People never forget a helping hand, and those left behind, will not always forget.

I will never forget you,

Even though we are far apart.

I will never forget

How you made me smile

When I was down. (And low to the ground)

How you taught me to love,

Even in sorrow. (And stormy days)

How you gave me hope

When the skies grew gray.


I will never forget

When you offered me help,

Though I was too afraid to ask.

When you made me laugh,

Though I felt like crying. (And breaking down)


I will never forget

How you made me welcome

When I felt like an outsider.

How you cheered me up

When everything seemed bleak.


I will never forget.

And though I have nothing

In offer to you after

All you have done.

I will try to keep smiling.

To keep laughing,

To keep trying.

To keep being me

As you you have taught me.


So as our time comes to

An unfortunate end

I ask that you do

What you did for me.

To not only others, but

For yourself.


Do not think of the end

As The End, but as the

Beginning of something anew.

Because I will never forget.

So don't you.

Never forget.

Submitted: July 02, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Kristen Blakey. All rights reserved.

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