I Remember-Seasons Change

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Nature's seasons give reason and meaning to an otherwise empty void

Sun kissed rays of amber
A woven blanket of golden hue
Hold fast to the vision
For its days are numbered few
Heavy harsh and silent
Are the winter days coming fast
Days to put behind us on the calendar
Because it marks our days of passed
And springtime is the regenerated
Blossoming forth and some born again new
Eliminating less than desirable factors, the bad seed,
in lame terms meaning you.
The sun replenishes the spirit
And warms the soul frozen by winters harsh and solitary cold
Encouraging new thoughts and ideas
Replacing and rejuvenating the bitterness we hold
So when orange and yellow begin to turn brown
And falling leaves make cover for the ground
One perhaps finds solace in nature’s becoming
Where once only emptiness was found.
So the seasons progress
nature absorbs your pain
And although you’re cold and bitter
Summer comes again
Wrapping you in a blanket of golden amber hue
And this is how I want to remember you.

Submitted: February 02, 2008

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