Candy Corn Morning

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a poem that I wrote about my all time favorite memory of when I was a little girl. This is written about my Grandfather/Pop Pop. He is one of my favorite people in the world.

Submitted: November 07, 2012

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Submitted: November 07, 2012



Candy Corn Morning

By Kristen L Bury


Candy corn morning,

as I’m just waking up,

I pull the covers off me

and sip from my cup.

A tiny little toddler,

adoring my Pop,

crept to his room

"I’m waking him up!"

My big furry friend

is following beside,

We jumped onto his bed

and we landed on Pop's behind.

Pop-pop didn't move.

He really was out,

and he started to wake up,

when Scootie licked his snout.

Pop rubbed his eyes.

He knew who was there.

His big fuzzy dog

and me with my blond hair.

His only granddaughter

with my big blue eyes,

was staring at Pop-pop

anticipating surprise.

Pop wondered what I was doing

so early in the morning,

as he looked out the window

and saw it was pouring.

Pop knew what I wanted

his bag of candy corn

That candy has been my favorite

since the day that I was born.

It sat on the nightstand,

to the right of the bed.

Pop looked over at the bag

 and began to shake his head.

Granny would surely be upset,

however, we didn't care.

Then Pop and I looked over

and saw Scootie's stare.

We gave her a little bit,

but, not too much

She took them right from us

in oh-such-a-rush.

I watched my Pop-pop

as he took a bite,

and I told him

"Pop-pop you’re not eating them right!"

“You bite them by color,

that's the way that it's done."

Eating candy corn for breakfast

was oh-so-much fun!

But, next thing I knew

my Granny made me cereal.

And I looked at the bowl like,

'she can't be for real!?'

"Granny I’m full!

I really can't eat.

I woke Pop Pop up

and he gave me a treat."

"JOHN what did you do

did you give her candy?"

Granny was mad!

"Well isn't that dandy?!"

My great morning ended

with Granny being mad

and after eating all of that,

my tummy hurt BAD!



© Copyright 2020 Kristen Millwater. All rights reserved.

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