Teen Agers Problemes

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I wrote this for French class and I decided to put my English copy on here.

Submitted: November 15, 2008

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Submitted: November 15, 2008




Teenagers are everywhere, they are all over the world and everyday we get a bunch more. Being a teenager has its ups and downs. Teenagers have problems with their friends, school, family, love, bullying, hormones, boyfriends/girlfriends and so much more. I can only say a couple things.

Teenagers also do drugs and half to deal with pear pressure. Drugs is a verry common things for teenagers to do.

They also spend alot of time playing vidieo games. Have you ever noticed that vidieo games has the word die in it? Well, let me point that out for you, viDIEo games. There has been cases where teenagers die from playing vidieo games. A young boy at the age of 15 died because his parents took away his Xbox. Sad storry and true.

Teenagers live a pretty tough life. They are always trying to be in with the new fashtions and they try to be cool. But trust me, smoking is totaly not cool.

Smoking kills everyone. Teenagers are more into smoking then ever. Smoking makes you to loose brain cells, which means that the next test you take, you might not get that mark that you wanted, all because of smoking.

Teenagers think that you should get a boyfriend/girlfriend right away when you enter high school. Well, you dont need to. You dont need to find a boyfriend/girlfriend till collage. Well, you can date through high school, but your just going to break up anyway.

Teenagers have alot of drama in their life too. Their friends sometimes do the rong thing or their boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with them, they got in a fight with either their parents or boyfriend/girlfriend, they have been or is being bullied, other teens try to get them to do drugs or they are being sexualy asulted. School and home are the main places that this happends.


On to my next thing, cliques. Teen agers have their cliques, which are the diferent styles like emo, prep, goth, punk, skater, rocker, normal, popular and the list goes on. But does it really matter what clique your in? Just be yourself. Dress how you want to. Dont go wearing clothes that reveal parts of your body that others dont want to see. Dont go being a celeberty, have your own style. We dont want to see you dressing like Jamie Spears or Jeffree Star, be who you are.


Teenage girls main worries/problems: They mainly worry about how they look and how fat/skinny they are. They tend to wear alot of make up and they sometimes wear revealing clothes. They try to hide their imperfections, but most of the time it does not work. There is alot more I could say.

Teenage boys worries/problems: They tend to worry about how they look, but not as bad as girls do. They like to impress girls by doing something compleatly dumb. Most of them seem chilled back and relaxed. Most teenage boys feel verry attracted to the teenage girls and they do really dumb stuff, but some teenage boys are not attracted to teenage girls as much as other teenage boys because they are matture.


Teenagers hate the school, well most of to do in any case. They hate the homework and they put as to be going to instruct a piece. Sometimes the teachers are a pain, but of others can be awsome. Teenagers sometimes dont do their homework because they had a party or they the need of didnt to. We all know the excuse that they use, that would be "My dog ate my homework". Well sometimes this is actuly true. Next time bring in piece of your homework that was aten to show the teacher so that they will believe you. In any case, the school has drama alot for the teenagers.


Family can be a big problem for teenagers. Their parents might abuse them. Sometimes the teenager does not have a mother or father. Sometimes they have slit up familys like, step parents or step siblings. The parents might treat the teenager like a little child. Sometimes the parent might treat the teenager horrible and abuse them and that is another subject called " Child Abuse." Sometimes the older bother/sister may hurt the teen verbaly or mentaly. Most of the time, the teen will hide everything and it will continue till death comes to the picture.

Vidieo Games 

Vidieo games are played alot by teenagers, they drain your mind and make change who you think you are. Vidieo games are not important but for some reason teenagers play them anyway. I know I rather play on the computer than play on a game sistum. Vidieo games are making teenagers go fat. If you think about it, vidieo games are life destroyers.


Appearance is a dramatic part of a teenagers part. They worry alot about how they look. Do they dress up in all diferent styles such as: emo, goth, skater, gangster, prep and alot more. They worry to much about their appearance and they make it a big part of their life. Appearance in what you look like, who you are inside is whats important. Lets say you were the most beautiful person alive, but you had a horrible personality. That would be a bad thing. But lets say you were not the most beautiful person around, but you had a beautiful personaltiy, now thats whats important.Love is a common thing that teenagers go through. They say " I love you." to their boyfriend/girlfriend and they think they love that person but they only like the person. You might feel strong emotions for them, but its not real love, not yet. Teenagers feel strong strong emotions for another person and its just being normal. But in the end, be carefull what you do because if your a girl you dont want to end up in the bad lanes.


Music is verry important to a teenager, They sing, play guitar, drums and so many more instruments. They listen to some music that is not good for them like " Cany shop - 50 cent." or " I kissed a girl - Katy perry" or " Womanizer - Britney Spears". Then their are good songs to listen to like " Our song - Taylor swift, So Small - Carrie Underwood, Beacause of you- Kely Clarkson" The list may go on on what type of music is good or bad. But there is alot of music that is not good for you at all. Rap is a perfect example of music you shouldnt listen to because it has things about drugs and sex. Hip hop is ok. Pop is ok, Rock can be bad in some songs, Country is almost always good and the rest probly all ties in with rock. There is so many diferent types of music. But to sumerize music, its a majour part of a teens life.

In the end. A teenagers life has alot of stuff that goes rong. I could list alot more, but sadly I have to much. (I think)


here is the website for it if you want to see the french part and see the pics I used for it: ---> www.freewebs.com/kristenforlife

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