My Blue Eyed Wolf

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Decided to describe my friend Matt (inlovewithyou) a little. I call him "my blue eyed wolf."

Submitted: November 21, 2009

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Submitted: November 21, 2009



He has deep blue eyes like the ocean's shoals,

You can see the little fish swimming in the sapphire pools.

His hair is jet black as the endless night in a raven's wing,

That flys away through the thick forest of muddy roots.

That smile he owns is full of dazzle and happiness,

That laughs when his humour is tickled.

He is there for me lending an ear of his,

To hear my troubles and problems.

For he can be faithful dog that begs and can have,

A neverending smile with a teasing tongue poking out.

He may be tall like a giraffe,

Yet he can't reach the maned spotted animals.

When he takes off his glasses,

It seems like he is reading your soul.

He is my wolf of pure blood,

Darkness and light are in his heart.

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