Forbidden Doors

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This isn't that great of a poem. Heck, it's not even that good, but I wanted poeple to know.

Submitted: March 25, 2008

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Submitted: March 25, 2008



Forbidden doors lay below
This cold forgotten land,
And I wander through the forest floors
watching the old, sinking sand.

As I gaze into the open sky
And into the past beyond
I sense the feeling of terror and wonder
The wonder that lays in the open.

I walk in through the doors
And past the silver candlesticks.
What shall await me past
These wide eyed, red and dark bricks?

The cold chill through those open doors
Sends a shiver up my spine,
And a long, menacing light
Guides me to the power inside.

The power has overtaken most
And not only people of money in need
And not only powerful kings and queens,
But people built up with pride and greed

I look through a crack
Where the light seems to come
And standing there a power possesses me
A shiver running through, makes me feel numb

But as I look deep into my heart
I sense the power is nothing but greed
and nothing that anything can save
no one can save the one in need

A treasure was hidden
that's what it was
a treasure of greed and lust
and sinful power ‘twas

But there is One that can get rid
Of all of this greed and lust
and all of those selfish
poor people in need

The treasure is sin
and through sin it was given
but by God it was taken
and through God I am living

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