Of Love and Loss Part 1

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A story of a humanoid creature that is taken from his home, put into the human world as a pet, and finds friendship and family in the human world. Plus he finds out that not every thing in life is what it seems

Before the humans found the little mysterious island everything was perfect for those living on it. They never knew about fighting. Violance was never a thing of practice. Also fear wasn't in their memories at all. Now they were in fear at all times. Their island was no longer green and fresh, water ran low, and food was becoming hard to find; also their people started to become missing. He was the first to be taken from his pride. All he was doing was looking for food. There was nothing at all in the cave so he slipped out and started searching. Before he knew it he was at a dead end with two humans blocking the way out. He then looked up but that was blocked as well. His eyes then drifted down and he saw an opening. So he dropped to his knees and started to crawl in; but his tail and left leg was grabbed and he was pulled out.

His strugles only causing him more problums he stopped and let the humans take him. A cherp then rang out then another and he knew his people were watching. Something then went over his head and everything went black.

All the different movements making him sick he laid down and started whimpering. He stopped though when he was hit. The feeling wasn't liked at all. It hurt him and he didn't like pain. So he laid in silence trying to figure out what was going on. He didn't think looking for food was a thing that would get him taken from his family. He then sat up some when the movement stopped and he looked around in the darkness. His arm was then grabbed and he was pulled up hearing" We have the one that Mr. Shonktar was wanting. I just don't know what he wanted a little runt like this for. He looks like he can do nothing. And I know that these things are starting to get popular with the rich and middle classes... But a runt?" He was then forced to his knees and held there.

Things done to him, he sat on with the hood over his head on still. He then felt it come up some then felt something touch his bare back and he twitched his shoulders to get it off. He then froze when there was a presure pushed into his shoulder. He then felt it leave and again the tickeling came to his shoulder. His shoulder was then grabbed and pushed harshly to the left so he moved with it stifly. It then started to happed again and he again switched his shoulders to get off the tickel feeling. He then yelped when a pain went through his shoulder and he heard a gasp of fear.

The pain stoping some he heard softly" You should of been more careful. He's coming today and he wants him in perfect condition."

" I'm sorry. He kept twitching his shoulders. It was enoying. Plus I didn't mean to cut him. I just wanted to make him stop."

"It's O.K. now. We got the bleeding to stop and a bandage on him. So get going and I'll finish up with him. Don't tell anyone though. This could get you fired, bro."

He then looked up but saw nothing but darkness still. So he started shaking his head. Then gasped and closed his eyes when the hood shook off and the light hit his eyes. Something then started touching his hair and he pulled away breathing faster. Everything now was able to be smelt better and it hurt his nose. He then slowly opened his eyes a little, then closed them again fast when the light touched them but he saw some. The ground was blue and gray like the ski on a off day. The feeling then came again. This time thought he froze and let it go on.

His eyes finally use to the light he looked around the room as the human walked around it. His eyes then fell onto a object that looked sharp so he tried to reach for it but his hands were tied. So he moved over some and tried again to no success. So he kept moving till he was able to reach. But his hand was grabbed and he dropped the thing and heard" That was a neat little trick. Never saw one of you smart enough to do that before. But what you did was bad." He then tried to pull his hand away but it was held tighter so he stoped and looked down; his thought of ever meeting up with his family again shattering.

In wierd clothing he was half drug half carried out to the place he was told his "master" was waiting for him. He then yelled when the human in a chair stood" I don't want to go with that human! Let me go!"

He then got a look and he hard" What ever he said it didn't sound to good. Good thing no one understands them yet. We could all be in trouble then." He then gasped at those words. He understood the humans perfectally, but he wasn't understood at all. He then looked down and started trembling. Then froze when his chin was grabbed and his head was pushed up.

Something being given over to the humans he was taken by he heard" I was expecting to fix him up on my own. Cutting their hair is the best thing in the world. To see their eyes when they see their hair falling down in front of them. I can still do it though. It's long enough to do so still. So I will say my thanks and take what is mine. Good day gentalmen." He then gasped as he felt a prick in his neck. Then as soon as it stopped his vision started to get fuzzy, then he blacked out.

Chirping him he pushed himself up and looked around. He then sat up the rest of the way and looked around fearfully. He wasn't at all in his home at the cave. He then started shaking then crying. He didn't know at all what was going to happen when the human came in. Then with that thought he looked to his left as the wall opened into a small opening and the human male walked in.

Again tied he was taken out of the room and down a passage. They then turned and he tried to stop but had no luck at all. He then slowly looked around at the room. There was no roof and the walls were made of stone. He then sniffed the air and smelt the sent of a natural hot spring. The human then said pulling his arms up some" Time for a bath. Then I can get that hair cut. So be a good boy and do as I say." He then stiffened when he heard those words.

Seated in a pool he sat shaking; it wasn't from cold, but in fear. The human then stood and he pulled back farther. His eyes then tracked the man around. Something then splashed and jumped saying, knowing the man couldn't understand" I want out of this place. I want to go back to my home. It's wrong for ym people to be in the human world. I want my mother." He then got a smile and a shake of the head that said, some how, that it would never work out.

Washed and out of the water he sat in a chair with his hands were tied to the sides of it. A soft feeling through his hair then made him turn and looked at the human, then he heard" I'm just brushing out you're hair. It's a little tangled. You'll feel better once you have it finished. And a hair cut will do you good. So no worries. You'll be fine."

He then pieced two of the humans words into his mind and he said un-easly" No cut." He then got a wierd look then a shake of the head that said the man was in wonder. Then once more his hair was being brushed. It then stopped and he heard something new and he sat stiffened. He then closed his eyes but opened them when something soft touched his nose and fell away. The he watched small strands of fawn colored hair fall, then he turned and looked at him with disbelief on his face.

Growling as it went on he heard" Making a fuss over it won't make me stop. I'm going to finish cutting your hair and your going to like it." He then growled at him once more then looked down in defeat. A light breath was then felt on his neck and he growled deeper then before and he spun around and snapped at him.

Steeped back from he sat growling on, then he was moved to again and was slapped hearing as the chair fell over" You dirty little beast! I'm giving you a better chance at life and you try to bite me! You don't deserve kindness! You deserve to be beat every moment of the day!" He then struggled to move away from him the best he could while he was still tied to the chair. But he was stopped fast. So he curled up and readied himself for the worse.

To sore to move he laid whimpering. He was just protecting himself, and all he got was pain. He then took the pain and pushed himself up. But went back down when the pain got to much for him. The door then opened and he curled up again. But when nothing happened to him he looked up a little to see him lookig down at him. So he looked down again. But back up when he heard" I'll forgive you if you let me make you into what I want you to be. You attack me like you just did ever again and you'll get beat just the same. So will you take you place at my side and become my pet? If so come to me right now."

Doing his best to crawl to the human he started crying once more from the pain. Then at his feet he collapsed whimpering again. Gentle hands then pulled him up and strong arms picked him up off the floor and he heard" That a boy. I'll clean you up now. You'll be OK. I'll take care of you. You'll be safe with me for now on. No on will ever hurt you again. Never. Not as long as I live. I will keep you safe. Safe." He then whimpered once more and moved in closer to him and passed out.

up he looked around and tied to sit up but he went back down from pain and he moaned in pain. He then heard a grunt and he looked to the left to see his master. He then smiled seeing a wet towl in his hand. So he moved over to his and licked him on the cheek and said lightly" I am sorry for the pain I made you. Forgive me."

" I already have."

Hearing those words he sat back and looked at him. He knew he didn't saw anything in the humans language, but he was his master understood him. The humans eyes then opened and he was looked at seeing his expresion the same. So he said slowly" You do understand me. But I was told humans haven't learnt it yet. How...?" He then got a smile then they started talking like it was an every day thing.

Thinking on the question he was just asked for a moments he finally said nodding" Nineteen. I'm sure I'm nineteen. I was born on the first real snow of the year. That was what I was told and lived by. So I would of been in December. As the humans call it."

He was then looked at with a strange look and he laughed, then with a few chuckels from him he heard in his ear" Then the date would be December fifteenth. That is when we will celebrate your birthday. It'll be a day of fun and joy. A day you won't ever forget. Because it is also my birth date. I'll be twenty-four. Just four years older then you. Everything will be wonderful that day." His words making him feel good he snuggled in closer to him and fell asleep.

Awakening as it was starting to get dark he felt like he was able to take on the world. But something told him to stay still where he was. He then jurked up and looked out into the night. Then he growled and slipped off the bed, his master not moving at all still. So he slipped out of the room, staying close to the floor on all fours, and he started to looked through halls and rooms. A figure then came into his view and he crouched lower and moved on. Something was then picked up and he let out a growl that was heard by him. Then when he was turned to he lundged, taking the person down with him.

The noice being loud enough to wake Marten he kept him at bay. The light then came on and he felt his tail bristle. His master then said finally over his shock" I've never been robbed before. You saved me, my love." But he didn't turn to ever smile at him. The man then moved and he growled again, the man's blood from the wounds making him eager to make a killing strike.

The thief taken by security he crouched my his masters leg holding it petting it gently. His hair was then petted and he growled and pulled so he didn't hurt him. Then when the door closed he stopped growling and his tail settled down. A hand was then again set on his head and he pushed into it and his hair was stroked. He then got a tired look that said lets get to bed. So he stood and wrapped his arms around his arm and they walked back to the room together, both ready for sleep.

Made to wake up he went with him still half asleep to the kitchen to get something to eat. He was then awakened all the way when he smelt blood and he went to Marten's side. Then with a lick of the lips he slowly reached out for the redish meat. But his hand was slapped lightly and he yellped. Marten then said shaking his head" You will not eat raw meat here. I will cook it before you think of eating. Your no longer in the wild. You don't have to eat like that any more. So please try to understand this." So he nodded and went to his other side to see what else there was and he saw eggs.

Scolded for the theft of the egg he took he kept his head turned from Marten. He wasn't wanting have to put up with being yelled at so he wasn't going to make him happy by giving him attention, also he refused to touch the foor put before him. His anger then snapped in him and he shoved himself from the table and he walked out not saying a word.

In one of the hot springs he sat with his eyes closed compleatly relaxed. He knew he had been in the water for a long time, but that didn't suprise him. What did was Marten hadn't even come to the room to try to apologize for hurting him. So he sighed and slipped out of the water and got a robe, then he went out to the sun porch to think over what was going on. But he stopped at the door leading outside and he looked at his master laying on the hammock asleep. So he took a breath and sliently he moved over to him, then he sat on the chair next to the hammock and he started stroking his hair just looking at him. A light smile then came to his lips as he looked at him, and he said making up his mind" I'll watch over you. But not from this place. I can't have you being troubled with me all the time. So I'll watch you from a distance. I hope you can find someone that can make you continuously happy. For I can't. Live on and be happy." The chair then fell when he stood and he ran off into the woods shedding the robe as he went.


Two months passing between that day and the present day he watched him walk around the house and forest day after day looking for him. But he knew that it was better that he wasn't with him. All he did was caused him pain and unhappyness. So he kept his distance but kept his eye on him. Then one day he just egored his and went on hunting for the winter to come. He already had frunits and vegetables stored up in large log holding bins. But his meat stock wasn't what he wanted it to be. So he went on with his work of stocking his kills. But he was stopped by a scream of pain, fear, and help.

On the animal that was attacking his once master he faught with all he could to keep the animals attention on him. But with all the time that was given the man refused to take the time to run. He then licked his lips likeing the tast of blood from the big cat. The cat then turned to go back fo the human and he struck the final blow. His eyes then fell on him and he held his stare. Then growled when he was steeped closer to. In a blink of a the eye he had the cat over his shoulder and he was off into the trees away from him, not giving him the chance to follow or call after him.

Just finishing with the skining of the cat he moved on right away to cutting it. But he stopped and looked around as a twig snapped and he moved the cat into his cave and he covered the enterence with his bush cover. A tear then slipped down his cheek when he saw him but he didn't go out to him. The man always came past his cave but he didn't give any sign that he was around. Then with his passing he slipped out and sniffed around at the spot the human was standing and he felt himself starting to get nervous. But he let it slip from his mind and he covered up his sent and looked around for him.

Not seeing him he went back to his cave and went on cutting up his kill. But his thought on him made him lose his consentration and he cut himself and he let out a little yelp. Then he covered his mouth and watched out the holes of the branches for him. Then his heart started pounding as he saw him just a few feet from the bush and the enterance of his cave.

Hoping he wasn't heard that clearly being thrown away as he watched him come closer. So he moved back farther in the cave to the darkest spot and he sat. But his luck once more lost out as the bush was moved away. So he did the next thing he knew to do, he made the mimicking sound of a badger. But even that wasn't heeded as he was moved onto to once more. So he struck out.

His eyes trailing him away he cried. He wasn't meaning to cause him any pain even in the flash of an attack to make him leave. But he had scratched him asross the face and his hand was left with blood and flesh on it as the human ran. He then started whipeing his hand on the grass to rid it of the blood. But he stopped and looked around as he heard sounds all around him that wern't ment to be in the forest. Then he dropped to his stomach as gun fire roard out.

Running as hard as he could he seemed not able to get away from the one trying to kill him. So he went to all fours and started running liek his people did when on the hunt. But that didn't even seem to be working so he turned towards the cliff and took the leap down toward the lake, one more shot being made; hitting him in the shoulder forcing him down faster and knocking him out.

Wetness arousing him he opened his eyes and looked straight up into the face of a human male. So he rolled falling to the floor hitting the arm that was shot and he yellped. The man then said standing" Careful young one. You shouldn't be moving like that so soon. You're master might even be looking for you. But the one that shot you wasn't him. So I'll call the number on your brand I.D and get him out here to get you." But just as the man went to pick up the phone he grabbed his arm and shook his head when he was looked at. He then looked around then he grabbed a carrot and held it up. Then he broke it in half and threw one half away and gropped the other and he lowered his head. The man then said looking vexed" I see. He threw you out. You have no master anymore. I could take off that brand for you. Give you a new life." So he nodded and lowered his head.

Laying down with a bandage around his throat from the brand being burnt off he smiled at the man and got one back. He then sat up again when a woman walked in saying" I hope that young Anaman's hungry. I have two chickens butchered and ready to the cooked. Or in his part, eaten." With the mention of food he slipped out of the bed and walked out into the kitchen and started sniffing at one of the birds laying on the counter. She then pushed it closer to him and he took it fast and went off to a corner and started plucking it.

One section cleared he started devouring it. But he stopped when he heard a chuckel and he looked at the man. Then he let it drop as if he were doing something wrong. He was then given an understanding look and was turned from. So he picked it up again and started eating again.

Finished he licked his hands and arms clean. Then he started cleaning is face to find not much at all there. He then yawned and laid down evjoying the sun that was shining in through the window. But he jurked up when he heard a knock and the man said walking over" What a surprise. No one ever comes to our place. Wonder who it is?" He then slipped under the bed as the door was opened and he smelt the person that shot him.

The talking ending the man left and he heard after a while" You can come out now. He's gone. No one going to hurt you here. Everything is clear." So he slid out and looked around. Then he nodded his thanks. But he kept back the smile back that he wanted to give them. It just then felt like everywhere he went he caused trouble. So he looked down and told himself that he would leave when they fell asleep and he would return to his cave.

His plan worked out he went off back toward his cave home. But something stopped him at the top of a hill and he looked back at the house. The old man and woman treated him so kindly. He then shook his head and started to walk away once more, then he started running. He told himself the farther he got from the two humans the safer they would be. Deep in his mind he truly believed that.


Passing his cave he tried to get himself to stop but he kept going. Then he found himself outside the sunporch. He went to turn but he couldn't. Then he betrayed himself be letting out a whimper. A light then came on and he saw him come to the window of his room. He then felt his tail starting to wag, though cats wern't met to wag their tails. Then in a flash the window was left and he heard the sound of his running from where he was. Something then snapped in his mind and he ran into the sunporch then the halls. Then as he saw him he smiled and tried to move himself faster.

As if it were something ment to be he was in his arms hugging him deeply. He then pulled away and said, tears streaming down his face" I am so sorry for leaving you. I'm even sorry for scratching you. Can you ever forgive me...?"

He was then kissed on the forehead and heard" I can never be H at you. You are the only thing I love in this world. Nothing can ever take my heart but you. You are the one that owns my heart. You are the only one that can take it and make me whole. Never leave me again, Nova, never." He then smiled at the name he was just given, and it pleased him wholely.

Holding eachother that night and falling asleep he woke to new bandages, but Marten was no where to be seen. So he slipped out of bed and went off to find him. He then stopped and smiled when he found him in the kitchen cooking. But on the table sat a plate with raw meat and two whole un-cooked eggs in their shells still. The sight then brought tears to his eyes and he went and stood behind him. Then he slipped his arms around his waist and he said crying into his shirt back" I thank you. And I forgive you as well. I was a fool to try to make you change yourself for me." He was then turned to and was hugged back, Marten's tears falling into his hair as his head rested on the top of his.

Eating side by side he started to feel once mhim deeplyore at home. He then froze when he saw the man from the forest out in the yard with his gun pointed at him once more. So he grabbed Marten and pushed him to the floor. The bullet just missing the by inches. He then said looking at him" Stay down, guiet, and still till I get back. I love you." He then smiled at him and ran, hearing him call to him in a whisper. But he kept going. His mind set to stop the man for good.

Standing over him after knocking him out he looked down at him and licked his lips. He had tasted the blood of humans once and it hadn't changed. He then looked back to see Marten and he smiled and went to him but he also kept his eyes on the man. He then looked to the left to see more humans and a strange object. He was looked at by one of the cops and heard" This is two he's had taken in. Are you sure he's not a human with a false tail?" He then started to twitch his tail as the eratation started to get to him. The cop then backed off saying" OK. OK. I just don't get how you can be so protective of your master. But keep it up." So he stopped twitching his talk and nodded. Then he turned to Marten nuzzled at his hand from where he was crouching and he was petted.

Comtentaly laying on the couch as Marten sat in the chair he looked around the room and yawned. Then he sat up and sighed and he was looked at. So he said looking away" I am a bit board, master. Can't we go off into the forest for a run? I'm starting to miss that." He then got an aquard look then a nod. So he got up and followed him up to the room where he was given clothing and shoes, which he didn't like. Then they went out.

Out in the trees he went crazy with running from, stocking, and pouncing out at Marten. But he stopped when he heard something and he motioned him down and whispered" Ever have deer before?" He got a nod and he went on" Good. That's what made that noise. We'll have the freezer filled with deer meat. Do I get your permision to hunt?" He then got another nod and he started forward. He then got just a trees width away from it through the bushes and he struck, knocking the deer over. Then as fast as the strugle started it was over and he stood, looking down at his kill.

Both of them working to get the deer back to the house he looked at him and smiled. He had killed it without harming the hide. But he let it go when he saw him looking at it with a strange face. So he asked feeling worried" Didn't I do what you wanted, master?"

" Yes you did Nova. But looking at it makes me wonder. What else have you killed out there? I know about the big cat. But what other animals have you killed to stay alive in those two months?" Marten's words making him think he shrugged and he gave him an' ask me later' look. Then they started moving faster as they saw the sun starting to go down farther.

Each cut of the deer made and wrapped they slowly got the deer cut up and put away. He then grabbed one of the bones and started chewing on it. Then just messing with him he offered it to him and he was turned away from hearing him laugh. He then got serious and said" If we ever lose this place to something bad you won't survive in the forest with me. You'll die for you will not have the meats in you. And I do not start fires unless it is cold. You would starve. Unless you start to eat that which is in it's natural state you will die." He then got an odd look, then slowly he watched him reach out, with a shaking hand, and picked up a small scrap of flesh.

Sitting with him in the bathroom he said soothingly" It'll get easier as it goes on. Before you know it you'll be consuming it it like it's cooked. I'll be there to help you as well. It'll be easy. Start little be little. Don't cook it all the way little by little. Before you know it you'll be able to spend days out in the forest with me for night and days on end. I'll even teach you to hunt. We'll be perfect together. Then we can just take down the house, keep the springs, and make a den. Dose that sound good to you?"

He was then looked at and got a smile, then Marten said looking back down" That sounds perfect. Living off of the land. And the payments on the house every month are a pain. So ripping it down would be fun to do. Then keeping a den sounds even better. But living without electric? Come on." He just shook his head and gave a muff, so Marten said laughing" OK. Well start to work this out. Everything will work out fine. But I'm keeping my car." He then laughed and hugged him.

The plan working out perfectally they started going out more into the forest. Plus he was getting him more and more hooked on raw flesh. Then as December broke in he heard" Our birthday is coming up in fourteen days. You did say your birthday was on the first true snow of the year. The fifteenth."

"I know." Was all he said to it though. He had something thought out for it already. But telling him what it was would mess everything up. He then looke to the right making him look and he took off to the left hearing him yelling at him. But he had something to do at the cave. Something that would mack the event to come up more wonderful.

Back with him he was asked over and over of what he was doing. But he refused to say a thing. Marten's sigh then caught his ear and he shook his head. He knew he wasn't being fare. But he had to hide his suprise. His eyes then spotted a rabbit and he said" First to get that has to tell the truth for the rest of the day. You game?" He then got a nod and he said" When I say go we go. One. Two. Go!" They then took off after the rabbit just in fun. Marten doing good in the chase this time.

A cocky smile on hsi lips he looked at him to start answering the question he just asked: Why was he the one chosen to be baught. A sigh then came out shacky from him and heard" When I saw your picture for the first time I though of a prize winning Anaman. But as you were brought in I felt something more. You felt to me like a little brother. And when you snuggled to me that first night that made it final. I started thinking of you as human and not an Anaman. I started loving you like a brother."

When he saw it satisfying he said" I know now that you see me as a brother. But did you ever want to do anything sexual to me? I just want to know. If you don't want to tell me if you don't have to."

" I will tell you the truth. For you said I have to tell the whole truth to you. Yes. When I was washing you I thought of doing things to you. You were to be nothing but an animal. Then I renenbered what I thought of you as and I went back to seeing you as a brother. But seeing your fawn brown hair and taned skin put me in a state of awe. And you were made into my brother." His words making him feel ever better about himself he sighed and laid back in the grass. Then he was joined, but not left alone as Marten started to tickle him.

Finally getting away from him he ran a short distance from him and stopped ready to play. But he froze hearing something big behind him. So he turned slowly and stiffened. In all of the months in the forest he had never seen a bear. But before him now was a huge black bear. So he started to slowly back up, but it charged him a little and he froze then dropped to the ground. He then let out his breath when ti started away. But he caught it again when he recalled the direction it was going. Straight for Marten.

All the bears attention on him he watched Marten backing away slowly. So he sighed in releaf and went on with distraction the animal before him, but he knew he wouldn't get away unharmed. Then a strike was made that landed on hs bad arm and he went down holding it. But he didn't stay down for long as he was again charged. He then rolled at the last second and shifted to get to the bears back. Then he held on, not budging even as it started to roll to get him off. Finally letting it go he ran for safty to a tree. He then got up into a branch and started hissing at it as he circled the base of the tree. Then he started up farther when it started to clime. But his climing stopped when he heard the roar of gun fore and the bear fell dead to the ground.

Out of the tree he walked out around it in a wide circle and said" She was nursing. Her cubs won't be far from here. She too early to be having cubs though. We have to find them. If we don't.... they will die..." He then looked at Marten and saw him nodding and they started off, him leading the way be sent.

The sent ending at a old water tank he said looking it over" That is too close to that edge. One hard wind or movement in there will make it go over. Those cubs are in danger even now. I want you to stay out here while I get them. You can call for help if anything happens. I just don't think you would be safe as well. So do this for me. Stay out and safe. Also I can see in the dark and you can't."

" I don't like that plan, Nova. If that thing goes down and your in it... I would never forgive myself. Don't do it. Let's go get some help. People that know what their doing. I...." His growl then stopped him from talking and he slipped into the tank.

The cubs located he started to look around for something to put them in. But he stopped when he heard a creak. So he abanded that thought and he grabbed the three cubs and made a run for it. But just as he got to the exit the opening was blocked and he and the cubs were trapped inside as the tank started to roll.

Able to hear Marten from outside he looked the cubs over and found them to be fine. Then quickly he started looking for a new opening that he could free them from. A small space of light then caught his attention and he went over to it. A smile then came to his face when he saw it was large enough to get the cube through as it was and a little digging would get him out. So he started yelling for Marten. Then when he heard him he said taking his hand in a firm grip" I can get them out right now. So when I do find them a warm place and then come back and help me dig a bigger place hole for me to get out of. This will work out. Trust me."

" No Nova. I want you out now. Forget about the cubs. Your more importent to me then they are. So please start digging." Being hurt by his words he pulled his hand back in and went to the cubs. Then he put the first out and Marten said" No Nova. No." But he didn't his words stop him as he put the second then the third out to be taken care of.

Not knowing where Marten went to he started digging. But every time he pulled dirt in more would fill it's place and he had more work to do then. Then finally he started doing deeper out with the hole. But once more dirt filled in on his work. So he stopped, and crying, he called for him. But there was no answer or sound from him. So he started digging again as he started to get that he was going to die in the tank. But he stopped when he saw something move outside of the hole that was too small to even look like human. He then heard growls and snarles. He then knew right then that he was being held up by wolves.

After putting the dirt back that he had dug away he started looking for another way out. Then he wentto the area that was the original opening and he started pulling at the sheet of metal covering the space. Btu he stopped and put it back in place when two wolves appeared there. His crying then started to shake him when he started to give up. Then he jumped when gun fire was heard and there was a yelp that followed. He then went to the hole again and he started to dig once more. But he stopped when a gun was shoved into the hole at him and he move to the side. He then heard from a distance" Don;t shoot into that thing! He's in there!"

A then smiled as the voice hit him and he called" Marten! Get me out of here, Marten!" He then moved back when he saw something come in at him again but it wasn't a gun. So he started digging again.

Before he knew it the opening was big enough for him to get out, and as soon as he was out he was in Marten's arms and he heard him say rocking both of them" Oh, Nova. I thought I lost you. I was so frightened. Never do something like that again. Never put your life at risk like that again. I thought you were dead when I saw those wolves. I was so scared."

One of the men then caem over and said pulling him out of his arms" He's an Anaman. You said your brother was trapped in there. There was only one thing in that tank. He was it. Where is your brother."

Marten then pulled him back to him and said shielding him with his body" He is my brother. I bought him as a brother. Not a pet. And he had baught that right be saving my life three times. So don't you ever call him an animal. If you so then you're not that different from him." He then looked at the officer and smiled, him winning the right to be called a humans brother.

At the car that would take them home he laid in the back seat curled pu using Marten's leg as a pillow. Marten then said as the fromt door opened" I'm sorry if I made a fool of you. I truly ar sorry."

The man then looked back at them and he was smiled at, then he heard" He's an amazing kid. Saving you. Saving three bear cubs. Surviving a tank roll and a wolf attack. You should repay him for all that he's done. So much loyalty in him. Keep him safe. He'll keep you alive. And don't abuse him. You'll never find a more faithful one of his kind. Your one lucky man." He then smiled himself and closed his eyes. He knew himself that he was hurt in the roll but he didn't want to alarm his newly formed brother. So he hid his pain.

At the house he was carried in and laid on the couch hear, but not hearing , Marten talking. Then he closed his eyes and started to drift off again. But he woke up yellping in pain as something started digging into his chest from the inside. Marten was then kneeling beside him and he started crying along with his yellps. His shirt was then ripped open and he heard him gaps. Then he looked gown and saw the black over the whole trunk of his body. Marten then said looking him in the eyes" You should of told me. I don't want to lose you. Come on. I have to get you to the hospital." But he shook his head. He knew that he wasn't going to make it. But he was picked up anyway and Marten ran out of the house with him and straight to the car, the time it took to get to it though he was passed out.

Opening his eyes next he saw a white ceiling. Then he looked to the right and he saw a large machian with lights all over it. He then looked at his arm and saw something in it but he didn't touch it. Then he looked to his left and saw a figure seated in a chair but his eyes wern't steady enough to make him out. But for some reason he reached out to him. A sound of shock was then heard and he was looked up at, then he heard as the person went to the door" He's awake!" Two other people then came into the room and he closed his eyes, nothing bothering him as he fell back to sleep.

Being awakened off and on through out the next three days he knew he finally was able to make the person out as Marten and he smiled. He was then brought a tray with three cups on it. One was then opened and he smelt the vaper soming off of it and his mouth watered. He then heard as a spoonful of it was brought to his lips" Take it slow. You just had your stomach, lungs, liver, heart, and both sets of your intentens rebuilt. So eating might be a little difacult. And start eating foods that are properly cooked. You might be an Anaman. But the animals around here airn't as healthy as the ones on the island your from. And if you do. Keep it to deer, rabbit, fowl, and bear. No mice, rats, racoon, skunk, opossum, wild cat, or wolf. Doctors orders." He then took the liquid on the spoon and swallowed it eagerly.

Marten feeding him from then on he started to feel stronger by every feeding. Then after two weeks of liquids he was brought in potted meat, potattoes, and a cup of beef broth. He was then seated up some so he could eat on his own but the position hurt his stomch and he was let down some. He then finally took the spoon and took a small of each onto it and tasted it. Then he smiled when it didn't hurt him. So he ate slowly, taking drinks in between. But soon his stomach was full and he put the spoon down and looked away. All the nurse did though was nodded and take the tray away. Marten then said standing at the door" I'm going out and walk for a while. Keep a close eye on him. If anything happens to him, even the slightest thing, there will be questions answered... And there might be a little physical persuasion added to it."

He then smiled at him and sighed. Then he watched him walked out and he sighed again. He then got the earge to go to the bathroom and he started looking around. Every time he had to go Marten was there to aid him. But now he was alone and had to do the talking himself. So he pushed the buttom and heard the woman ask what he needed. So he said, still a little " I have to use the bathroom..."

Then in a flash a nurse was in the room and she asked" Do you want to try the bathroom, or stay with the pan?" So he nodded to the door to his right and she took down the side and unplugged a few things saying" Stay with your monator. You can use it as an aid. So let's get you up." His arm was then taken lightly and he was helped up slowly.

It took two tried though but he was able to get to his feet, though he had to lean forward a little to keep the pain out. He then went into the bathroom and she stood with her back to him as he got himself ready to go. He then gasped when he finally sawthe bandages covering what they has done to him so his life would be saved. A calm then caem to him when he saw it as a marical. Then with shaking hands from some pain he went on with what he had to do.

Back in bed he laid smiling in triumph. He then looked at the door as Marten walked in and he said" I was in the bathroom. I made it without that much pain. They said when the blood stops in ym urinary and bawl track I can go home. But I can't be running or do anything to strainious. I'll be alright though. They even want me out and walking tomorrow. I think evetything is going to be fie..." He then looked him in the eyes and as he smelt something that wasn't ever smelt before on him. He then started shaking and said" You were drinking something that dosen't smell good. Why?"

Marten then sat down hard and said" Because of you. I'm so frightened, Nova. I could lose you if anything happens to you. You had ribs broken and shoved into major organs. You should be dead right now. But I made them work on you. I made then keep you alive. That's how much you mean to me. So... I went out and had a few glasses of rum. You had me scared to death that you were going to die. So I've gone to drinking and smoking. I missed you so much." He then smiled and sighed. Then slowly closed his eyes.

Opening his eyes again at the next meal he looked around for Marten. He then looked at the nurse and saw tears in her eyes. So he let the food set and said sternly" Where is he. Tell me now."

" He's... He's.... H-h-h-he's..." She then ran out crying and he got the answer from that. Because he was in pain and in the hospital; the one he called his brother ended his life.

No one able to make him eat he started to slowly get weaker and weaker. Then one day he was brought his food and he started eating. He didn't know why he was doing it. Then when he was finished he was cleaned up and left for a moment. The nurse then returned and said" We have someone that wants to see you." He then shook his head not knowing why she was smiling. Then he blinked when a wheel chair was brought in and he saw Marten. He then pushed the blanket out of the way and sat up slowly trying to say something but nothing came out.

In a private room with a table and chair he sat with him not knowing what to do or say. He was then looked up at and heard a soft exhail but that was it. So he said moving to the chair next to him" It wasn't your fault that this happened to you. It was me. Your feeling for my survival took a erong turn and you did the only thing you thought would help this through. But we can do this together, my brother. Plus you promised me. We will still go to the forest and live off the land. You gave me your word. So make it, my brother. Survive..." He then stood slowly and left the room, he already knew that what he said was imprinting on Marten's brain. But if it was kept was only his decision.

Sent to stay with Marten's brother till his release he started to get boarn of everything. There was no forset about the building, the place was too small for him to run around in it, and the other Anaman kept leaving and returning as liked but he was to stay in the apartment. So he did what he was told day by day but started to get more and more wild to go out. So he finally did what he wanted to do and left the rooms. But he didn't get that far. In the hall was nothing but doors. He then yelpped and jumped when he felt something touch his shoulder and he turned to come face to face with the brothers own Anaman. Then as he was passed he heard quickly" Come on. I'll show you around the city bafore he returns. So stay close and in voice range. And don't forget this. There are catchers out there that will take you in if they see you. You'll never see your master again if that happens. Also, stay away from the women that call to you. All they want is sex and a thing to play with." So he nodded and followed him on in the same formation on all fours.

Everything around him interesting him he started to get careless from time to time. But he was got back and scolded and he went back to staying with him till the next thing caught his eye, ear, or nose. His attention then went to the direction his guide was in as he heard" Nice of you to come out again, Casper. I see you also have a friend with you this time over there. You wanting something to eat?" He was then looked at and smiled at seeing him motion him over. So he slowly walked over and stood beside him. He was then looked over and heard" You look to be well kept. Your master must be one good man to you... Marten Corper... Marten Corper! What you doing with this fellow here! He's nothing good. Runs these streets like he owns them. You should get back out to the country where you belong. He'll make you into a street running in no time at all."

A meal of fresh ground beef given and them leaving the food stand he said" He said you were no good. What was he talking about? I see nothing wrong with you. What was that all abuot?"

"It was nothing, Nova. He tells everyong that. I've never got anyone into trouble. Wolves are cunning and sly, just life the fox. I won't get you into trouble. Even if I did, Adam would beat me locked me in my transfer cage for a month or so. Your safe with..." Casper stopped short then and just looked ahead. Then whispered to him" Turn slowly and run." So he did so but his way was blocked by the same clothed human as was behind him and Casper.

Muzzled and restrained he was shoved into the back of a large van after Casper and he whispered past the muzzle" And you said I would be safe with you. You lied to me and we both are going to pey for your lie." He was just given a look so he looked away and started thinking on what Marten was going to do when this was found out.

Checked over and cleaned up he was put into a small cage like structure with nothing but a this one piece suite. Someone then stopped in front of his cage and asked the man beside him" Was he just brought in?"

A wry smile then came to the other humans face and said" Yes. We found him on an alley with another. He's the best looking of the both. Well besides from stitches and scars from some sort of oporation. We removed his former ID brand and he's ready to be sold. Plus take a look at that tail. Chettah. Nothing more rare than that. And he's being sold at a low price. Only three hundred dollars. We can have your brand on him in just a minute and he'll be out of here today. Just tell up your information and we can bring up the brand tron and he's yours." He was then smiled kindly at by the man that was checking him out and he saw him nod.

In a transfer cage he was muzzled once more so stayed as far from the human as he could. He was then looked at once more and heard" I won't hurt you young one. You'll be given a nice home at my forest mansion. You'll have a yard to run in, trees to play in, a forest that goes on for miles. It's all mine and blocked off with walls for safty. Everything will be fine. You'll have everything you ever wished for. So try to get use to this. Your master before me will never be seen again, I know this and you. But I can't do a thing to help you get back to him either. I'm sorry." He then whimpered a little and turned away into the corner and he was left, the van starting up and moving out.

As he was told about the humans place he headed straight for the trees as soon as he was let out. Then he stopped just outside of them and looked back at him. He then slowly started ont of them when the human sat down in the grass and looked at him. So he moved closer little by little till he was just three feet from him and he crouched and watched him. He then moved back a steep when his new master started to speek.

"I see you're a little skittish. You just shot out of that cage like a star going supernova."

He then looked at him with a cocked head and said,' Nove' and pointed at himself. He then saw him point to himself and said,' Clark'. So he nodded and looked around, then said like it was nothing at all" This place is nothing like my old home. My home with Marten was open and free feeling. This place feels like one big cage. I don't like it at all. If I had more freedom I might get more use to this place faster. But the walls and the strange feeling from them make me feel like a dog or cat. I don't like it." He then looked at him again saw his face full of wonder, awe, and fasination.

In the house he looked around and took everything in. But when he started to open a door he was told to leave it alone. So he left it not taking note of it again. His attention was then grasped more when he saw a mouse and he fell to all fours and started to more toward it. It then started to run and he went after it. Then stopped, growling, as he run under the stove. Clark then laughed and said walking in" I've been after that thing for weeks. If you have luck getting it, you can do as you like with it. Anything at all. For I know your type eat raw flesh like every other. It will be your prize." So he started sniffing at the underside of the stove to find it's next move.

Giving up for a while he went on looking around. He stopped though when he same nose to nose with a younger Anaman. Clark then came out and said sounding pleased" I see you finally met Tobady. He'll be around from time to time. He might even show you around some if he likes. He's a wild one though. Loves, just loves to play. So be calm with him if he starts to do things wierd. He is only thirteen." He then stood, Tobady doing the same along with him.

Back again to his looking around he started to get a litte bothered with the boy popping out from around corners at the end of halls, or slipping into from open doorways he passed then pouncing out when he passed it again swatting at his ankels. So when he happened again he growled a warning at him. But it was heeded so he went onto all fours and as he was once more pounced out at he pinned the boy and held him with teeth posed at his throat telling him he could, with a growl, kill him where they were. Then he let him up and swiftly he ran off down the hall and onto the next floor.

Later that night when the sky was starting to get dark he sat with his legs under him on the couch by Clark purring as his hair was stroked. He then sat up though when Tobady slowly crept in looking at him with uneasyness. So he rolled over onto his back and looked at him with an interested expression. He then noticed Clark watching but didn't nothing to let him know he knew. Then as Tobady was a foot from his head he started pawing at him to play. But he was moved back from and Tobady looked at Clark for an answer. He then sat up on his albows as Clark said" Tobady told me you attacking him. He was just wanting to play. He's been the only one here of his kind for so long and he's just interested in you and wanting to play. I even told you that he would do strange things to get you to play. I never want to hear of you doing something like that again. If it happens I will be forced to punish you. I don't want to, but if you can get along with him you'll be locked up till you can be trusted around him. Do I make myself clear?" He just nodded and slipped off of the couch and slipped out of the room. Neither Clark or Tobady coming after him.

Starting to fall asleep on a window seat he started as he heard" I'm sorry for being near you. I'll do my best to stay away from you for now on. I didn't know that a Chettah would would be like this. I really am sorry."

He then gasped when he heard his voice chocking from him crying. So he said reaching out to him" Come here. I didn't mean to make it look like I didn't want you near me. Just today I was taken from the streets for being what we are. I had a home, a place to sleep and eat, and I had A master that loved me like a brother. Plus I'm starting to get out of the playing stage. I'm freshly twenty years old. That's seven years older then you are. But I can play still. Just don't come after me with so much to promise for. As I said, I'm looseing my want to play. So come here and get some sleep. This seat is big enough for the two of us to curl up on." He was then moved closer to, then was joined on the seat. So he moved around so the boy was next to the window and, his instincts kicking in, he started grooming him till they both fell asleep.

The next morning they were awakened and given each a plate of mixed together raw eggs, bacoon, and sausage. So he settled down with it in the window and started eating. He then looked up when he saw Tobady, so he moved his plate and was joined. They then both looked out into the kitchen hearing" I see you two made amends last night. I hope everything is talked over and made known to eachother. I don't want to lose either of you. Both of you are perfect. Chettah and Red Fox. Wonderful pair. Walking around with hte two of you in town will make people want you two. But they won't get you. Plus a silver chain and a lether collar will look good on the two of you. You already have the skin to make them look good. Both of you..." He then sighed and smiled. Being back in the town sounded good to him. It would give him the time to get back to Marten.

Out with Tobady he started to have fun with stocking him and he himself being stocked. But all at once Tobady's look got stern and he lookad around for a reason but there was nothing. He was then walked away from, Tobady's tail held high with pride. So he shrugged and started looking around by himself through the forest. But he soon stopped when he started feeling scared. He then started looking around for some kind of shelter but nothing was in sight. So he turned and started running with all he had. But his fear didn't stop. Even as he slipped into the house it was still there. So he shot up the stairs and under the bed in one of the open rooms and he laid whimpering. He then jumped hearing from the door" What's wrong, Nova? What frightened you?"

His masters voice making him come out he cowered at his feet shaking still in fear, but he didn't say a word. Tobady then came into sight yawning deeply and he heard" Whats going on? I heard talking and whimpering so I got up." He then looked at him and growled deep in his throat loud enough for both of them to hear and he struck out at him, missing, and he hissed.

Out in the livingroom by Clark's side he told him everything that happened. About playing with Tobady, then being left so he looked around more, then the feeling of fear that fell over him. He then looked up at Clark and said in a deeper shaking voice" I was so frightened. Tobady just left and I was having fun. I have no idea what it was. I've faught beard, wild cat, wolves, and bangers. But none of them ever made me fear like whatever it was that was there did. It felt like a shadow casting over me. But there was something there..."

Clark then stood and went to Tobady saying, his voice full of danger" If you opened that door i'm going to beat you so bad you'll wish you were still cowering in that house starving." Then Clark ran out of the room. So he went after him wondering what was going on. Tobady coming behind him mammering on about something he didn't understand.

The door thrown open he looked in at the tarshed, blood stained, cut up room. Then he looked at the window and gasped at the shattered glass and bent bars. Tobady then steeped back looking around as if something was about to jump out and attack him. Clark then said falling to the doorframe" He's out. No. He'll kill everything in the forest. Then he'll come after us. He's a monster. Our lives are in danger. I have to call someone to put him down." He then steeped into his path and looked in his eyes with a look that told him to stay in the house in a room that was secure. Then he gave Tobady the same look and he ran off down the hall.

Out in the open in the yard he let out a few chettah like calls calling him in. Then he took a few more steeps toward the forest and did it again. Then with his courage building he took another steep and made the mimick of an infent of his breed in pain. Then off to his right he heard a deep catlike growl and he smiled. Then the largest of the cat breed Anaman, the Lion, walked out on all fours. He then dropped down doing the same as he started to circle back.

The attack finally made he slipped under him and bit into the one thing every male was downed by and he sprang away as the Lion fall holding himself. He then took a few steeps back and he sat till he was faced again, this time the male was lower to the ground. So he started pounsinf around him just being missed. Then he got behimd him and grabbed his tail between his teeth and started pulling as he bit down.

The fight then started to get harder as the bigger male started to try to get to him, but he refused to let him get close to him. Then he let go causing him to fall over in his effort to get free and with his scomach open he lunged and started slashing at his chest to but a stop to him. But he was thrown off hearing, the males voice full of danger" I just wantto go home. I had just found my true mate. We were just about to have our first litter. She was killed on the run, I was taken, thrown into the human world, made into a pet. But now I'm getting my revenge. I'll kill you and all that come onto this land. It will be made into my own homeland. Now be a good little Chettah and lie down and die."

Doudging him again he said, trying to distract him" You might of lost your mate but it gives you no right to kill. You are owned now. No one can bring your mate back. No one can take you back to your home land. Like every other one of us you are a pet to the humans. I learnt something when I was with my first master. It was we were killed and our island taken as their own. Or they let us stay on the island, breed, and become pets for them. The majority voted that we be kept and made into pets. You could be dead right now instead of being fed and cared for. A bomb loades with a toxic gas could of been dropped on our island and we wouldn't be fighting right now. We would be dead." He then jumped straight up as he was lundged for, then took off into the forest; a place he was more use to when dealing with large enemies.

The Lion finally worn out and breathing hard from trying to catch him he dropped from a tree and said, also breathing a little hard" It's over. Your worn out. You can't do much of anything to keep going. I've ripped your chest up to the bone. Your going to die if you don't give up. Just go back to the manstion and let him care for you the way you should be cared for. He isn't the one that did this to you. He baught you from someone that was tired of having you around. He saved your life. Do him a favor and forget everything of your past and make a future. He'll make everything better for you. Plus your too young to die just yet. I'm too young to die just yet. I have no one to look after me but the master. Same with you now. Please... I'm telling the truth.

" I can tell you about my first master. He was a brother to me. We were made to be together. Both of us were happy. But I was taken from him because I took the word of his real brithers Wolf Anaman. I could be with my real master right now and be happy. But I have to waite. Come on, take my word for it." When his speech was over he laid back on the tree and looked at him. Then slowly the Lion got up and started over to him with fight in his eyes still. So he just laid there and let whatever happened happen. He then felt his teeth close around his throat and he kept breath normally.

When he was released the Lion said" You didn't panick. I could of ripped out your throat just then. Why didn't you do anything."

"Because I have trust in people. If I know I'll be in a better place when I die. So I let my life go on as it is ment to. I die, I die. I live, I live. Nature has it's choices. If it wants to do away with the ones that are true and ready it will. I'm just letting it do with me as it likes. But I will get back to Marten. I will." He said that all with a straight face, not a sign of fear or sorrow for himself. The Lion then sat back more and looked at him with glazed eyes. Then fell forward and was passed out.

Laying him down outside the front door he knocked and heard voices from inside. Then the door opened and Clark stood in the door way. He then smiled and said" I've caught him, talked to him, and now have him thinking on what I said. He's OK to have around now. Just keep Tobady from playing with him." His smiled the lightened and he fell forward into Clark's arms and finally let the claw gashes down his back take their effect on him.

Opening his eyes again he saw he was back in the hospital. So he sighed and sat himself up some till it started hurting them stopped. He then froze hearing" Good to see you again, Nova." He then threw his head to the side and saw Marten on the other bad.

His pain forgotten about he was on the other bed hugging and licking him. He was then pushed back, Marten laughing, and he said" I was dismaied I would never see you again... But..." He then sat back from him and looked down and went on" I'm owned by someone else now. I can't be with you. I'll never ba with you again."

Marten then smiled and said shaking his head" No your not. I baught you back. Along with a Red Fox kit and a Lion. I was told he wasn't sure of owning the three of you. Said he was too old. You're back with me Nova. You and the other two. What were their names? Tobady and Cubbuah?"

" Cado."

He then looked at the door seeing him, though bound, standing there with Tobady. So he walked over to him and stood looking up into his eyes. His head was then pushed back and his throat was once more taken into his mouth. Marten then said sitting up more" What are you doing?! I thought you two had an understanding!" He was then let go hearing a chuckel from him and he was smiling.

A week later all four of them were back at Marten's Mansion. Then the first thing he did when there was took off into the forest and he made his rightful markings in the right spots. Then he returned and went in through the sunpourch and sighed. He was happy to be back at the house. Everything was the way it was left and he was able to find his robe. So he undressed and slipped it on, then headed for the hot springs.

Finally joined he sat content watching Tobady splash Cado and the act of play was given back. He then yawned and put his head back closing his eyes. But he opened then when he was joined and he looked to see Marten. So he moved to give him room and said in a relaxed voice" It's good to be back in this place. And screw what the nurse said. We'll all live off the land in the cave. Devouring what we need to live. Gathering what fruit and vegetables there are to get. It'll be great. What you think?"

A pleased look was then give to him and he heard" Yes. All of us living like they did before there were houses, electric, and the pleasures that are there now for us. I agree. But what about them? The kit looks to be to use to houses. The Lion seams to be laid back and too calm. Just the two of us would be able to deal with the forest. Can we teach them?" All he did was nodded and he was out like a light.

Awakened as it started to sprinkel he got on his robe and went off to find clean clothing. He stopped though when he heard crying. So he went to the sound and found Cado in an empty room crying. So he went in to him and said touching his shoulder" Hey, what wrong? Is what I said at the other place still bothering you?" He got a shake of the head so he went on" It must be your mate then. Right?" He got a nod. So again he went on" Like I said. Nothing can bring her..."

He was then looked at and heard" I lied about a her. My lover was male. We wern't going to have cubs. We stole two that were able to be with out their mothers and we were going to raise then ourselves. He was shot in the back, one of the cubs going down with him. I was caught and the cub was taken from me. We told eachother that we would live together forever till we died. For we were from the same pride, but different mothers. Also our fathers were different

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