same struggles we go through today but in a different sense. I'm not much on reading the bible, but I'm starting to believe, that there's something to it. It's almost as if, my faith is getting stronger in a sense. I don't know if you can understand what I'm saying, cause I'm not a big bible fan, but it's like it's showing itself to me in alot of ways. I just thought I would share that, because it's been blowin me away. It's a great history book and alot of the stories I find very interesting. I've never really read it before. I try to read it here and there. But the warm and kindness I feel and read in it, says alot to me. It's basically alot about Love in all different levels. Thanks for responding and thank you again.

Sat, June 21st, 2008 1:11pm

Classy Peach

Wow. You inspire yourself and I don't think you realize it Karla!

While I am not religious, I am deeply spiritual with the universe. But what struck me in your reply, was to take a quip from the bible and turn it into your words. Like, for example to write a poem or whatever about how you thought someone loved another, simply through the readings you've done. Like, what would a poem feel like if Mary Magdalene wrote one to jesus. Or, what about .... oh I don't know...but you have some incredible strength behind you and i think you've got some incredible research too!


Sat, June 21st, 2008 9:15pm


Hmmm....perhaps I don't realize it. I don't think I thought of it like that at all. You see, I just don't see myself like this, it's hard to take, I guess. I don't see myself with incredible strength like you say. It's so funny, but I wish I could see what you see. Thanks Peachy.....thank you. It will come one day. At least, I hope so. :)

Sun, June 22nd, 2008 12:37pm


hey K, here i am so down in the dumps and then ur poem catches my eye u made my day this is so lovely and sweet! i gave it a I LIKE IT vote thingy :D


Mon, June 23rd, 2008 8:57am


Awww......I'm glad it boosted your spirits. Thank you for reading.

Mon, June 23rd, 2008 3:06am


If everyone devoted as much time as you evidently do to reading others poetry ; well lets say thats flattering
But you should also concentrate on your own work - without a dictionary
thats the worstr impliment , or the last a poet should use.
Use words that seem simply righjt to you at the particular moment you are trying to convey. or the words that occur to you first whem the memory recurs and you want to convey its meaning - the words you fisrt think of are the closest to your feeling . You will tweak them later if you let the poem settle ; like a cake ; or a wine - finer woprds will come - but they may not be the ones you should ise .
I take this liberty because Im always changing, refining . to the extent that sometimes I end up writing about something quiter different. because the words I choose seemed better that the original and didnt somehow to fit the thought.
difficult - but let it rip; stew ; ferment
But write

Wed, October 22nd, 2008 11:31pm


Well, thank Don,as I haven't written in awhile, and apologize for not responding sooner. I read many on here but yet at times dont have time to leave comments. Your right about the dictionary, I've since put it down. Been in a stand still lately cant seem to write. I have written some short stories but start them and then can't continue. I usually think its dumb or silly and delete. But I have two right now that can't seem to finish. Well, thanks for stopping by and once again my apologies for not responding sooner to your kind comment. ADios Karla

Wed, November 5th, 2008 9:31pm

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