I just cant look down

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I was on the bus on my way home feeling down about life so i wrote this short piece of poetry.

Submitted: July 20, 2013

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Submitted: July 20, 2013



I feel like shit and my eyes wanna cry.

But I wont let the tears fall for the sake of my pride.

I was born with a passion I never could hide,

but without family and friends that passion long ago died.

Sometimes I wish I was never born,

but then I would've never met the people that have helped keep my heart warm.

I can say that I'm stupid but that isnt true.

I was born with a brain; im just no longer sane.

Writing keeps me going.

It keeps me alive.

My lifespan grows longer with each word I write.

I am blessed with a husband, so amazing; so true.

No tear needs to fall because he stops all the blues.

Without him I just wouldnt be.

In the literal since, not a figmant of speech.

But I have faith that he'll always be by myside.

He hasnt left yet. And its been quite a ride.

The friends that I make arent always real,

but I dont need the drama from a misinformed deal.

I'll keep my head up and I'll never lose hope.

Thats my ticket to freedom.

Its my only way 'home'.

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