For my Beloved...

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This is a poem dedicated to my beloved...

Submitted: April 06, 2010

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Submitted: April 06, 2010



I hold you so strongly but kindly,
Hoping you’ll never abandon me,
Wishing for you to keep me warm.
Of all those I’ve known – you’re the epitome.

I breathe in your scent like I’ve never loved.
Surely, as all of my life has been tainted
By desires, by pressures, by movement outside,
But doubtfully knowing all of those acquainted.

I see you in the morning before I leave,
I see you at midday as you join me for lunch,
I see you at three for pure company,
Perhaps appearing for supper or light brunch.

Oh how my desires are always fulfilled,
When I’m holding you so close to my skin
And you caress my lips so smoothly,
Gentle and warm, it’s how you begin.

I remember the time you weren’t there.
Where were you that day I needed you?
Lingering on my mind so I couldn’t focus.

I missed you, it’s most assuredly true.

It’s tough when I feel so alone.
When I don’t have you beside me, near me, with me.
You’re my boost, my motivation and concentration.
Yes it’s true, I’m addicted to coffee.

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