Real pain of a boy

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Feel the real pain of a boy after his breakup.

Submitted: July 14, 2014

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Submitted: July 14, 2014




Say me a final good bye and let me go away 
You will be an obliging person.
That was the game of one day 
I ll accept all the situation.

Dear It was only fake meeting
Even I ll love all the winds and rain
My world will be destroyed for a while, every desires finishing.
IT is only a season will change again.

Again new world will be decorated in my eyes 
I am sure It was a lost trip.
Left with me only memories 
Heart ll be easily convinced from every grief .

A nymph dropped down from the heaven 
Smiled and hold my tender hand .
She cut the red, a lovely ribbon 
Starting of love in sahara sand.

There is difference between sun and earth 
How can they come closer? 
Sun is a dull of fire on the cart 
Giving heat others, inside it a looser.

I ll wash all the memories with my tears 
I don't wanna suffer again and again.
Healing wounds for many years 
I don't wanna let go my energy in vain.

My sophisticated cured wound 
Although, Sky is a beautiful place 
I know all the birds must land on the ground 
Heart ll beat every second in different pace.

My poor cute heart like a pot of mud
Some one pressed it with shoes.
This flower got dry before getting bud
Soul is only travelling and body is a cruise.

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