A Steep Degradation in the Quality of Language

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A short article commenting on how pop culture delivers its language in public.

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012




A Drastic Decline in the Quality of Language

I’ve recently noticed a steep degradation of typical conversation that strangers partake in on busy streets. I don’t mean to be picky or uptight, but it’s disgusting how loose we’ve become with our language when among strangers. There were once days when a youngster or even an adult would be scolded by an unknown passer-by if profanity even began to escape their lips, but these days it’s as if the public streets are merely a forum for underprepared obscenities that do little other than influence a near-by five year old tightly gripping their mother’s hand.  

The reason that this pseudo-maturity should be looked down on is twofold; it takes fundamental social necessities like respect and inhibition and effectively throws them out the window, and it in no way considers the feelings of the public. I can deal with incessant chatter and swooning over the latest boy band or how much the new Facebook re-design angers you, but must you fill my headspace with sentences that only make a mockery of the Australian culture? Surely you can come up with something better than a degrading description of the woman walking 50 metres ahead of you.

Another factor that bothers me about these verbal nuisances is the way they cause me to reminisce. Now, I don’t want to take my turn on the rocking chair and tell it how it was in my day, but wasn’t there a time of ladies and gentlemen? However far back I’m obliged to look to peer at those instances, I will always be more pleased with the way it was when contrasted to the current status quo. This is not to say, of course, that the majority of people out there are like this. In fact, compared to the amount of people you see walking by every day, you would most likely find that only a small percentage fit the above descriptions. However, just like one unidentified insect spoils a five course meal, a few misspoken words are enough to lower the integrity of a large group of people.

So call me an old fashioned malcontent, but there needs to be a shift in the thinking of today’s seemingly extra-terrestrial beings that call themselves our current and future leaders. We depend on the development of morals and values every day to continue being a respected and highly thought of nation and without this the degeneration of today’s society will only accelerate. So please people; don’t make a fuss, just don’t cuss.


By Kristian Baraldi



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