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Submitted: December 19, 2011



Within the moment of a blinking eye everything may change. A simple dream can become a disastor and a scream can become silent. Sarah O. Bile was only thirteen when she dissapeared. Her story is one forgotten by many. Only two people remember her, her murderer, and her best friend Ray. Sometimes Ray would lay in bed at night and "talk" to her. He had secretly loved her sinse the day he first layed eyes on her. He was captured by her glistening smile and elegant blue eyes. He remembered the way her long blonde hair would fall so perfectly and how her cute style made her look. He holds Sarah's diary close to him, he was allowed to take any of her things, her parents didn't care.

December 29th 2000

Today was another worthless peice of shit. Will bluntly stated how he could not stand me, and wishes he never met me. He also called me a fat ugly whale right in the middle of lunch. Ugh, I should stop wasting my mind daydreaming about him and his gorgeousness. Well, maybe he would like me if I was skinnier. Maybe. Who knows? Well continue to starve<3


Ray's heart sank. Why would she want him? He's such a jerk, he never let anyone in.

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