Hunting Day

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Submitted: June 11, 2010

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Submitted: June 11, 2010



The cool rain poured down from the crying sky above. The wind screamed and shrieked, in pain. The rain like salt pouring into open wounds. Bright Lightning pierced the sky, one of the only sources of light. After being in the woods for over three weeks, Violet Night knew she was finally on her own. Her large blue eyes glisten sending out the coldness in her soul. Before she ran away from the City she made sure to get the extra-eye seeing surgery. The one that gives you night vision. She scanned the woods around her. She needed food tonight. Finally she saw her pray. She pushed her dark hair behind her ears and carefully fixed an arrow into the bow. She wondered if her aim would be good enough. She pulled back on the bow until it was perfect. She placed her feet in hunting position. She let out a breath and released the arrow at just the right moment. She hit the creature in the heart. She ran over to the deer she just shot down to check it out. Its corpse lay limp on the cold wet dirt. Violet was afraid that the creature did not die, but was wounded. Lucky for her, and the deer, what was before her was a lifeless carcass that lay perfectly still. She absolutely hated it when she missed and hit an animal in the wrong spot. She didn’t like watching an animal suffer. If the arrow landed just a bit differently, then the deer would’ve spent its last moments in excruciating pain.
Violet examined the deep. She used her EctoReliance (a small square-shaped electronic object that can check for sickness or disease in an animal after a hunt.) The machine detected no sickness at all. Finally she could enjoy a dinner. Violet gathered up the deer and brought it to a small cave nearby that she had sought out earlier. After placing everything in the cave Violet looked up at the sky and noticed the stars for the first time. She looked at them and relieved, these shimmering night-lights in the sky have more importance than just navigation. She thought they symbolize a person who died. She thought of her parents for the first time in a long time. Just the memory of them put a smile on her porcelain face that was scarred with cuts from trees, and numerous falls. Her shelter, the cave, was small and cold. She went into the corner of the room and took a few of the logs she had gathered. She had the dead deer on the ground next to her and her camouflage backpack still on her back. She took of the backpack and pulled out the FireLanteran (or fire starter) and lit the logs. The fire came to life and lit the whole room. It sent warmth through the cave. The flames danced, becoming real, and alive. Exquisite shadow patterns climbed up and down the stone walls. Violet cut up some of the deer meat and cooked it up. It took about twenty minutes to cook, but once it was done it had to cool. Five minutes went by and Violet took her first mouthful of food since two weeks ago. She could not believe how tasty it was. It was juicy and cooked perfectly.
“Mmm” she let the sound escape from her mouth.
She shut her eyes so she could savor every mouthwatering bite. She decided to put the rest away for the next night. She had no idea how long the meat would be good for. Violet considered putting out the fire, then decided against it. After all she needed some warmth.

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