Calling Andrewwww Matthew

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is about making plans for last summer.

"Andrew," I whine into the phone, twirling the spiraled cord around my finger.

"Yeah?" he laughs, I can tell that he's smiling and I'm not even looking at him.

"Could you please, please, please, ask Danni's mom if she could pick me up at the airport? She's not replying to my texts." I say.

"That's because she got grounded," he laughs some more. "Her mom won't even let her out of the house and school just ended."

"Yeah, I know that school ended," I say. "Then could you ask Lorri if her mom could pick me up?"

"All right," he sighs. "LORRI!" he yells.

"You're with her right now?" I ask.

"Yeah," he says. "She's working with Justin on a summer reading project or something."

I laugh a little. "Justin signed up for English honors his 9th grade year?" I ask.

"Yeah," Andrew confirms. "I did too, but I'm not going to worry about the project until a little on in the summer."

"I signed up for an english honors class too," I smile even though he can't see it.

"Hey, Lorri," Andrew says. "Can your mom pick Krissie up at the airport when her flight comes in tomorrow morning?"

"Yeah! Sure!" I hear Lorri say excitedly.

"Thanks Andrew!" I say just as happily.

"No problem Princess," Andrew says, I can almost hear the smile in his voice.

"You're awesome Andrew," I tell him.

"Yeah, I know," I can hear the cockiness in his tone. "No need to tell me, babe."

He has little pet names for me, and some of them make my skin crawl. but I let him call me what he's wants because we're pretty good friends. I stopped texting him a while ago because I've had so much homework to do. "You're so full of it sometimes."

"So why don't you ever text me anymore?" He asks in a mock-sadness voice.

"Because you never text me first," I say matter-of-factly.

"Well that's a terrible reason," he says.

My phone buzzes on the bed next to me. Andrew<3! : hey beautiful ;) -A.L.M

"Very cute, Andrew. But I didn't mean for you to text me right now."

"So are you going to text me back or not?" he asks.

Me: hello andrew :]

"Thanks!" he says happily.

"So, can we start texting now?" I smile to myself. "My mom's been asking for the phone for the past half hour."

"All right," he says. "I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning! Promise?"

"I promise," I laugh. "Tell Justin to text me too!"

"All right," he laughs with me and we both hang up.

Andrew<3! : how are you?

Me: i'm fine. excited for tomorrow, wbu? :]

Andrew<3! : well, i'm talking to you, so i'm doing AWESOME. ;)

Me: you're so full of crap, lol

Andrew<3! : so, when exactly is your flight getting here, and who's house are you staying at?

Me: I'm staying at Lorri's house first. then danni's.

Andrew<3! : wanna stay at my house, too? :)

Me: yeah sure. why not?

Andrew<3! : mom says you can if you want!

Me: sounds like a plan! well, mom says i have to go to bed early so i'm ready to see you guys tomorrow. good night, Andiiiieee<33

Andrew<3! : good night princess, love you :)

Me: love you too.

Submitted: April 18, 2012

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