The Nature of Uncertainty

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A lifelong passage- an eternal struggle of human nature. As you read, envision all of the contrasting images and how they progress to create the individual described.

Submitted: February 03, 2012

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Submitted: February 03, 2012




The Nature of Uncertainty by Kristen Koontz

My long, deep black pants dip into the stream.

The calm rapids tempt me into Fear, yet allows my

Soul to flee from me.


The air is completely still, while the brook’s song provides enough air for me to Breathe.

Why does this tree tease me so?

With its playful branches brushing my sleeves,

Poking, tingling, caressing my skin.

Why does it tell me to run along; to continue my Journey,

While it knows that my fate is inches away?

Or perhaps it’s guiding me, the way that no one has in all my Life. No friend in my life, But,

Also, no foe. Perhaps having a foe would be better;

For someone keeps me in their thoughts.


This rock, here, beneath my bare pale feet,

It holds me, as long as I am stable.

To welcome its company is my own prerogative.

How it must be thrilling, for a tree, a rock, a stream

Not be owned. To continue to Grow, or stay the same,

No one to judge or persuade them.

Why, I must be a part of this, but my own love is,

To be loved.


Tell me, oh sweet nature, what is my Destiny?


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