Raindrop-Filled Window

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This poem is something that is close to me. I wrote it thinking about daydreams and rain together. How they coincide with eachother basically. In movies and books there is usually a light rain while someone is dreaming about something. This is what I wanted to write about.

Submitted: March 25, 2008

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Submitted: March 25, 2008



Somewhere far beyond that rain-drop
Filled window
Waiting behind the curtain
of an unknown world

Should I stay or should I let
My mind wander around
In far off places
Where a patter of my feet makes not a sound

Soft, dewy grass melts between
The roots of a
mysterious, old well
Of imagination and wonder

This is where my heart is
And where it has been for long
Shall I wait forever in this place
To see where my imagination takes me next?

Or shall I wait
Until some other day
When then I will daydream even longer
Somewhere far beyond that rain-drop
filled window

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