The Truth About A Deep Depression

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yeah I`m not sure.

Submitted: May 19, 2009

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Submitted: May 19, 2009



Deep, sadness hides behind those whom cry theirself to sleep.
Whom are those people, Children, teens?
Those who are forgotten, underneath shadows,
Those who are lost, can`t find where they are sopose to be,
Those who are beaton, yelled at or heart broken.
But don`t take the token,
that takes them back to the begining.
Letting them suffer,
From their deep hidden depression.
But, who are these people I speak of?
You pass them everyday and ignor them.
They are the people you see, and laugh at.
It just causes them more pain.
Making them cry in the rain
And at night, where no one can hear their cries.
They have no one to help them,
Not a single soul.
Even if you ask them,
They are going to say they are okay.
But really, they are dieing inside,
Each and every day.

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