maybe we are not so perfect after all

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Submitted: May 28, 2010

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Submitted: May 28, 2010



You broke my heart,
it broke into 4,
If happened from the start,
but some how Iwant more.

I fell for you,
but it came to a stop,
and maybe it did for you too,
but maybe you just want under my top.

I`ve cried many tears,
I wished on a star,
You use to fight all my fears,
But that didnt go very far.

People tell me I should leave you.
because of how you have changed,
But Idon`t want us to be through,
your locked in my heart like a cage.

But if I let you go,
I`ll be empty inside,
with notihng to show,
not even pride.

All I`ll have left is memmories of you,
a broken heart,
a friend or two,
and my useless body parts.

You were there for me,
but it didnt take long,
for you to set me free,
we even have a song.

I love you to death,
but yuo through me aside,
like im not even fresh,
now all you have is pride.

I know we all have ishues,
I could of helped you.
But you ate things up like a box of cashues,
and your acting like its through.

You don`t share how you feel,
and you don`t really try,
So how are we even real,
you left me to die.

So Im asking you please,
To end all you did
and stop being a tease,
and don`t act like a kid.

Lets fix us up new,
than we can play,
but it may take a day or two,
Not less than a day.

I really do love you,
its hard to explain,
The feelings inside of me,
Just like to be a pain.

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