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well I don`t want to lose this stuff so, Onto Booksie it goes!

Submitted: July 14, 2009

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Submitted: July 14, 2009



okay so yesturday I was babysitting my cousins. And Their dad took us to Subway. Elizabeth is 4 and had to go poty. So I took her to the bathroom and it was one of those ones where its just 1 toilett a sink, blah blah. So she saw the baby thing to change babies dypers and she said "Whats that? Is that what you change babies dypers?"

and I said "yep." and she said " well how does that work?" so I folded it down and said "See, here is the belt to hold the baby down so it doesn`t fall off and get hurt and have to go to the hospital." so she says "Oh. Thats right. But if the baby did get hurt, you would have to take the baby to the hospital to get a new head"

So, on our way to Subway, in the car a police car drove by quickly. So, Elizabeth says "Hey daddy. I dremt that the cops came to my house. They took me away. And put me in a home with dumb ass kids and fat ass parents. I tried to run away, but they found me everytime. so I had to get new parents and they were aliens"


I wanna feel the warmth of your skin wrapped around me. I wanna have that specail first kiss. But most importantly, I want you to be the one I share it with.


Your have mustard on your shirt
Your oder is toxic
Your face is covered in dirt
Your face, we should box it

You pick your nose
Your marks are D'S
You smell your toes
You REPEL girls with ease.

Last but not least your face.
Your hair is burning my eyes
Your nose out of place.
Your so ugly what a surprize.

~ Jade Haig


Look at it this way,

Every girl is a fish.

We all are the same color.

You just keep picking them.

Intill you find the one that is gold.

And thats the one you spend the rest of your life with.

You just havnt found that fish yet.

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