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Demetrius pulled the sword of the Chimera's second head. He pointed it at Madeline "You need to start talking." he growled. Madeline parents are gone, not taken but dead. Emotional unstable she stumbles from one miserable world into another. Somehow she must survive and uncover the secrets about this Stone World that may in turn reveal secrets about her and the unsettling occupants that reside there.

Submitted: August 25, 2015

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Submitted: August 25, 2015



Chapter 1:- Breathe 
Breathe, one breath in and another out. She felt like she was burning alive and freezing to death all at the same time. She clutched the roses so hard it's thorns pierced her palm. Her eyes burned with holding back tears, she shoved her hand over her mouth to keep the bile from rising. One more breath, in and out. Two breaths for two graves, two graves side by side, two parents, two faces, two pairs of eyes that will never open again.

Chapter 2:- Death 
She dropped the roses on the twin graves. She cried and the sky cried with her, laying next to the graves and screamed at a world that had stolen her parents. She shivered, as mud and rain soak her skin, but she did not move. Welcoming the blackness, she closed her eyes hoping death would soon take her as well.

Chapter 3:- orphan 
She heard the muffled voices. She could also hear the sound of police sirens floating in the background. Blackness again. She woke up, the white walls where bright and painful. Then she saw her, dressed in a smart suit, a binder in hand staring hard back at her. Ms. Smithson. "we need the talk about your future living arrangements Madeline."

Chapter 4:- escape 
She listen, but did not care. She waited for what seemed like an eternity. Then Ms. Smithson left with a promise to return. Madeline would not wait for that return, she ripped out the tubes and wires and ran, ran out of the hospital across the park lot and into the city. A needle in a haystack.

Chapter 5:- attire 
Keep running and hiding in alley ways and dark corners. Her new homes. She must find clothes, hospital nightgown was drawing attention. A right turn here a left turn there. A goodwill drop off location, she looked around nobody in sight. She ducked inside of the truck, tearing through the trash bags of clothes. One shirt, jeans, sweatshirt and a pair of shoes a size too big, she was gone.

Chapter 6:- walk 
She walked and walked, hoodie pulled over her head she kept her eyes down and her feet moving forward. She stayed in the shadows like a ghost. She waded through puddles and casting glances as a couple of rats watched her trod on by in the backstreets of the city. She walked until a building had blocked her path; a store looking ever so inviting beckoned her from the streets.

Chapter 7:- Strange 
The bell twinkled happily, the man behind the counter gave her a nod and turn back to his magazine. So she roamed through the aisle of odd things, knock-knack and small curiosities. Jars full of strange plants and powders. She saw an odd little necklace silver cord, wrapped around a strange purple stone. A strange sense of déjà vu fell over her as she lifted it out of the box.

Chapter 8:- Doorway 
She wandered farther back, necklace clutched in her hand, where the dim light of the many table lamps did not reach. She squinted, trying to see her heart stopped, little heads, there where shrunken little heads. What kind of shop is this? She turned away disgusted, straight into a door. She heard something fall; she threw a glance back at the owner. He did not notice, so she slipped silently inside.

Chapter 9:- glass 
The room was dim and warm, it was rather cozy. She felt around the floor looking for whatever had fallen. She hissed as whatever it was nicked her finger, she touched the object gingerly this time. It felt like glass, she put on the necklace and pick up at a piece. Her dyed auburn hair fell over her face, partially covering her pale face. Her violet eyes, dull and red rimmed blink in return. Suddenly she felt a crushing weight, and then it was dark. Maybe she was dead.

Chapter 10:- alive 
Madeline...Madeline. Where was she? Mom? Dad is that you? She woke with a start, her face was wet, she must have cried in her sleep. She looked up, Mom?! She ran, they were alive, Dad. She was sobbing, their arms were open. Please don't leave me again, I'm all alone, there is no one left. Just come back, please. She buried her head in her grey dress, and cried.

Chapter 11:- Screams 
Mom, dad? They were silent, Madeline open her eyes but remain hugging her mother. Why was her mom wear grey, she always wore green. Why was she so cold? Madeline slowly backed out of her moms arms. A sick feeling washed over. She slowly looked up and screamed and screamed.

Chapter 12:- Statues 
A stone face frozen in terror silently screamed back. Madeline stumbled back, still screaming. They were everywhere; Men, women and children, animals, and even monsters. The same scream permanently etched in their faces. All of them looking at her, screaming silently she ran only to be met by more statues. It's was never ending nightmare, one where there was no escape.

Chapter 13:- Horrible 
As Madeline ran she could see they all were statues, frozen in time with no way out, people wish for immortality but no like this. Finally Madeline collapsed to her knees, she cried, for her mother, for her father, for all the frozen statues. For herself, her loneliness, for all the horrible things. She was alone, utterly alone. She curled next to a statue and slepted.

Chapter 14:- Stares 
When Madeline awoke, she was thirsty. She rocked to her feet, staring suspiciously at the statues shivering. It was as if they were watching her. She crossed her arms, it wasn't cold but it wasn't warm either. But at least it was dry, it reminded her, she needed water. Where would that be? How? Where was she?!

Chapter 15:- Lost 
Madeline was lost. How on earth, if this even was earth...did she get here? She closed her eyes tightly, trying to recall the night before. Door, glass, blood, pain and then intense pressure. Like she was being squeezed. She looked up to the sky, it was less than color. Strange and choppy, like the ocean but in the wrong place. A grey ocean. There was no sign, no star to point the way, she was alone, orphaned, forgotten and a endless garden of statues.

Chapter 16:- Silent 
Madeline wandered through the garden; statue after statue rose and fell with the land. The garden look abandoned, its bushes and flowers grew untamed in the grass hills. Ivy was rampant, growing thicker and thicker the more Madeline pushed into the undergrowth. She was somewhere near the center, it seem like it. For so much vegetation this place sure was devoid of life. It was absolutely silent. Except for her footsteps.

Chapter 17:- Voices 
Madeline...Madeline. Madeline turned around, no one. She squeezed the necklace, Madeline...Madeline. whos there? she stumbled away, she felt more fear than hope of finding someone to take away from here. This crazy place. Madeline MADELINE....MADELINE..MADELINEMADELINEMADLINE. They were surround her, she tried to shut them out, where was the silence, was she going crazy? MADELINE...madeline.

Chapter 18:- Crazy 
The voices! They were coming from the statues, they were crying, weeping! Madeline! MADELINE! MADELINE! Go away! she screamed, she ran, tried to run away from the voices. Their pleading, she crashed through the underbrush NO, NONONONONONO!!!!!! she moaned clamping her ear and squeezing her eyes shut, she spun madly, nowhere to run, the voices were in her head, it felt it was going to explode. Run, running wouldn't do it this time. SHUUUUUUUTTTTTTTUPPPPPPPPPPP she screamed, before dropping to the ground. Limp, lifeless.

Chapter 19:- Water 
Madeline awoke for the second time, grass tickling her nose. How she missed her bed. She touched her throat, it was hard to swallow, it was swollen and raw. She must have screamed herself hoarse. No water yesterday, she was parched. How many days could a human go without water? She asked herself. She knew the answer. Rubbing her eyes, she shivered at the eerie atmosphere. Maybe she really would die out here. Alone.

Chapter 20:- Stopped 
Their eyes where on her, she could feel them, she could partially block out the voices, they were quieter but not entirely gone. She decided to stop sitting there in misery. Water, she needed to focus on surviving. She pushed back on the rock behind her, rising slowly to her feet. Ow, she winced. Her back stung, something was poking it. She turn and her breath stopped in her throat.

Chapter 21:- Lonely 
Madeline let her air out in a whosh. It was just another statue, actually two. Both of the statues stood silent, their faces carved so carefully. Unlike the others, whose faces where twisted with fear and agony. They looked calm, unchortled with emotion or pain. Madeline, reached up just now noticing how lifelike the statues seem to look.

Chapter 22:- Saddness 
Boys, about her age, maybe older. One looked, blank, staring off into the distance. The other look hard, slightly angry his sword fallen to his side in defeat. But both of them had a slight look about them, like they where very sad. Frozen sadness. Madeline reached up, it was almost like they where breathing. The necklace, it hissed and Madeline snatched her hand away

Chapter 23:- Locked 
She stared at the purple necklace, quizzical: did it just hiss? She let the necklace fall to her chest. Her shoulders dropped in despair....these things the voices she heard, were enough to get people locked up, with a jacket and meds, with the key thrown away. I am not crazy. She whispered to herself.

Chapter 24:- Sensible 
She retreated deeper in the forest, for what reason she did not know. Sensible people, try and go back the way they came. Sensible people try to get out. No reason to urge her on except maybe the curiosity of a weak mind or maybe the mindless wanderings of a misfortunate girl that had nowhere else to go.

Chapter 25:- Water 
Madeline finally found a stream; it looked cold and clear, so beautiful in her desperation, for something to quench her thirst. She bent down to the stream dipping her hand in sighing at the bliss of the moisture restoring to her body as the water slid past her lips. She drank her fill and rested her aching feet under a tree nearby. Her eyes closed.

Chapter 26:- Hunger 
Madeline woke to a mighty growl; she jumped to her feet expecting a wild animal to be inches from her face, teeth snapping. But not such threat came; she rubbed her tummy alarmed that something so small could make a noise so large. Dispute her need she knew that nothing here grew here, nothing was alive.

Chapter 27:- Bad 
Madeline headed deeper, deeper. Something was pulling her in, she couldn’t tell if it was sinister or the mere delusions of her mind. with every moment she was there things become stranger. This could be one of those events that could be either very good, or very very very bad.

Chapter 28:- Better 
Madeline began to explore, she might as well get use to her new home, like that she gave up. It was better here, other than the statues there was no pity, no hypocrites, no foster care or people who didn't really care. She now begin to notice, the nothingness. The statues weren't the only thing frozen, time was.

Chapter 29:- Permanent 
Leaves stood permanently in the air, between the earth and sky. Even the stream she had drunk from was still. There wasn't even a breeze. The clouds or sky had moved from it angry boiling form. Time was still. How she knew, Madeline hadn't a clue. Buy why hadn't she, why hadn't she been frozen, a permanent resident just like the statues.

Chapter 30:- Leaves 
Madeline stood staring at the silent still leaf, pondering her fate. Out of curiosity she touched the leaf. It floated to the ground gracefully, at her slight touch. Madeline, touched another and another. All fell gracefully to the grass below, as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Happy leaves.

Chapter 31:- Whales 
She spent the day exploring and making the leaves fall. But it was making it hard for her to enjoy this new thrill seeing as her stomach also spent the whole day demonstration a blue whale's mating call. But there no such thing as a burger king in a statue garden where time stands still and the sky looks like an ocean.

Chapter 32:- Pray 
Luckily the night was not cold enough that she would freeze, heck she had spent three nights here already and not died. Unless she had already died and this was all a dream. For the first time in her life she prayed. I just need something to eat, she said quietly before she fell asleep.

Chapter 33:- Food 
She blinked sleepily, rubbing her eyes. She brushed her clothes from grass and stumbled up, every part about her screamed food. she rubbed her head, it ache and she felt dizzy. She closed her eyes, now she wished she had watched those survivalist tv shows with Dad, maybe she would remember something useful. She stood, she would just walk back to the stream something got to be good there.

Chapter 34:- Happy 
If she could have a means to measure time. Madeline would have guess she took 30 minutes to get back to the stream. She walked and walked, she found some clover and nibbled on the little leaves. Then she stumbled on the most welcoming sight ever. Wild asparagus, she recognize it anywhere. Washing them, she munched happily away at the green stalks.

Chapter 35:- Color 
Somehow being here, Madeline notice change. Other than the food suddenly showing up, she could feel wind, just a wisp here and there. But also she had notice flowers, blooming. The listless world she was trapped in was become less grey and green and more full of color.

Chapter 36:- shelter 
She found a secluded spot away from most of the statues, a clearing where a tree had uprooted its trunk creating a natural shelter, not far from the stream and wild edibles. Madeline felt the farther she moved away from the statues, the more time she spent here the more sick she felt.

Chapter 37:- Sick 
This morning she tried getting up, and fell right back to the ground. She crawled over behind the tree and dry heaved for what seem too long. She shook and chattered from a chilling wind that wasn't there. Head spinning so much up was down and down was up. She couldn't make it back to her sleep place before passing out in a feverish nightmare fill with memories from a time before.

Chapter 38:- Nightmare 
It was more nightmares, her mind taunting her with a never ending race toward her parents. Watching as the statues pulled them underground, their pleading voice for help replaced with the sound of the statues grating calls for Madeline. She ran shrieking as the statues crawled after her pieces of them disintegrating as they also began to pull her under.

Chapter 39:- Snake 
She was walking this time, going back the way she came. The necklace burned her throat, searching for a way out; she saw the sad statues still stone they pointed to a door. She walked toward it but before her hand could reach the doorknob it turned into Ms. Smithson who eyes glowed yellow, when she saw Madeline she hissed turning into a giant snake. She fell down next to the sad statues. The last thing she saw before it went dark, was the snake open mouth leaping towards her.

Chapter 40:- Voices 
She screamed, this time for real. Something strong held her down she fought against it with whatever strength she had. Her eyes would not open no matter how hard she tried. Her struggles became weaker and weaker. Until she was too exhausted to move a cool hand felt her forehead.

’ How is she?” A voice mumbled.

 “Her fever is almost broken.”

“What was she think drinking from the Styx?” Was the last thing she heard before falling back into a peaceful dreamless sleep.

Chapter 41:- Awake 
Madeline blinked slowly, the fever had broken. She sat up slowly while rubbing her eyes she open one eye and froze. "khaire," one nodded. Two of them side by side, unfrozen, the sad statues somehow alive and breathing. She remained still, blinking repeatedly. The other one rolled his eyes, "hello!?" he said loudly. Madeline blinked once more, and then screamed.

Chapter 42:- Treetop 
Before they could move, Madeline had leaped to her feet and took off. Talking statues, talking human statues! Up the nearest tree, hiding. Breathing silent. They followed. She watched from the treetop. They stopped. One hit the other upside the head, "Moros, you scared her!" 

"Quiet old man." the other retorted, as he scan the area. Madeline duck lower but a loud snap betrayed her. They both looked up.

Chapter 43:- One 
Silver hair, and grey eyes, he was regal in appearance. She rememberd him the one with the blank expression. She shrunk as he came closer, "sorry we startle you, agapi mu." he patted the tree "can you please come down and talk." 
"um no, I perfectly content to live my life up here, thank you." she called

Chapter 44:- Loser 
The other huffed quietly crossing his arms. Just opposite of the other. Black hair, dark eyes and scarred. "you can't stay up there forever." he threw over his shoulder. "watch me loser." she shouted back. She saw the silver-hair one shoot a silencing look at the loser. Maybe she could wait them out and bolt at the chance.

Chapter 45:- Cooking 
They seemed to have lost interest. She listened for a trap or attack. None. She climbed down quietly. She looked a safe way to escape. Then a whiff of something that smelled wonderful. Tummy growled, still weak. Maybe, but she had to be careful. She followed the smell of cooking.

Chapter 46:- Silence 
She closed in. Something roasting on a spit, the silver hair lifted the stick from the fire which brought a new life to the Stone world. He didn’t look up but motioned for her. She eyed the loser warily, but walking closer. He twisted off a leg and handed it to her. Toss another to the loser and grabbed another for himself. They ate happily in silence.

Chapter 47:- Names 
She finish quickly, Madeline plotted her escape route. But it seemed rude to eat and run. So she waited. The silver hair cleared his throat. "My name is Leocedes," he tipped his head toward the Loser, "and that Moros is, Demetrius." Demetrius shot a rather hateful glare at Leocedes. He turned away quickly when he saw Madeline. "Well you know our names, what is yours?" Leocedes asked.

Chapter 48:- Question 
Bad idea but Madeline introduced herself. Leocedes inclined his head politely, "khaire." Weird words again. Maybe she'd stay and get answers, they hadn't hurt her yet. Opening her mouth about to ask some question a loud and rather terrify snarl echoed through the Stone world.

Chapter 49:- Growl 
Leocedes and Demetrius where on their feet in an instant. Demetrius pulled out a sword as the growling grew louder. He pulled Madaline be a tree. "Stay here." he said.
"No problem." she replied as the sound of snapping echoed.
"Demetrius!" Leocedes called as he pulled out something from his belt.

Chapter 50:- Quiet 
It's grew deathly quiet. All their eyes searched the forest. Holding their breath. Leocedes stiffen
"Chimera." he hissed. Demetrius nodded brought his sword up. Quiet. Nothing. Then there a rush of wind and terrifying growl. And in the clear leaped the most hideous beast Madeline had ever seen at it was looking straight at her.

Chapter 51:- Monster 
It's face looked like a lion, but it's muzzle was jutted. Long horns grew out of its mane. The air fill with animosity as the monster began to pace. Cloven hooves for back feet arching up into a thick scaly tail that ended with a yellowed eyed fanged serpent. It's front feet curved into wicked looking talons.

Chapter 52:- Signal 
Madeline held her breath, waiting. Like a invisible signal they all move in once. The monster lunged at Demetrius who dodge the open jaw with ease, Leocedes moved with speed. Catching the Snake-tail's attention moving right and left as the snake struck at empty air. The chimera bellowed loudly it shook the ground. Its rage building as Demetrius made the first cut across its shoulder.


Chapter 53:- Fearless 
It was like a dance, one moved as if the sword was another part of him, fearless and solid in his cuts, exuding a sureness that could only come from years of practice. The other moving with such quickness he seemed to anticipate the monsters strike, taking on fluidity persona of the snake. A something was building in the monster, Madeline sense but what? Then a sinister rumbling came from the stomach of the beast.

Chapter 54:- Rock 
"Leo!" Demetrius called making another cut across the beast's muzzle. "Coming." Leo grunted as he dodged another strike from the snake before plunging a knife in its skull. He pulled an object from his belt. Madeline could see that it was dark lumpy grey rock. Leo raced directly at Demetrius as the rumbling grew louder.

Chapter 55:- Exposed 
The beast attention refocus on Leo as he charge past it, at the last second Demetrius sheathed his sword held his hands together and threw Leo up in the air. The beast's head followed Madeline could see a glowing yellow from the beast throat as it open its mouth wide. As Leo twisted midair he threw the lumpy rock in to the Chimera's gapping jaw. At the same time Demetrius had pulled out its sword and imbedded into a secondary head that lay exposed while the monsters head was looking up.

Chapter 56:- Died 
The monster looked surprised. The fire died in its throat as it made a comical gargling noise. Glowing red liquid rock dribbled out of its mouth. It jerked and fell the whole body began to twitch. As the final light of life lefts its eye, Madeline finally had the courage to leave her designated hiding place. Demetrius pulled the sword of the Chimera's second head. He pointed it at her "you need to start talking." he growled.

Chapter 57:- Fault 
She immediately stiffen. "What I do?" she said. Leo came up from behind and pushed down Demetrius sword. "Stop, she doesn't know." Demetrius lowered his sword and turned away before muttering quietly into Leo's ear "then why is she here." He glanced quickly at Madeline his gazed soften but quickly reformed in a dark mask as he walked away to clean his sword.

Chapter 58:- Know 
Madeline watched him walked away before turning back to Leo. "It seem as though you know more about me than I do." she challenged. Leo slipped the small knives back in his belt with a shake. He sighed, she could feel his unwilling. None the less he sat down. Madeline followed. "Madeline how old do you think I am?" he began.

Chapter 59:- Age 
Madeline looked at him. Even though his hair was grey as well as his eyes but his face in general made him appear her age. His clothes very strange in old in style but seemed brand new. A white tunic with a black leather belt with slots for the little knives and weird tassels. With a grey robe that wrap around his left shoulder and clasped around the right side of his neck. "twenty-one." she guessed.

Chapter 60:- Blind 
He laughed lightly and turned his head towards the setting sun. "This world is an ancient relic of time since past." Madeline shivered. "Is that what that thing was from?" she asked. 

"All of us are." he answer quietly, there was something unsettling about that phrase, She had been watching Leo something was off. Then she knew,

 "Leo," she started "how long have you been blind?" 

Chapter 61:- Mother 
This time he turned "how did?" he started the look of surprise very clear on his face. She twirled a piece of grass between her fingers.

 "my mother was blind" she explained quietly. 

"was?!" he asked.

"was." she confirmed.

Chapter 62:- Curse 
"pariemai." he apologized. She nodded, a silence extended between them.

 "how long?" she repeated breaking the quiet.

"from day of my first breath." he held up his hand and wiggled in front of his face "One gift give, another taken." he recited to himself. 

"Is that some sort of motto." 

"More like a family curse." he answered.

Chapter 63:- Family 
"Curse!?" she asked. Leocedes nodded.

 "My sight was taken, but I was given the gift of healing." he stated

"Is you whole family blind?" 

"No, My brother could not speak, but he had incredible strength. My father couldn't hear but he was a gifted musician.

Chapter 64:- Memory 
Leo rose suddenly. "I need to go talk Demetrius." Madeline was startled by the sudden movement but she nodded. As he walked away, she pulled her knees toward her chest. Leo was keeping something else from her she thought. She felt a memory just on the edge of her mind but before she could grasp she clutched her head, a deep flash of pain brought a wave a dizziness over her. Where did this come from?

Chapter 65:- Problem 
He walked quickly through the garden. His eyes were gone but his hearing served him well. He felt the trees break, it was a clearing. He could hear Demetrius. No doubt mopping. He kick the log that his companion was sitting on.

Chapter 66:- Three 
"OIPHO!" Demetrius snarled fling his sword at the ground. Leo heard him begin to pace.

"It can not be avoided Demetrius." he sighed. 

"I KNOW!" Demetrius hissed. He was silent, Leo felt a deep emotional chaos ebbing out from his friend. He too felt a deep sadness clawing at his own throat but pushed it down with a swallow.

"we got three days."

"you mean Madeline, has three days." Demetrius muttered darkly.


Chapter 67:- burning 
Demetrius and Leocedes came back to the campsite. Madeline was relieved. Leo looked trouble. Demetrius eyes filled with a out of character sadness. She was briefly pulled into a memory, Eyes where burning, she couldn't stop it. She wanted to cry, tried to fight. One and then the other, skin hardened. Stone. No Demetri.

"what?" he said pulling he back into reality. She shook her head, 

"Demetri sounds betters, I think."


Chapter 68:- Back 
Tonight's dinner rabbit on a spit. Leo had left her and Demetri, alone. She didn't want to look up but the weight of his gaze was too much. "for crying out loud, WHAT?" she exclaimed in frustration. 

"Why did you come back Madeline?" He challenged.

"Back?!" What is with this guy?

Chapter 69:- Back 
Leo had left her and Demetri, alone. She didn't want to look up but the weight of his gaze was too much. "for crying out loud, WHAT?" she exclaimed in frustration. 

"Why did you come back?" He challenged.

"Back?!" What is with this guy? "I never been here before in my life."

"STOP it! Stop pretending like you don't know anything!"

"I DON'T!" Madeline cried. Demetri fell silent. Leo appeared. "But apparently you guys do, so start talking, NOW!"

Chapter 70:- 3000 
Madeline stared at them both, Leo may be blind but she was pretty sure he knew how angry she was. Demetri just sat, almost as furious, as the shadows from the fire danced across his face. Leo held up his hands. "okay." he said trying to calm the atmosphere. He sat down next to Demetri. "You know how you said I looked twenty-one?"


"well you where about 3000 years off."

Chapter 71:- Lamias 
Her mouth hung open "are you serious."

"Very serious." 

"And you?" she asked Demetri.

"A few years younger." His eyes did not lie. Her heart started quickening.

"Are you guys vampires?!"

Chapter 72:- Nowhere 
Five questions later she was still confused. 

"so you immortal, but not vampires."


"you never age but you over 3,000 years."


"We are getting nowhere." Demetri sighed frustrated

"Fine then you tell me then." she shrugged


Chapter 73:- War 
"I was born into a world full of war. The Titans had been release from their prisons. The Second Immortal War. Hades sent the Titans against his brother Zeus to take his throne. The Gods against the Titans, and it nearly destoryed everything." Demetri paused looking somber. "I was grown by time of the final battle was Cronos the God-eater and Zeus the King of the Gods. It was long bloody battle, it seemed that Cronos was to be victorious, but Zeus took up Athena's shield and defeated the God-eater. Turning him to stone. Leocedes and I were chosen, being the strongest warriors of our time to watch over The Stone Garden. Guardians of the stone prison of Cronos, making sure he is never released."

Chapter 74:- tomorrow 
Madeline was skeptical. "that's impossible those are just stories." 

"can you explain how you got here." Leo questioned.

"or up until now we were stone, and now flesh and bone." Demetri asked.

"No." she sighed defeated. "but that doesn't mean I believe you" she said quickly. Leo shook his head and stood. "I'm going to hunt we will need strength for tomorrow." Demetri nodded. The evening was growing dim, 

"we need wood as well." he stood "are you coming." she stumbled to her feet. 


Chapter 75:- tears 
They walked quietly together. "I'm sorry." Madeline blurted. "I am sorry I can't remember you." he said nothing. Just walked. Madeline looked at her feet trying to keep pace with his long strides. 

"i don't remember anything after the accident..." she began to babble, "it was raining, we were driving home. There was something in the road and my dad lost control. All I remember is my mother's scream." Madeline's eyes blurred as she prattled on "they found me four miles down the road unconscious not even knowing they died till I saw their graves a week later... I should have died with them." Big wet tears where rolling down her face with no signs of stopping. She was suddenly pulled by Demetri. His arms wrapped around her. 

"don't wish for death." he mumbled. She felt warmth and familiarity. But He pulled back as if realizing what he was doing before she could figure out why. Bending down and he pulled out a dead branch from beneath the tall grass and handed it to her. They both collect armfuls of wood in silence.

Chapter 76:- power 
Madeline was soon fast asleep. Leo and Demetri talked quietly on the other side of the fire. "have you forgotten you duty!?" Leo hissed.

 "I don't care about my duty, this is Madeline we're talking about MADELINE." Demetri whispered furiously back.

 "I know! I love her too but we can't risk the all of creation being destroyed on the account of our feelings toward her."

 "she doesn't even know who she is!"

 "that doesn't matter she has the power, we just need her to use it once."

"she is going to ask more questions, what do we do then."

"we tell her the truth."

"And if she runs."

"she can't leave, she barely even knows how she got here."

Chapter 77:- Back 
They all awoke, if it was early no one could tell. They sky was still grey. They left within an hour, and Madeline stay close. For now the Garden was more alive then even. She more than once say things scurry into the bushes as they walked toward the destination. "How come no one else has come back alive?" 

"Some have but the Garden sends anyone who is human back." Leo 

"Oh." And he was right for they came across several spots that Madeline first remember when entering this place. The statue she had mistaken for her mother was no where to be found.

Chapter 78:- Another 
"Someone is bleeding." leo stopped

"it is not me." Demetri looked himself over, he turned to see that Madeline had halted a few paces back. Her eyes where vacant, a thin trail of blood coming from her nose.

Madeline did not answer, she wasn't there.

A large hand clasped her own, she was young, very young. She whimpered as they passed another statue the owner of the hand pulled her closer, "I will protect you." and with that the fear died in her, she was safe.

She blinked, Demetri dark eyes blinked back,

"Are you well?"

"I'm fine, just a head rush." wiping her nose with her sleeve.

She glanced down at his hand out of intuition.

It was him.

Chapter 79:- Thought 
 She said nothing about the memory to either of them. Demetri pulled Madeline next to him. She walked quietly next to him deep in thought. He watched her out of the corner of his eye. Her forehead crinkled, and then unfurrowed.

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