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thoughts on moments in the past

Submitted: January 21, 2007

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Submitted: January 21, 2007



Why haven't i woken up yet?

it almost seems like this life i've been living won't let me leave.

But, i don't know what i did to deseve it.

Sleeping beside someone so much worthy of happiness than myself.

Feeling like I'm heaven,

but than that soon they'll pull me back intothe hell that i crawled out of.

Pleasing him has become a need.

Making love to him an addiction.

His touch ectasy in human form.

No words desribe how i feel about him,

for there is none with multiple meanings to it.

Cause how much i love him is in so many more ways than just one.

HIs form lay still,

his eyes closed.

I sit here wondering what he's dreaming.

He tells me that he loves me,

and i believe him.

I love every part of him,

what else am i suppose to other than this.

When he holds him,

I feel like there is this force field of protection around me.

His arms around me,

that feeling is undescribable as well.

Much like the feeling when he's inside of me.

Its like nothing i've felt before.

Burying himself deeper,

both of us trying to escape the real world.

All i know is that if i have to wake up from this dream,

atleast let him come back with me.

For life without him would be...................................

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