The Fire.

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A story I thought up on the summer holiday. I'd love to hear your feedback.
Fire strikes a small town with no mercy. Follow Violet while she fights to survive and save her house with her mother.

Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011



Chapter 1-

It was a beautiful day. One could not spot a single imperfection in sky. As I lay down amongst the blossoming daisies, I take this as my only chance to escape reality.

But a dream cannot last forever.

I woke up and found my self tangled in my blanket. Now, my dreams were gone. I knew if I looked out the window, I would once again see what I least wanted to see. The sky. It looked as if a large grey blanket had been thrown over the earth. The smoke would be thicker, thicker than the day before. The town was black, not one thing had its colours. But it had not always been like this. A few short weeks ago, it was like my dreams; until the fire. It wiped out almost living thing and those that were not living too. My mother and I live in this lifeless town. I miss the days when I could, in fact, lay amongst the daisies. But now, that is only in my dreams. I suppose I should take you back to before this begun. Then at least some of this story may be pleasant.

Chapter 2-1 week ago-

I awoke to the smell of my Mothers cooking. I recognised the smell as my Mums famous pancakes.

‘Violet, I made you pancakes.’ My mom called from the kitchen.

‘One second!’ I called as I slipped into my new floral dress.

She passed me a plate stacked with pancakes.

‘Thank-you.’ I said as I sat in front of our rather small television.

It was the news again. They had been warning us that our area is in fire danger for 2 weeks now. No one ever listened to them, they were never right.

‘I see they are still warning us about those fires’ she said.  ‘You don’t think that maybe we should prepare?’

‘Are you joking,’ I muttered. ‘When, have they EVER been right about fires?’

I took my mothers comment as a complete joke, but I knew that we would be in serious troubles if the fires did come. We lived in such a remote area, possibly 2 days away from a fire department. The town’s people here were never equipped for such a thing. I should probably have waited for my pancakes to cool down, before practically swallowing them whole. They burnt down my throat. But I was in a hurry to get out; I had a wonderful day ahead of me. As I rushed towards the door, Mum stopped me. “Are you going to Jackvale hill?” She questioned with much concern in her expression.

“Yes I am.” I answered. Jackvale hill was my place. The place I went, usually by myself, but Mikah was a frequent visitor. Mikah is my friend, we are close, and have been for 4 years now.

“Honey, you know, Jackvale hill has been put over an extreme fire warning. I really don’t think this is the time to be going there.” She continued.

I though it was completely un-necessary for my Mothers constant worry about the fires.

“Mum, I have been going there for years; I know that nothing will happen. It never has. What bring you to think that after all these years; they are going to be right about these stupid fire warnings!” I yelled impatiently.

My mother gave me a blank look, and stepped out of my route to the door. I left feeling quite guilty, but that was not going to stop me anytime soon.


Chapter 3-

I had reached Jackvale hill, after 15 minutes of walking. I found Mikah sitting in his usual spot.

“Mikah!” I exclaimed. I was always happy when I saw Mikah, even though it was a regular event in my day. He was such a pleasure to be with, always positive.

He didn’t look up from his book as usual; he instead continued reading, as if he didn’t hear me. This was not normal for him.

“Mikah?” I repeated. He looked up from his book, tears running down his pale skin.

“Violet, I can’t come to Jackvale hill anymore, I can’t. Mum will not allow me here. She thinks it’s completely terrible that your Mother still allows you here after the fire warnings. I can’t see you anymore, we can’t be friends.” He said. His said his words so quickly. Like he possibly thought it would make it easier for me to hear. My emotions were delayed; I couldn’t take him seriously at first. But I knew, his Mother was strange lady. She had her ways, and that was it. If she said Mikah couldn’t see me, Mikah defiantly couldn’t see me. Tears welled down my face.

“You can’t let her do that.” I stated, in a wobbly tone. My voice was full of insecurity.  He simply couldn’t look me in the eye as he walked away slowly. I saw the book he had been reading, the book that he had left behind, was our memory book. We wrote together in it when ever we saw each other. My legs caved in and a fell to the floor crying quietly. It wasn’t long until I fell asleep. I slept for hours long; my sleeping was eventually distracted by the loud sound of traffic in morning. That is when I awoke. Traffic in this town was extremely rare.  My mother’s fire warning flashed through my mind. If was very likely that the townspeople have decided to leave because of the extreme fire warnings. I picked our memory book, and began on my way home.

When I arrived I reached for the door, but it was opened for me. My Mother was a mess; she looked as if she had been crying for hours. This was confusing because my mother is a very strong person.

“Violet, where have you been?” She cried he voice was a mix between relief, and anger.

“I fell asleep on Jackvale hill Mum, its fine.” I said. I tried hard to hide my emotions about Mikah. I knew it was simply useless to tell my Mum, because she has never liked his Mother and this would only aggravate the problem...

I tried calling Mikah, but it was pointless. I knew his mother wouldn’t let him hear the message’s I left him, but I couldn’t give up on him. It was something I was not strong to do.

Chapter 4-

I felt alone, more alone then ever in fact. Mum wanted to leave the town, but I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving our house to burn. I’d happily stay and protect the house, but of coarse she had different ideas. She was rushing around frantically packing any valuable’s into boxes.

“Mum, I have spent my whole life in this town. If you’re leaving, I’m going to stay.”

I said.

 She stopped moving and turned to face me.

“Your right Violet. This house has been in the family for a very long time, we can’t leave.” She replied.

I’d like to say I was relieved that she agreed, but I did really fear the day we had to fight the fire…

The next couple of days were a frantic rush to prepare, we really didn’t know what to expect, and we could only hope that we had done enough. We sat anxiously waiting in silence. I was checking the phone every 10minutes and Mum became quite suspicious. But neither of us spoke or moved for about half an hour, until Mum rose from her seat and looked through the curtain. And as she stepped away from the window she looked at me quickly, her faced filled with fear. That’s when I noticed something was wrong. I ran towards the window and shifted the curtain. The sky was orange, completely orange. It was such an eerie look compared to the normal blue sky. We both knew what that meant, the fires were near, much too near. That’s when all of our planning went into action.  

Chapter 5-

I saw the fire; I saw it as it ripped through our town. Not one of us could stop it , but we only had hoped that the fire-fighters would arrive before the town was left in ashes. There was that tiny shimmer of hope left for us. I’d never seen my mother so worried and this made me even more upset, but of coarse I don’t blame her. I had a million things going through my head. Had Mikah’s family stayed? If not, will I ever see him again? Will the fire-fighters reach the town before it’s too late? These were all questions that time could only time could answer and eventually, it did. I went to bed, despite the fear I still had to sleep. But I’m sure my mother stayed up all night.

When I awoke, I didn’t dare to peer through the window, I knew I’d see even more smoke and disaster than the day before.  And that’s when I heard it.

A loud siren began screaming through our small town. It echoed all the way to our house. And then for the first time in weeks, I smiled. It wasn’t much, but it was all I could do without force. My Mother looking up from the ground, and smiled too. It was the fire-fighters and the WERE in time!

The orange light of the fire began to dim, slowly but surely. It took such a long time, but eventually they fought the fire away. The sky became clear. But this allowed us to see what had become of town. It was ruined. Everything has lost its colours, our town was black. The agony was indescribable. The town I grew up in was never going to be the same. “Mum, I have to go see Jackvale hill.” I pleaded.

 She simply nodded and I began to run. I could not bear the thought that the daisies and memories on Jackvale hill may be destroyed. I’d never ran so fast in my life.

Chapter 6-

As I reached the top of Jackvale hill I saw that it was completely unharmed by the fire. The fire had not reached Jackvale hill! I stood quietly, peering over the town, which was now almost left in ruins. I saw people rushing around, helping to repair the town. I felt a slight tap on my shoulder; I turned around and saw Mikah, standing quietly beside me.

“MIKAH! I thought you left! How on earth did you get your mother to allow you here?” I screamed with excitement.

“We stayed, Mum couldn’t leave the house. She was much too concerned about it burning down. But, it didn’t, living on the other side of town has benefits.” He stopped speaking for a second and then continued, “I talked to my Mum and convinced her, that you are, really an amazing girl. I told how much I adore you. I told her that I’m in love with you Violet.”

It took me a while to notice, that he just said, he loves me. I thought we were just friends, but after he said that, I realized how much I really do love him. I think of him everyday, it drives me crazy when I can’t see him, and I feel like I’m at my best with him. I smiled to myself, and took his hand.

I never did believe in happy endings. But as I stood on Jackvale hill, hand in hand with Mikah, looking over our town which was now being repaired, I felt a slight glimmer of hope.

Thank you for reading. It would be great if you could tell me if you're interested in reading the second short story to continue this. (:

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