It is like death taking your final breath There is nothnbg left

It is like death,
Taking your every breath
Killing everything
Of anything left.
And for always will be never
Agony anguish annihilation
Realization I have been deceived
Apparently you have been relieved
What a fool the things I believed
I thought you sincere I have been fooled
And you telling an entirely different story
I never saw it coming I have been schooled
Oh I wish for happier tymes
Before your poisoning mind infected myne
The dramas the scenes the hell bound maze
Over and over in my mind it plays
Like a big screen movie, your faults it displays.
Your fucked up deceitful; ignorant ways.
Unfolding it begins to reveal
The manipulated conditions
You were never real
You played a part that was not you but pretend
You overstepped the boundaries of friends
And so far beyond acceptable
Crucified it beyond amends
Scarred for life nothing will be the same
played I was, your terms your twisted game
Used and discarded but never again.
You are sorry that’s right, but not for what you’ve done
I have never been treated so disrespectful by anyone
You had no right, i didn’t know you could
You betrayed me in every way imaginable- but swore you never would
I am mad I am sad I am angry and I cry
No explanation, no excuses, you styll won’t say goodbye
And care so; little that you don’t even try
You made me question
Everyone’s best intention
For I had no previous apprehension
But of all the scheming and massacring
Of which you make no mention
You are foul acting as if you aren’t in the wrong
Its not important, because I was played all along.
Try as I might and hope as I do
I cry for the stories you tell as if true
I grieve the loss of someone I never knew
Unnecessary annihilation
I will never be the same after what you have put me through
And I regret the day I fell in with you
It was like Death
Taking my final breath.
Killing everything
There is nothing left.

Submitted: May 05, 2008

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Ian Dawn

agree this is so full of complicated thoughts and anger it rushes at you with each new line and verse. dark and insightful I love it.

Thu, February 14th, 2013 9:40pm

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