Tales from Kald: A Bard's Purpose

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A world beyond fantasy. Fa’oon ventures forth in a world so far removed from our own.

Creatures of myth and beyond live amongst each other, each as equipped for interpersonal relations as you or I.

Joy, Sound, fire, and else are able to be manipulated by anyone and any beast, as long as the manipulator have natural aptitude or grow themselves accordingly.

Land held high in the sky, silver trees with golden leaves, monsters creating tornadoes of crystal shards, lords and leaders waged in endless conflict, and professional oracles are only some of the
diversely strange things to find in the world of Kald.

Table of Contents

First Lesson

Quick story to give a broad stroke of the ideas behind the world of Kald.
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Nocturnal Convergence

In a night so serene, what could go wrong?
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Roadside Trouble

I wanted to start describing the characters (Only got one of their names in). But it got too boring so I moved some stuff around, hopefully leading to a heavier draw than the first chapter.
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The last chapter with a "then then went to sleep" ending. If it's confusing on what the protagonist is doing to his brother, please let me know so I can try to make it easier to understand. Or if
any other piece is out of place, nonsensical, or ambiguous, please let me know.
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Life isn't easy on the road.
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A Hunting

The world is bountiful, if you know where to look.
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Wandering Words

The group find a tavern to rest at.
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Out of the Bag

The second part of a multi-chapter "chapter", the group meet up with a group of yet more strangers.
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Crazies Find a Way

The group meets with the Isynx
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Not dead yet, the group is only fracturing what little relations they have.
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'But that's besides the point, you need medical attention after all,' Col nods to Leif. 'I'm not a doctor myself, but I know someone who ... Read Chapter