For One More Day

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
It's a story about my mama and I, when she was still alive...

Submitted: October 13, 2012

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Submitted: October 13, 2012



I could still remember the day I first met you,

The day I stood in a place waiting for someone I haven’t met yet.

You came rushing towards me and to my surprise, you embraced me

And the next thing I knew I was calling you “MAMA”.


For many years we were stuck into ‘getting to know you’ stage,

Misunderstanding always comes our way, making us fight all day.

Despite those entire endless brawls we had, I never hated you

Rather I kept trying to raze the wall between us, and I’m sure I did.


Keeping the distance between you and me was not my intention

And everybody thought you and I will forever be like this.

While you were gone, missing you became my hobby,

Until you came back and happiness explode deep within me.


When you came back emotions burst out and realization came in

Those sudden emotions I had that day was the feelings I kept for years

Feelings that I intend to share with you until the very last day of forever

But forever never happened, I lost you without any last words spoken.


They took you to a place where I can never reach you nor even see you

I never expected you’d be gone forever neither wish it to happened

Losing you deprived me to experience growing up with you

And missing you every day was the cruelest torture I ever have.


If I shout “I miss you”, will you hear me?

If I shout “I love you”, will you feel it?

If I shout “Ma, please come back”, will you do it?

I know it’s silly but let me be silly for wishing an impossible thing.


Here I am sitting in the place where my life started to change,

Gazing at nowhere and wishing that God would hear my plea.

Let me be with my Mama just one day, just one more day.

A day would be enough to tell her “I love you, Ma and I always have”.


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