My Forever Blissful Nightmare

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Have you ever been through the pain of losing your love one? and felt as if the world was falling apart? This talks about a young girl who shows her true sentiments about her love who betrayed her.. Enjoy

Submitted: March 22, 2012

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Submitted: March 22, 2012




My Forever Blissful Nightmare

My hollow heart is shallow full of blood.

Yet I still love you, even though you are gone.

Your heart is like a piece of rock.

Your love is red and orange like the fire.

It burns everything on its way.

The wind is telling me to leave you away

But I still remember when we used to kiss.

Oh what a wonderful ancient bliss.

Love use to be like a piece of chocolate

But you decided to throw it over the lake.

I remember the times we use to have under the sun.

When we both use to run

And gaze upon the sky so full of love.

When I look into your eyes I feel like running away from you.

When I hear your name

It is a big pang in my heart.


You have already destroyed your second chance.

Right now my soul is crying.

How could I have believed your wicked words?

If I was in the past

I would have never applied to your dance.

My cries are the ocean,

And the birds are crying.

If only you could just go away.

Sour chocolate, cold fire, warm winter,

Sweet demons, lamentable birds, black roses.

Under the full moon, I weep.

For ever cries…

I can still remember the first time we met

And I won’t say it… because I regret…

The times we let….

My Forever Blissful Nightmare

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