a while ago me and my boyfriend were fighting and as usual that involves more than is shown on the surface, anyways here's the aftermath in three point perspective, aka, no names...........lol.

I felt liek i was losing grip upon my sanity,

like i was slowly slipping.

Everything became blurry and heightened,

I think i lost complete and total sense of time,

sense of possibly even the world around me.


But, as usual you held me in your arms,

wiped the tears form my cheeks,

kissed me.

And as usual i clinged to that kiss.

Thinking that i might be my last,

not willing to let it fall away.

As usual another followed,

than another,

till finally you were on top of me,

your lips stil pressed against mine.


Soon the next thing i knew your body was pressed against mine,

your skin feeling cool.

The next moment i remembergasping for air,

sudden;y a rush takes over my body,

and another side of me emerges.


The side that craves every inch of you.

That is every inch of you  either touching me,

or buried inside of me.


That feeling is undescribably emotional.

Making me want to scream or beg for mercy at the same time.

Your lips have moved from mine,

now skimming all over my body.

My hands gripping your shoulders,

and once again the world falls away,

and leaves me with the undenyable pleasure.


Your body arches downward,

and begins to twinge,

long after mine has already given in.


We lay there afterwards,

wrapped in eachothers arms,

our bodies still hot sweaty,

our minds completely blank.


My eyes slowly begin to close,

your face is the last thing i see before they close completely.

However i am almost sure they will be the first thing i see when i open them again.



Submitted: January 10, 2007

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I'm not so sure about the "young adult" label for this one. Almost too sensual (not that young adults can't be sensual but...)...this is on the line of erotica without the raunchiness (not that all erotica is raunchy!). Anyway! This is very sensual in a very good way. Good job!

Thu, January 11th, 2007 12:33am

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