Alright i wrote this a few years after my grandfather died, i was thinking abou thim and it jsut kinda came to me.


 Darkness will come,

my tears will be shed,

my blood will be spilled,

my fears will be fed.


He'll stangle the life from me while i sleep.

And he'll part leaving one little treat.


My heart upon my chest,

shattered and still.

The same way its been for six or so years.


Ever since that night that he died.

When everything would change for the rest of my life.


Now he's gone,

never to re- appear,

leaving me alone to face my own fears.


Such a great job i've done,

running from everyone.

Never stopping to fight,

never stopping to stay.


Here i sti,

but for how long?

how long can i stay?

how long till i must run?


I don't deserve your pardon,

or your patience.

How i beg for it everyday of my life.



Submitted: January 10, 2007

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A Stranger

Hard though it may seem, the grief you feel is overshadowed by the love he left you. Remember him in the light, not at his end. A well written piece, and I know how you feel.

Wed, January 10th, 2007 10:14pm

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