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Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



One Day


Burning inside this soul I cannot go on...

Crying at night, bleeding inside I am not alright...

Can you see through my false reality?

Am I alone or do you love me?

Do you love me?

Someday maybe I'll be okay, and I will live.

In this life I am confused.

One day I will learn to trust again

But I am broken until then...









Saving This


Falling down into a place

Filled with darkness, yes a grave

I am alone and falling down

But it is okay if I do drown

The world all around knows nothing at all.

Only words that are spoken

And screams all around.

No one is safe,

We will all fall down

But getting back up

Is a struggle I have found.

This time I shall survive,

This time I will step up

I promise you I will try my best,

I do not want my life to be over yet.






Lost Without


Call my name,

From a safe place

Let me know you still care.

I am lost without your guide

I really need you to be by my side.

An impossible task I ask of thee.

Please live again and come back to me.

Please I need you right here!

Save me from this misery.

I miss your hugs, your smiling face

I wish to visit you so I can feel safe.

Why did you have to be stolen from me?

It is not fair, I need you! Oh please!

One day I will be by your side again,

I’ll meet you in heaven, I lost a great friend.

Here I am Safe

Dreaming of a place

Swallowing its grace

Holding it so safe


I never want to let it go

Safely I hold it close

This dream cannot go.

This is my safe place


Golden leaves are great,

Sparkling rain falls

Watching as I begin to crawl.


I will hide here

So I don’t live in fear

I am all alone

So no one can choke me.


Here I am safe.

Leave me, Stay here.


Grasp my hand

Hold my wrist

Never let me go

Please don’t fade away.

I’m haunted by you

I’m stolen from my home.

I am so lost without you

Why will you not come home?

I know not where my place is

But your arms seem safe.

My heart is hollow

My soul is frozen.

You let me fall,

I am dying without your hand…





All I Could Have Done

Her lips whisper to me

A silent misery

She is all alone

Wanting to come home


She hides her sorrows

With blood and crimson roses

Metal glistens bright,

With red she ends her life.


I feel her falling

Her heart is dying

A gun in her hand

The bullet emptying her


My eyes become wet

Moistening my cheeks

If only I could have saved her.

But I left her all alone.

Coloring Pages and Broken Crayons.


Coloring pages and broken crayons

Her eyes are torn, her love is taken.

So young she dies, her soul won’t rise.

For she is alive, but dead inside.


Scribbles of hatred,

On empty pages

Holding her hand, her mother cries.

She walks alone as her father dies.


She colors on coloring pages

With broken crayons.

This is all she could do

At the tender age of two.







Hope teaches us how to cope with words of wisdom

Knowledge teaches us to understand the bad

But Kindness teaches not but how to be sad.

No one will ever judge you,

Oh what a fool you must be.

These words are not wisdom,

This is not how the world will be.

They will always hate you,

Who cares anyway?

You do, I see.

How foolish must you be?








Open Up


The angels of our world

Flutter by my skin

Quickly they leave

In fear we might kill them.

On a flower they sit,

As a flash catches them.

They fear we have hatred

Yet we have nothing against them.

They are so full of color

So much beauty we see.

Yet we cannot love each other

What is wrong with society?









I know not who I am

I see not what I can do.

I feel so worthless

But so do you.

I see the importance that your life holds.

You see the same in me.

So just maybe

There is more to me that I cannot see.












No Escape


Sorrow holds my hand tonight


As I drown in my tears of fright

All alone I die tonight,

Burning in this pool of flames

You bury me in all this shame

All alone, you are the same

Without a thought I leave your mind

Without your soul, you have died

All alone I sink away

Lying safe in this dark cave

My new home is too small

So suffocating I can’t crawl

My body holds my every thought

I cannot escape this plot.

I blame you, as you blame me.

You left me with this misery.

Inside my mind you did see

The plan to end my misery

I had to go, but it’s not great.

At least in life I could escape.



Murdering Mind

The thoughts in my mind are so ill


I should be fine but I’m not still

Why will you not fix me?

I thought you did fix me!

Why has it changed?

I m broken and I am chained.

My conscious thoughts of death awaken.

My sleeping moment filled with hatred.

All alone I cry tonight,

I know I cannot end my life.

I will not disappoint you, but indeed I cannot inform you,

I am okay in this river. I can swim at least in silver,

I feel lost in this world, but I cannot escape it forever.

Keep me safe, this water is my embrace.

I hold the coolness, Hold the peace.

I love you, you don’t love me.

I am not fixed.

Do you see this?

Why have you let me bleed?

My mind is murdering me.


Close your eyes and clear your mind

We all see you are dead inside.

You’re nothing special, nothing great.

The world you love is filled with hate.

You’re so kind, but that is not good.

You are hurt by all the evil.

I will break you down.

Look I will make you drown!

Crawl back into your home.

Close your mind,

Kill your soul.

My words are poison, poisoning you.

I twist your mind. Now you hate you too.

I am so distant. My words are spoken

You are the victim. I am not changing myself

I will keep spitting at you, you are so below me.

Your thoughts are dumb, I’m not sorry.

Die tonight and I shall miss you, seeing now my mistakes.

I wish to God that I had listened.



Thoughts left unsaid,

Words of the dead

A broken window shows her pain.

Her hidden face,

A fallen grace

Her pain had no gain

Only death now remains.















Close your eyes and listen my dear

To the words put to song, whispered in your ear

Do you hear their call?

Their voices so small

Listen my dear as the bird does sing.

Listen my dear to the ones left unseen.

I am sorry my dear for you are now one.

I knew you would be one who spoke not a word

Listen my child, to the thoughts all around

Listen child, you are going to drown.

Slowly death holds you,

You cry a crimson tear,

You listened so great

Saw the world’s pain.

Now you are the one with a death left unsaid.  




So Cold the World

Rain flows from the mountain above

So cold her bones

It’s worse than you know

I see her eyes

Into her soul

She is drowning,

Oh so cold.

Soon it ends,

Her death is a friend

Left alone.

She died in a world so cold.









Crimson roses

Crimson falling roses

Bloody scarlet dreams

Her soul is a whole

Where darkness does sink

Oh the burgundy love, lost deep in her thoughts

Her scars are so solemn

So broken she waits.

Another metal slice

Another bloody night

Everything inside, so wounded

By the night

Scarlet roses, dying inside

Bleeding dark roses,

The end is tonight.






Silver Moonlight


Silver moonlight as soft as sparkles

Silent symptoms caress many victims.

Their life so son to fade away

Their love assumes there is no way.

Light up my life, silver moonlight

Keep me safe each and every night.

Hold my hand and guide me to

The place I loved, only thanks to you.

Let the stars shine tonight,

Oh gorgeous moonlight.

Hold me close and whisper in my ear.

I thought you cared, as you sliced my throat.

Goodnight, Goodnight

My Silver Moonlight.





Alone inside a Destiny


Shine onto my soul

And into my mind

Imprint your image

Please remember mine.

I love this new destiny

I have found for myself.

Too bad I am alone, lost without any help.











I need you

The quietness around me chills me to the bone.

Why are you here, please, oh please come home.

You belong with me, not buried in the ground.

I miss your arms around me,

Oh I need you with me now.

This guilt will not leave me, I wish I didn’t go.

Why did I leave you?

I miss you please come home.

Do you see me crying?

Do you watch me smile?

Can you still here me?

So far away from home.

Your memory lives in me.

This loss has left me cold.

I need you right beside me.

Oh Auntie please come home.

Why did you have to go?

Oh God I feel alone.

Where does the time go?

I need you to be here.

This grave can’t be the truth yet.

This all happened too soon.

How could this happen?

Why to me and you?

I know you are safe now,

Watching over me,

But it is not the same, no.

I need you here with me.

Oh the regret I feel inside,

All the days I wasted.

I wish I knew the future,

So the present won’t be bad.

One day will you come back?

Please live again!

The memories are all that’s left.

I will not believe you’re dead.




Sometimes Wish

Sometimes I wish to die.

This life feels too much

Sometimes I wish to cry.

This emptiness is too much

Sometimes I wish to fly.

To get away from here

Sometimes I wish I would die.

I don’t want to live.













So alone

I fall by the stone

Bleeding red

I am almost dead

Slowly and gracefully my life drains.

Soon enough I will get my way.














Thoughts burn inside my head

Maybe I’d be better off dead.

Needless to say I do not want to wake.


















Leave the scars and blood at rest

Let me fall into my death.

After all there is nothing legft.

Every inch of me is gone.

My heart, my soul,

My only smile.








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