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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is all that is going on in my soul. That's all the knowledge that comes out from me and that's everything i can do for the world. I don't want to be special. I just want to play my game of The Sims real life fair and square, but wealthy. I just wish to have money. I just wan't to play my game as a rich person.

The Mars One project is for me the first glimpse of human capability to think beyond and like the planet is going right now, instead of killing people, kicking them out from the planet Earth, which was gifted to us as the first stationing planet, and starting to act instead of thinking. I believe, that we were inside the rock what deleted the first form of planet earth, the asteroid what killed all life from Earth, and the asteroid kinda made us an safe environment by burning the sulphur fumes and creating a new mixture of gasses, like Carbon ,Oxygen and Nitrogen.

There are too many reasons for me not to believe and to understand, that it is impossible, that life kinda takes a small group of apes to kinda experiment on and evolutionize, leaving other apes as primitives and without evolution.

 Everything important is actually made exactly this way. Another small piece of important number 3. Reason, development, conciquence . people should try to be gods themselves, not slaves to All Maker. 
People should more think like You know, F**K it, i just am going to try. If i fail, then i fail. But at least i have tried.

We have scientists who couldn't foresee human leaving earth's atmosphere. But for them it is hard to immagine humans entering the atmosphere, because we didn't have any space technology at first, right?
We started with sticks and stones. 
Because we crashed to earth, and the ship was destroyed. Nothing left to salvage. So we had to start from a scratch.
Soon we'll be at the same state as we were before crashing to earth. We had knowledge of survival. Basic training. Because we were settlers.
We had a limited crew with random other humans, with specific knowledge. Some were technicians. Some were scientists. Some were soldiers. Some were builders. Some were artists. Some were cooks. And some were the flight crew. A basic tribe.
But to survive we all had our mission. To start from a scratch, to evolve , multiply and inhabit earth. And so here we are. It's been a long time. We are soon back where we started from. But we actually didn't start from here.  There are other worlds and other dimensions, from that so called "Big Bang" we just ended up on this rock. It had life on it. But nothing human-like. There were mammals, predators, insects , bacteria, plants and some basic viruses. 

There are no historical evidence that humans are from this rock. We can make million statements, that humans origin from apes, but really humans originate from apes asmuch as they originate from pigs.

We can see what happens to meteorites, when they crash to Earth. No human cannot survive that... right? What if there were no Real humans on the rock, but complex enough genes and cells, that after melting from the ice inside the meteorite, they started combining. 
That's just how i imagine a scientist thinking before space exploration. I know it is devastating to think bad about myself, but it's very hard, with the economy that earth has, and people that are out there. "I didn't think of it first so you are insane and stupid" 
the martial law of money, to even imagine myself in outer space, maybe as one of the first colonists of the first Estonian Flight to Mars. 

Or whatever other planet that is. Maybe i was one of the first settlers on Earth.
Coming from another planet a bit similar to Earth, Just my soul after death of my last body has travelled to a new body.
I hope that i can be one of the settlers again. As long as i don't have to be alone.
 I have a good physique. With the right training and teachings, i might actually be someone great. But i don't know where to find my tutor, my teacher, my guru or my god, whatever suits the best for the person, who actually can withstand a hard bargain, and who knows, that usually the tough nuts are the best and most accomplished ones.
 I dream big and beyond. But i know that the only thing what is keeping me on this rock, is "money".

 Not money as the piece of a paper with numbers on it, but money, as a real funding and small piece of hope and trust, that we all are a bit special, and we all at least deserve to try. Isn't that what our real life is about? It's not about making money and being famous. It is about a chance that a person was given, and what that exact person decides to make out of this chance. I am no engineer. I am not a builder, i know a little about fletching and carpentry, and something has gotten stuck on me from school about car technique, a speciality what i am studying.
I was somebody in the past life. But i don't remember who. I don't have the brain anymore. But my soul remembers that i had something to do with the first pioneers on Earth. I don't remember from where we came. But i remember a spaceship. A mothership. Something like Star Trek ship. But the escape pods were like sperms. A body like chicken's egg, and i dont know if it was a real tail, or a smoke trail, very long. 

 "Have faith" they say. "Trust,Believe,Hope and Dream" they say.
 But these are the only fundings on what a basic human mind is set upon. The first laws of life.
 Something that you cannot control, but do as a machine.
 I am a small-time Nerd. A nerd because i am a bit techie. I am more into computers, robotics and advanced technology than i am in to my ladies and into my life.
 I am a last of my blood. Like a breed what is dying out.
 A species that is on verge of extinction.
 Count Dracula with fangs removed. I am The last carrier of the blood of my ancestors.
 And it is a good blood, doctors and patients love it, because it is pure and hot. Like a hot sauce. And so do the creatures of nature. In a summer-time, i find myself in a crowded area surrounded by mosquitoes, and see others not being "bugged" so much.
 For me, that makes my blood special. My dream is to be one of the colonists going to outer space again.
I know how to take orders and how to obey. Now that's the only last thing i actually am good at. My physics are a bit lacking, but with a right tutor, a real person, and a goal that i actually can achieve, i could be like Arnold Schwartzernegger.

 People draw stupid lines between things, and then they yell heureka.
 Lets put together an human skull and monkey's jaw. Now lets recreate it with sticks and plastics and wow. 
We just made an primitive human skull. Lets cut a pear and an apple in half and join the one half of the pear to the other half of the apple. Congratulations. We just created PearApple and ApplePear.
 Just by making stupid experiments, doesnt mean you get real answers.
 Was the big Bang a doing of a god, or is the whole universe actually a piece from another universe?
 Surely, its weird, but maybe our universe has come from a mistake that actually would have destroyed more advanced universe, and the big bang was just a huge exploding bomb thrown into a wormhole, what is kinda vast emptyness, because it never ends.
 And our universe was created by a destruction of the other end of a wormhole.
 There is no scientific proof, that there is anything so vastly advanced like the god, that actually had a lot of time in his hands and kinda crafted everything from a holy number 1.618.
 Thats plain stupid. I also dont believe in randomness, but it is kinda rash conclusion. Sure i can be stupid, because i havent done as much research as the scientists, but it just seems too absurd for me. 
Far more advanced universe is more likely believeable. I understand, that there are million stories about aliens and 95.5% of the alien sights are fiction, drug related or mentally disturbed people's talk.
 But the 4.5% is clearly enough proof that there has been a contact with a foreign lifeform.
 And maybe they have taken humans as their studying objects, kinda to see how primitives like us evolve. 
And maybe they actually help us in some ways. When they see a hole to fill, the do it.
 Thats what i think about the latest upgrades they have gifted us. Tablet pc's, server computers, primitive space exploration equipment knowledge and so on.
The funny thing is that we are still in stone age. But instead of rocks and chisels we use electronic pens and lazer tools.

Humans should act like sperms.
 You see, sperm goes into the egg, grows, grows, grows, and then after 9months it leaves as a full grown human child.
Humans should be like this too. 
<a href=""><img title="c6343ab2f71433ed0a720445f1906980.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" alt="image" src="" /></a> 

They enter are sent on a planet to inhabit it, grow in it and when they are ready, leave as a full new lifeform. 

We have an idea to go to Mars. But it's only a thought. We are collecting funds and people for something, but for what? When human leaves from the egg,the egg will get destroyed. 
Is that the same with humans ? Will we leave from this planet when it is completely destroyed? 
Because soon our planet runs out of recources. We could send water to other planets with human colonization, to remove some of the sea water, so when really there is a global meltdown, then the planet wouldnt be over watered. 
And we would plant plants, maybe trees even to new soil, making ourselves a new planet, new ecosystem, new atmosphere to live in. 
It feels as if i am from the future, and i know how this should be done. Maybe my spirit is from another dimension. Or from the future. But therenis always a chance that i am mentally ill. Because i cannot make people believe, that inam from a future. I didn't come from a machine, where i can jump back and forth in a future. But my soul did. If you don't believe in Gods, Ghosts or super-natural, then it's good, right? But is human soul fiction?
Even scientists say that souls are very real. Soul travelling. Afterlife. Afterlife is the soul traveling from one, dead Vessel to another, new born vessel. Body is but a carrier. A ship.

Immagine a big starship as a penis. 
<a href=""><img title="images.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" alt="image" src="" /></a> 

And earth as female's egg. Now testicle sends out a sperm, a pod of humans to inhabit the egg, in this case, Earth. So that happens. The sperm starts to grow and evolve. And soon it is too full to hold anymore. So the human is born, with the egg destroyed. 
<a href=""><img title="Spaceship_TD_04.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" alt="image" src="" /></a> 

So humans have inhabited earth as female's egg' and are now destroying it in process of growing. We are connected to this planet though the vine
<a href=""><img title="download.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" alt="image" src="" /></a> 

 harvesting its resources as a baby harvests mother's resources. 
But what we don't understand, is that we are actually not meant to destroy the egg, but gather it's resources and inhabit a new egg. 
<a href=""><img title="human - egg - cell - square_0.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" alt="image" src="" /></a> 

To make human species survive. We have to send out sperms, rockets to inhabit other planets and create a new mother to us.
 We are full-grown species allready. Now let's gather water and sprouts what can survive harsh environments, and let's create ourselves a new mother planet.

We call it mother Nature and Mother Earth for a reason. 
Just please think about it. And let me know if i make any sence, and if you have any questions or suggestions, please tell me.

My E-mail is : 
My Facebook is : Kristjan Tiits
My phone number is +372 5666 5389

Cheers to all of you fellow humans :-)

Submitted: August 11, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Kristjan Tiits. All rights reserved.

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