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Submitted: November 24, 2009

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Submitted: November 24, 2009



what if i miss you

and finaly said it

would you say you miss me too

or turn away and laugh

what if i saidi love you still

that i never stopped

and i miss the thrill

i got when ever we kissed

would you lean in

and kiss me once

to cheat my heart again

or make it real

when our eyes lock

can you feel the hurt inside

would you turn back the clock

to make it dissappear

or still throw me away

ove my one single flaw

like that fateful day

i try to keep up

as you so quickly change

so in the end

im the victim of your game

your deep brown eyes

dared me with danger

but have now become those

i'd find on a stranger

you know you are my weakness

my only kriptonite

keep this up much longer

one day you'll lose the fight

© Copyright 2018 Kristi Lynn Lamber. All rights reserved.

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