My Perfect Grad

My Perfect Grad

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



This was a Dream so dont might the actul names xD I thought it was to cute to re-name everyone :)
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This was a Dream so dont might the actul names xD I thought it was to cute to re-name everyone :)

Chapter1 (v.1) - My Perfect Grad

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This was a Dream so dont might the actul names xD I thought it was to cute to re-name everyone :)

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 11, 2009

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 11, 2009



The Perfect Grad

It was the day before Grad. I was looking over my black dress to make sure it fit and made sure my pink high heel shoes were just right.Suddenly I heard a rock hit my window and I ran to see what it was. Daniel, my good friend, awaited at the bottem.

I ran down stairs in my grad dress. Bare footed, I leaped into his arms and said "What are you doing here?" In exitement. "I am here for you." He smiled and Kissed me lightly. I blushed and looked down. He lifted my chin and kissed me again. I could feel the sparks fly and feel how much love was there. "I have waited for that, my whole life." I explained. "Me too."

We both blushed and he carried me into my house. We went to my bedroom and he laid me down. I looked up at him as he took his shoes off and pushed them under my bed. I smiled and he sat down next to me. "Where are you parents?" He asked. "They are away at their friends house 7 hours away from here. I normaly stay here." I answered. "I see." He scooched in closer to me so that there was nothing between us.

He looked me in the eyes and I looked back. I could see how his eyes sparkled and how brown they were.

We both leaned in and kissed. This time it was more romanticaly. He placed his hands on my knees and I placed mine on his cheaks, feeling how warm they were. We departed, opening our eyes. I looked down and blushed, as did Daniel.

"So, whats the real reason your here?" I asked getting off my bed and putting my shoes back where they belong. "Like I said, I`m here for you. I hid this as a secret from you. I wanted to be here as your grad gift. I knew you had grad, and I knew you weren`t going with anyone. So I came. I`m going to be your grad date." He smiled and got up, helping me undo the zipper on my dress. "Daniel, thats so sweet of you!." I smiled as my dress fell to the ground and I hugged him with my half naked body. "I love you Kristen." He placed his hands on my hips and looked me in the eyes as I had my arms still draped over his sholers. "I love you too Daniel." I looked him in the eyes and kissed him. "Kristen, I want to ask you something." He asked letting go and walked over to the bed, laying his head on my pillow. "that is?" I asked with a smile as I put on a pair of Pajamas. "Will you, I dont know. Be my girlfriend?" He hesitated. "Of course!" I yelled in exitement as I did up my last button on my shirt and leaped onto the bed.

He smiled and put his arms around me. I layed down placing my head on his chest, taking ahold of his left hand, running my fingers on my other hand up and down his wrist. He put his other hand on my head, playing with my hair, gentaly and sweetly.

I soon fell asleep in that position and so did Daniel.

I woke up to Daniel still fast asleep. I didn`t want to wake him, but I didn`t want to move because I was to confortable. So I laid there and enjoyed the moment, yet again running my fingers up and down his wrist.

I looked over at the clock and noticed that it was 10. I sighed because I missed my bus. But than realized that Grad was tonight, so I didnt half to bother, but I also remembered that I had a hair appointement at 2.

I lightely got up, trying not to wake Daniel. But he woke up once I was dressed.

He got up and put his arms around me smiling. I turned around and put my hands on his cheeks as his hands went on my waist, lightly and solftly. I kissed him lightly and than smiled.

Soon enough it was time for Grad. Daniel and I aproched the school slowly, holding hands firmly. I looked at him as a sighn to go in. He nodded and I opened the door, walking inside my school. We walked down a red carpet, leading to the Gym where the dance was held.

I walked in through the opening and everyone looked at Daniel and I. They all awed seeing us hand in hand.

Abby ran over quikly and said "Whats this? I thought we were going together?" she looked disapointed. "Well, He appeared out of no where. Its Daniel. Remember, the guy I told you about?" I smiled looking at Daniel who looked right back at me. "gah!" she screamed and stormed off.

I laughed and we walked into the gym. We started to slow dance, even though it was a fast song. We hugged danced really.

Soon enough it came to the prince and princess anouncing. Ovbiously it wasn`t me.

I looked up at the principal on the stage as Daniel rapped his arms around me, so that we were both facing the stage.

"The winners for prince and princess are.." she said as she handed the open envalope to my teacher. "Aiden Gomez and Dina Torles." He anounced and everyone clapped, except Daniel and I. "Thank you everyone, so much for letting me be princess." She smiled after Aiden placed the tiara on her head.

I looked at everyone in the crowd and they were all puzzled. "Who voted for Dina?!" Someone shouted from the crowed. "Not me." "I didn`t" "Who would?" People shouted.

Everyone looked around and Dina looked worried and than booked it. I then booked it aswell.

I stopped her in her tracks. Everyone crowded around us and Daniel pushed through the crowd and stood beside me. "Dina. Tell us the truth." I demanded. "Fine, you want the truth. You Won. I fixed the competition ok? I made it so that I won. I was suprized that everyone voted you. Except the rare vote for someone else. but I only got one vote. That was from, well I dont know who." she admited.

Aiden walked up behind Dina and took the Tiara off her and than walked infront of me. I bowed my head down and he placed it on my head and than took my hand and kissed me on the cheek.

Everyone awed and Daniel smiled.

Aiden raised our hands just a little bit and said "May I have this dance?" "You may." I blushed and we walked back into the gym.

We went into the center where a light shined. He placed his hand on my hip and I put my hand on his sholder. Everyone stood around us watching us dance. Every single person awed and all I could do was look down, blush and giggle.

Aiden than put his hand that was on my hip on my chin, moving my face back to focase.

We stared into each others eyes, dancing slowly in the center of the gym.

Daniel than came over, half way through the song and said "May I cut in?" "its one dance. Just give us this song." Aiden and I looked at Daniel. "Fine." Daniel smiled at me, knowing that I have a crush on Aiden. " I love you Daniel." I kissed Daniels Cheak and than went back to dancing.

"I have a confesion." Aiden said as he moved a bit closer to me. "And that is?" I smiled. "I like you. That time I talked to you was only a chance to hear your voice. Your very beautiful. Even with your inperfections." He explained. "Well Aiden. I like you too." I hugged him as we continued to dance. "Maybe when Daniel and you break up, we can be together." He sugested. "Sure." I smiled and kissed his cheak. "Great. I`ll stay single for you." he kissed my cheak back.

I giggled and than blushed looking down and than back at him.

Soon enough the song ended and Daniel came over and we started dancing. Yet again everyone stopped and stared at us. The spotlight shined on me, once again.

I felt like a princess, flying high in the air.

At the end of the song, Daniel and I closed our eyes and kissed pashionatly.

Everyone awed, even the teachers.

When we went home Dina was crying of pure jealousy and Aiden was as happy as can be.

When Daniel and I got back to my house, we layed down on my bed, still in your outfits from Grad. We fell asleep, me on his chest, holding his hand like the night before, smiling from the day we had.

The End.

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