Your Gravity

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Just something I did on my downtime. I would really like an opinion.

Submitted: June 21, 2008

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Submitted: June 21, 2008



I don't know what it is about you but no matter what I do I can never let you go. It never takes very long. Before you know it I'm back in your arms. I know no matter what I say or do I'll always feel you here with me until I take my very last breath. There's just something about you. How you can just look at me and I can feel the same warmth I feel when you're holding me. Somehow I can't even make a move without you. It's like you keep me in chains, but there are none. There's nothing that I could want than for you to love me so much that I feel your love pour over me and flood my heart and soul. When in reality you only love me enough to just drizzle enough to make small puddles around me.

I think the reason you loved me this way is because, you saw that no matter how strong or tough I acted really deep down inside I was just this fragile little girl. All I had was a strength that you gave me, and even that wasn't enough to keep me from you. All you had to do was smile at me or hold my hand and all the strength that I saved to leave you just disappears.

I think in a way you know that you have me and always will. I wish you would see what you're doing to me, and set me free from your hold. You're my world and for the longest time I've been keeping myself just outside of your gravity field but I feel myself getting pulled back in. I'm trying to stand tall and be strong. Trying to be what I need to be without you. But there you are again and you know what I'm doing. You've seen it before and you know just how to stop me.

So until the day I can grow my own strength, the strength I know it's gonna take to let you not affect me. I'll be here trying to make you see that you're all I'll ever need. Even though I know that in the long run this could be the worst thing for me to do. I know you're not a friend, but I also know that you're not an enemy. You're that one person who will forever be in that gray area. The one person I'll never deny. The one person who can keep me grounded on this earth… with one look, one smile you'll have me forever.

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Your Gravity

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