When I was younger

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This is a poem Because I know what its like to be so verry ugly when you are young and than grow up to be still ugly but still kinda beautiful. Something like that.

Submitted: October 10, 2008

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Submitted: October 10, 2008



When I was little,

I was fat and ugly.

I got made fun of,

and I still do.

The pain still shreds a tear.

I will never forget the tear my heart shreds,

When someone calls me that same name.

With their little game,

I shall cry.

They dont realize,

How bad it hurts,

How much it haunts.

Their life.

They think its fun and games.

But it hurts the other person.

They dont realize it,

But inside,

It really hurts.

It haunts them,

Their hole life.

They hold the anger.

I know I do.

Everything I say is true.

People ask me,

Whats rong?

But I can never tell them,

What happend,

What went rong.

Because I was young,

And it still happends.

I just cant bear,

To be rare.

I`m a once in a life time gal,

I`m living this centery and no one will ever find someone just quite like me.

So they take my heart,

they toss it around,

But in the end.

All their is,

Is a puddle on the ground.

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