Unexpected Encounter

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A young girl befriended a stranger who turned out to be a supernatural creature. They fell in love with each other and everything was going pretty well until fate meddled with their happiness.

Submitted: May 05, 2015

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Submitted: May 05, 2015



Unexpected Encounter

By: Krista Rica A. Dacalos



Present Day Year 2015.

It was sunny day morning in Manila and Mrs. Guzman just finished baking her lasagne. She called out her 10-year old daughter, Kylie, so they could eat breakfast together. Kylie’s eyes sparked as she saw the well-baked lasagne in the pan.

“Happy birthday, Mom!” Kylie joyfully said as she sat on the marble table placed in the middle of the kitchen. She grabbed the stainless lasagne slicer and was about to slice the meal when her mother slightly smack her small hand.

“Thank you, darling!” Mrs. Guzman smiled and pinched her daughter’s nose. Kylie pouted. “Wash your hands first and sit down properly. What’s the use of the chairs in here if you keep sitting on the table?”

Kylie immediately followed what her mother had instructed. Mrs. Guzman and Kylie were now enjoying their meal together. They were more closed especially Mr. Guzman, Kylie’s Dad, was not home most of the time. Mr. Guzman was a busy man for he was an engineer and in charge of a large construction project in Tagaytay. Despite that, he kept checking on his family from time to time and went home whenever he got a chance to go home.

While the mother and daughter were having a good time, Kylie suddenly asked a surprising question to her mom.

“Mom, was Daddy your greatest love?”

Mrs. Guzman paused. For a moment pain and longing registered on her face but immediately put up a happy face.

“Why do you ask, dear?” her voice was a bit hoarse as she forced to sound normal. Kylie didn’t seem to notice the changes on her mother’s aura. Her eyes glittered with so much curiosity and smiled widely.

“Well, Dad actually spilled some of the details but I really want to hear the whole details of your great love story. I want to hear it from you, Mom.” She said eagerly. Her adorable rounded eyes were full of excitement.

Mrs. Guzman was left with no choice but to tell her daughter the once glorious days of her life. She sighed deeply.

“Very well.” She said. Kylie scooted beside her mother. “First, you should know that I really love your father, Kylie.  But...” She paused for a moment. “But he wasn’t my one great love, dear.” Kylie was surprised on her confession but remained quiet and was waiting for her to continue the story. “It was an unexpected encounter and all started when I was about your age...”

Flashback to Year 1990.

It was summer of year 1990 and the 10-year old Kendra spent her vacation on her grandparents’ villa in Bulacan. She spent most of her time playing in a secluded garden in her grandparent’s backyard. Nobody seemed to go there because the garden was full of grasses and the plants were dying except for the big Acacia tree. The tree was the biggest tree that Kendra had ever seen and its beautiful leaves shaded the entire garden. Her grandma told her to stay away from the garden for she might be bitten by random snakes but she continued to do otherwise. With the help of some maids in the villa, Kendra successfully made the garden looked pleasing in the eyes. She also planted already grown sunflowers near the Acacia for it was her favourite plant.

On the tenth day of her stay in the villa, Kendra was busy sweeping the dried leaves in the garden. Cleaning the place became her routine every morning and played with no one but herself right after. While she was sweeping, she heard someone “pssst” her – thrice.

Kendra searched the surroundings but found no one.

“Who’s there? Why did you pssst me?” When still there was no one who answered, Kendra took the watering pot near her and began watering the sunflowers.


Kendra tilted her head and saw a tall young man who was leaning on the tree and smiled dazzlingly. He looked like in his early twenties and he had pale skin. His short brownish hair was a bit messy on purpose but made him stunningly attractive.

 “I have a name you know!” Kendra glared at him. “You were being rude.” The young man chuckled as he saw Kendra pouted her lips.

“My apologies little one.” He said sweetly. His voice was captivating as much as his looks which made her face softened. “If I am not mistaken, your name is Kendra.”

“A-huh.” She nodded. She put her hands on her waist. “And yours?”

“I’m Alexander.” He answered.

“How did you get there?” Kendra curiously asked as she was pointing on the tree. “You weren’t there before. Why were you sneaking back there?”

Alexander chuckled again and it was louder than the first one. “I wasn’t sneaking around. I actually lived here little Kendra.”

She frowned as she was clueless of what he meant to say. “But this is my grandparents’ house. Didn’t your parents teach you that it is wrong to lie? And not to mention you were trespassing.”

Alexander burst into laugh but stopped when he saw the angry look on her adorable face. He climbed on the tree without difficulty and sat on its strong large branch. Kendra was amazed.

“I lived here little Kendra. Not in your house but here.” He said emphasizing the word ‘here’. “I lived here for as long as I can remember.”

Kendra dropped her jaw as she listened to him. However, there was no sign of terror in her eyes.

“How did that happen? Nobody lives in trees. You’ll freeze to death!” She said in exaggerated tone.

Alexander chuckled. “You’re very innocent little one.” Kendra raised her eyebrow. “Very well, I’ll tell you a secret. But promise me that you will never tell anyone. Not even your parents.”

Doubtful but she nodded and gave a cheeky smile to the young lad. She raised her right hand as a sign of promise. Alexander found her adorable. In a matter of seconds Kendra lost the sight of him and the next thing she knew he was already standing right in front of her.

Kendra gasped. “Ho...How did you do that?” She was quite flushed.

“I’m not human. Technically, I looked like I am one of you but I’m not. I’m a creature from another dimension known as Engkanto in this world.”

“Oh, I heard about that from my grandma.” She uttered enthusiastically. Kendra squatted under the tree and Alexander did the same. They seemed like comfortable to one another like they had known each other for years. “But I thought it wasn’t true. Just some tales to scare little children like me. Some people told us that Engkanto looks scary and bad creatures.”

Alexander laughed. “Well, some were true like there really are bad Engkanto but my family is part of the good ones. As an Engkanto, we can take on a human form whenever we want to like now for instance. When we are in our human form, you can see and able to touch us.” He explained as he squeezed the little hand of Kendra. “But when we are in our true form, we are invisible and our looks are a bit different.”

“How so?” Her eyes sparkled with curiosity.

“Like this” Alexander smiled and in an instant his brown eyes turned pale blue and greenish lines, which seemed like twigs, were painted on his glowing face and body. His clothes changed into glittery white long silk fabric and he was barefooted.

“Whoa!” Amusement was registered on Kendra’s face. “I thought you’ll be invisible if you are in your true form?” She wondered.

“I am invisible right now but I chose to be seen by you. Others could not see me. Just you.”

“Kendra who are you talking to?” Her grandma shouted from the window.

“No one Granny!” she answered immediately. When the old woman was nowhere to be seen, Kendra glanced at her new friend who was back on his human form. “Wow! You weren’t scary at all!” she said. Alexander looked pleased as she didn’t find him frightening. Kendra offered her hand to him. “Can we be friends now?”

The Engkanto accepted her hand and they both giggled. He walked towards the full bloom flowers in the garden and picked one long stem sunflower and gave it to her. From that moment on, they became friends.

At the beginning, Kendra’s family was hesitant to allow her from meeting the Engkanto as they had beliefs that creatures like Alexander would only caused harm to them. They kept her from going back to the villa during school breaks but when she became distant to them and closed herself from making friends to other children, they finally agreed to get to know Alexander. Their friendship grew stronger throughout the years.

Little Kendra finally became a fine lady whilst Alexander remained the same. It was Kendra’s Christmas break and the two were having fun playing hide and seek in the garden. When they both got tired, Kendra fell asleep as she leaned her head on her friend’s broad shoulder. Alexander caressed her cheek as he couldn’t stop himself from growing fond of her.

Another summer vacation and Kendra chose to visit her Granny’s villa again. The garden already had a wooden patio built by her grandpa and father as they knew it was her favourite place in the villa.

Kendra was reading a book in the patio when Alexander suddenly appeared and sat beside her. He caught her attention as he continued staring at her beautiful face. She made face.

“You’re beautiful.” His words were like caressing her heart and her cheeks turned red. She instantly covered her face with the book as she didn’t want him to see her blushing. “Are there lots of boys pursuing you in school?” he sounded jealous.

“We—well” she continued to cover her face. “There were some but not really my type.” She slowly moved down the book when she hadn’t received a response from him.

“What are your type then little Kendra?” He asked curiously.

“Someone who is kind, sweet and very caring. Someone who is always there whenever I need him. Someone like ---- never mind.” She put down the book and was about to stand up.

“If I were a human, I would certainly make you mine little Kendra.” Kendra blushed once again and glanced at him. They stared at each other. His eyes were full of sincerity and adoration that could definitely make any girl’s heart melt.

“Why? Haven’t you found beautiful girls in your world? That’s quite sad.” She joked so she could hide her flattered self. Alexander moved closer to her as she gawkily faced him.

“Most of us are beautiful in nature.” Kendra frowned. “Hey, I’m not gloating.” He chuckled. “We really are. However, I found no one who is far more beautiful than you are.” He suddenly changed his aura to wooing look as he gently caressed her tomato cheek.

She gasped as she felt chills in her body. She momentarily closed her eyes. “Why are you doing this to me, Alex?” She asked vulnerably as his touch weakened every living cell on her body. “You said before that you can’t feel anything towards humans.” She continued. His forehead touched hers as their noses collided. “And that made me restrain myself from falling for you.” She stood up as she finally had the will to push him. But before she could walk far more distance, Alexander grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to him.

“I know. I know.” He uttered softly. His both hands held her face. “But it was just a facade because I always thought that when you get older you want a real man to stay beside you. A human and not a supernatural creature like me.” Kendra shook her head as she listened to him. “I know we can’t be together so I tried suppressing my true feelings for you. But...but...” he paused and sighed. “But I could no longer contain the love I have for you. The more I suppress it the more my feelings grow. I love you my little Kendra. Ever since the day we met.”

Without any word spoken, Kendra kissed Alexander’s lips in brief moment. “Fool!” she finally said as she tearfully chortled. “I love you too.”

Alexander hugged her tightly as they once again sealed their love with a kiss.

Days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to months. The lovers from two different worlds were still madly in love with each other. Alexander continued to woo the love of his life every single day. He even paid her a visit in Manila whenever he had the chance to go and it was mostly every day. Alexander met several friends of his girlfriend but everybody, except Kendra’s family, were spared about the details of him being not one of them.

The two were undeniably inseparable. Indeed, their relationship was like no other but their love was nothing like ordinary. When they thought that everything was going the way they wanted it to be, Kendra suddenly fell ill. She became so weak and was admitted to a hospital for over fatigue but immediately discharged when she felt better. Alexander had never left her side even for a second which made her parents to decide to let her rest in the Villa for the hope that she would regain her strength in no time. Unfortunately, when she suddenly got pale again and bruises were all over her body Alexander alongside her parents rushed her to the nearby hospital to be treated in instant.

Kendra’s parents were crying as the Doctor told them that she had stage four leukemia. Alexander squeezed her hand in a way that she would feel like he was giving her courage. She was afraid to face such dreadful illness but when she felt the squeeze of Alex’s hand she felt strong. She thanked God in silent for having Alexander by her side for she could never imagine a life without him in her life. His warm touch consoled her desolation.

Months gone by yet Kendra had never felt any better. One night, while she was reading a book in her room Alexander appeared from her veranda and entered inside with three sunflowers on his hand. He handed her the flowers and she tried to give him her brightest smile yet a weak smile came out.

“They’re beautiful.” She said huskily. She enjoyed the smell of the sunflower. “Wish I could come down again to admire the view of the garden.”

Alexander sat beside her and put her arm under her head so she could lean on him. He brushed her soft hair with his fingers and kissed her forehead. “You will one day. I love you, little Kendra.” He said sweetly.

“Why you keep calling me ‘little’?” she pouted childishly.

Alexander chuckled at the sight of her childish expression. “Try looking in the mirror and you’ll know.” He grinned. Kendra pinched his side as he kept on laughing. “Kidding aside, I just love to call you that way because no matter what you may look like when you grow older you will and always be my little Kendra.”

Kendra’s heart skipped a beat when she heard those genuine and enticing words. “If I grow older.” She said in a bitter voice. Alexander hugged her.

“I know how to save you.” Alexander whispered all of a sudden. She tilted her head to face him. Her eyes were weary. “But I know you wouldn’t like it.”

She looked puzzled yet her heart seemed to know what was bound to happen as it was beating rapidly.

“Then don’t do it.” She said in a broken voice. “I’m ready to go anytime love. I have lived a happy life because of you.” She continued.

“But I don’t want to lose you forever. Living without you will be pointless. It would kill me.” As Kendra touched his cheek, a tear fell from his eyes.

“Tell me.” She said.

He breathed deeply. “I’m willing to give up my life just to save you.”

“No!” she said in hysterical voice. “You’ll die! I can’t allow you to do that! No!” she sobbed.

“Listen to me first, little Kendra.” He said calmly as he tried to lock his arms around her. “I won’t die.” Kendra stopped from being frantic when she heard it. “What I want to give up is my life as a human and trades you with a healthy human life.” Kendra’s hope was lifted but as she observed him, there was pain in his eyes and something wasn’t right. She caressed his cheek.

As a thought struck her mind, tears fell from her eyes. “But... if you’d do... that...” she uttered. “Will I ever see you again? Will we still be together?” she sobbed and Alexander looked down as his eyes were filled with anguish. “You’ll be left only with your true form, right? But didn’t you say before that you can choose whether to be seen or not, right? So, I could still see you, right?” Her voice sounded hopeful but deep down she knew the answer.

“I’d lose that ability. My power will become limited once I give up my human form. I can see you but you won’t be able to see me.  I could no longer touch you whenever I want to but...” he held her face closer to his. “I’m willing to do everything...everything just to save you even if it would pain me seeing you in someone else’s arms when the time comes.”

“No! No! Even if that’s the only way to save me, I won’t allow it. That’s cruel! It’s a torture! I’d rather die with my love in your heart.” She broke down. Kendra was about to get up but Alexander immediately held on to her.

“Hush now, little Kendra.”

“Please...don’t.” she said weakly. She started to breathe heavily. “Just...stay close to me. Don’t ever leave me.” Alexander tightly wrapped his arms around her to comfort his beloved somehow.

“Alright. Alright. I won’t.” He kissed her forehead. “Rest now. It’s getting late.”

Kendra held on to him tightly and seemed to calm down. After several minutes she already fell asleep. He knew she wouldn’t take it lightly and would never allow him to do it. Nevertheless, he already made up his mind even before he told her.

“I’m sorry.” he whispered and kissed her pale lips. “I’d rather see you in someone else’s life and live with a broken heart than let you die and face life with endless remorse for doing nothing for the only person I considered my life.” Alexander changed to his true form as he kissed her forehead. “Please have a better life my little Kendra. Until we meet again my love.” A tear fell from Kendra’s eye. “I love you.” And Alexander was slowly disappearing.

Present Day

Mrs. Guzman was crying as she was reminded of her one great love. Her daughter, who was stunned as she saw her crying, handed her a box of tissue. Kylie was deeply moved by Alexander’s unselfish love for her mother and she knew, just from listening to her mother’s story, she longed to see him once more.  Kylie also wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Ever since that night you never saw him again?”

 “Never.” Mrs. Guzman smiled bittersweet. I just wish that he’d do something for me to know that he’s there checking on me.” She continued as she ate the lasagne. “He wasn’t just my lover honey...” she paused and glanced at her daughter. “He was my best friend.”

Their conversation stopped when the doorbell rang. Kylie ran towards the door and found no one. She was about to close the door when the sunflower on the doorstep caught her eyes.

“Who is it, Kylie?” Mrs Guzman shouted from the kitchen.

“No one Mom!” she answered. “But someone left a sunflower on the doorstep!”

Mrs Guzman rushed towards the door as she heard the word ‘sunflower’. Her daughter handed her the full bloom flower as she looked around the surrounding hoping to see a glimpse of Alexander but he was nowhere to be found.

“Thank you.” She whispered as her eyes were filled with longing.

Alexander was just standing in front of her – invisible on her eyes. “Happy birthday my little Kendra.”

He touched her face and wished to wipe her tears away but she could no longer feel his touch. As his tears fell, there was a sudden strong blew of wind.

“I’m just here.” He whispered as tears streamed down his cheeks.




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