A Forgotten Second Chance

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I don't know what genre it is at first. it's a bit of romance connected to my "spiritual theory". enjoy reading.. and yeah please post comments for me to improve.. thanks

Submitted: May 30, 2008

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Submitted: May 30, 2008



The Forgotten Second Chance


It’s the 20th day of June, year 2008, 6 am. An 8 year old child woke up with a frightened look all over his face. His name is Mark Anthony. He had the same nightmare again. A nightmare that has been haunting him for three years yet until now he has not figured out what it meant. But he never even thought about telling it to anyone for he is a kind of kid who wants to handle things on his own. A strong one indeed although his still a child who needs guidance and he gets it from the school guidance councilor and priest, Fr. Henry De Guzman.

“Good! Your awake!” said a beautiful 21 year-old girl named Mariel. ”Yeah sis. Now, get off my bed!” he answered furiously. “Well hurry up! We might get caught in traffic!” said the girl while tickling her younger brother’s foot. “Yeah, yeah! Just stop tickling my foot!” Then they both gone down to the dining table where they’re mother and father are waiting.

“Hey kids! Come on and eat fast so that we won’t be late” said they’re father. “Well I’ll take a bath first, because if I’ll wait for sis to finish her bath, I might have to go to school at 12 noon,” said Anthony with a smile on his face. “Okay now that’s just exaggerating. I don’t take that long!” defended his sister. “Yeah whatever! I’m not listening anyway! HAHAHA!”. “Stupid kid! I’ll get you!” shouted  his sister. “Hey now come on, it’s not like it’s the first time he did that to you” said her understanding mother. “Yeah! But he’s really annoying!” ”Hey anyway I think he’s right. You do take while taking a bath” said her father. “Agh! You two are always ganging up on me!” “HAHA! And it’s still as much fun as the firs time! Besides don’t act like he’s the first person you got really annoyed with. It’s been eight years now isn’t it?” Then the whole dining room got silent. “Dad please. I have forgotten him a long time ago. Wherever he is now let’s just let him be there. I have my own life now and I’m happy about it okay.” “All right slowpoke I’m done! Hey Dad maybe I’ll just walk my way to school so I won’t get late. Hehehe” said Mark trying to finish his sister’s temper which lighted up the whole dining table again.

“All right you two take care all right! I’ll pick you up here at 4: 30 pm got it!” said they’re father as are dropped at the school. “Well I’m off to the faculty room. Don’t cause us any trouble in your classes all right” said Mariel as the two seperates.

“Hey MA is here! How are you??” said a little girl pointing him to his other friends. “Hey Jessica, hey Robert, hey Martin. I’m fine.” “Your late again as usual” said the three while laughing at the late comer. “I’m telling you it’s my sister!” defended Mark. The teasing continued until they’re teacher came.

“Okay everybody sit down.” said the old math teacher named Mrs. Hairman. “Oh man! A boring teacher early in the morning again!” said Mark to himself.

Everything seemed to be going fine for the first 30 minutes until Mark Anthony fell asleep in class which was quickly seen by the teacher. “Mark Anthony Cook! Your sleeping in class, again!’ shouted the teacher to catch the attention of the sleepy one which was followed by the sweet giggling of his classmates. “Ma’am I’m not sleeping I’m just visualizing the numbers interacting with each other” said Mark which gave his teacher a surprise and broke out the class in laughter. “Oh! So your visualizing! Maybe you can summarize the lesson that I have been nagging about for the past 30 minutes, eh Mr. Cook?” said the teacher with a challenging voice. “Okay Ma’am, pretty much you’ve been giving us examples and techniques on single digit multiplication. As you said, multiplication is just pretty much like a repeated addition. Meaning we will just add the first number to itself according to the second number. For example 2*2 = 4 because two 2’s are added to each other. Well there it is Ma’am, at least that’s how I get it. I didn’t miss anything, right??” said Mark acting like nothing happened. The room was silent for a moment until the class shouted to cheer they’re classmate for his answer. “Silence!” shouted the teacher, “Mr. Cook to the principal’s office, now!” “But didn’t I answered correctly?” said Mark, “Yes but that’s for sleeping in class.” explained the teacher. “Great! I’ll surely be awake now!” mumbled Mark to himself. And then the rest of the day went well for him. Mark and his sister got to they’re father in time and they got home together.

“Hey Mark, your birthday’s coming this Saturday isn’t it? Have you invited your friends?” asked his father who sounded more excited than his son. “Yes Dad. I’ve done it 4 days ago. Jessica, Robert, Martin and the rest of the guys” answered Mark. “Are you excited?” followed up by his sister. “Not really. Personally I’d rather if dad just gave me money” answered with a disappointed face. “Yup! You’re growing up all right!” commented her sister with a pat on the head.

They got home and ate. He did his homework and go to bed. And then his parents made sure his asleep. Then they all got to the living room. “So? It finally came. Tomorrow evening” said her father. “But dad, don’t you think it’ll be too early? What if he’s not yet ready?” answered Mariel as if she’s trying to avoid her responsibility. “I think she’s right dad. maybe we should wait for one or too more years” supported her mother. “NO! he’s getting more stubborn and it’ll be hard for us to stuck this fact in his brain if we still wait for his skull to get thicker. Tomorrow night. You have to do it Mariel. And no excuses!” ordered her father. Then they all got asleep except for Mariel who can’t sleep thinking of what she will do and how she will do it.

Mark’s birthday came. “Hey Marky, wake up now. It’s your birthday! Happy birthday!” sweetly said Mariel. “You’re sweet and you’re not tickling me. Weird. But your still annoying. I’ll get up so get off now would you?” said Mark.

Mark had a great party. It had all the games and all of his friends were there. Of course there was lots of food, music, and other forms of entertainment. All though it was a fun party, Mariel could not hide her expression of fear for the coming night. She still asking herself, he ready and is she ready to tell him that? But unfortunately for her she doesn’t have much time to think about it because for her evening came fast and there is no turning back now.

“Mark we’ll have a family meeting here in the living room now” said his father. “Hey if this is about my sleeping in my math class I told you before and I’ll tell you again, she’s a boring teacher in the morning and I easily understand her lesson, okay?!” explained Mark as if he knew what will already happen. “You slept in class again?! How many times do I have to tell you to keep your head in your class? And Mariel why didn’t you told me this?” asked they’re father. “Yeah I knew that but this time he just got an oral warning for this is the first time for this year so I didn’t think that you should need to know about it anymore. Anyway Mark I’m afraid that’s not the problem here. Its about us” said Mariel who looked at his little brother seriously. “US! What do you mean “us”? and why are you looking at me like that?? You’re freaking me out a bit here?” said Mark who seemed to want to just get out and stay out of her sight. “No you stupid ambitious kid! I have something serious to tell you. A secret that we had been hiding from you for nine years now. Something that I didn’t even wish to tell you but you have to know for your own good.” “Could you just go to the good part and cut these cheesy corny opening lines already?” interrupted Mark. “Hey! I’m just trying to give you some breathing for what I’m gonna say but if you like it that bad then here this is gonna hit you strong” then she stopped for a moment, before she continued with this slowly and hardly said sentence. “You… you are… you are my son and I’m you’re mother.” The room got silent for a bit as the two stared at each other. “Yeah! Nice try sis! But you’ll have to do better than that to make fun of me. HAHA!” said Mark trying to avoid a scandalous confession that was just made to him by his mother whom he thought for all his life as just her sister. “No Mark, she’s telling the truth. Here are you’re adoption papers. She got pregnant at the age of 13 and you’re her son. To hide the truth from the locals here we hid her at my home town in the Philippines. After your birth, we immediately processed your adoption papers and made it looked like you are our child and for you to live life as you know it now. I know this maybe hard for you but it’s the truth and you have to accept it” (from this moment on I’ll address to the parents as his grandparents for the case of Mark) explained his grandmother. “It is hard for me to accept because this is not the truth and I will not accept it! I’ll go to my room and don’t even think about nagging me about this because I’ll never listen!” said Mark who slammed the door before him and tried to get to sleep but can’t because of disbelief. “Don’t worry. It will sink in sooner or later” said her mother to Mariel. “Why did he have to leave me? Why did he have to die there? Didn’t he thought this day will come and I need him to help me?” cried Mariel who were trying to share the blame for the sin that they did nine years ago. Mariel cried all night until she fell asleep.

The next day Mark woke up early. He ate breakfast alone to avoid discussions about last night. After that he told his grandparents that he’ll go with his friends to church. He wasn’t really planning to go with them but this is his only chance to avoid any discussions. As they were in the church, the priest seemed to be talking to him directly for he is talking about faith and acceptance of the truth. Then he felt nature’s call and left his friends to go to the C.R. As he was getting out of the C.R., he saw a weird priest, who seemed to looked around first before going into a room as if it was secret. Mark, being a very curious kid, eavesdropped outside the room and sticked his ear to the door. “Do you think he knows by now.” ”I don’t think so, but he should be getting some strange dreams about his past ad if he is curious, it shouldn’t be long before he realizes his true identity. All right meeting dismissed” at this moment he walked to the church acting he came from the CR.

After the mass the three all split up. Mark now had an intense burst of curiosity. Somehow he feels he’s the one those people in the room are talking about. “Its time to make my move, I don’t know if I’m the one those guys are talking about and I don’t even care. All I know is I have to get these dreams cleared up”, said Mark determined to find the truth.

For him to know what’s that dream, he had to know first what dreams really are and where do they come from. Since he doesn’t want to go back home yet, he just go to a computer shop and start researching. Through this he found out that dreams come from ideas and memories. Things that you know subconsciously but cannot understand it. In dreams, they are shown to you to give you a chance to understand them better. “But then, I don’t remember being in a gang war or something like that or playing anything like it. And that guy, I don’t know him at all but somehow I feel connected to him. Could he be my father?” asked Mark to himself with a very confused mind.

He figured it’s time to go home because he knows he couldn’t escape the truth forever. And as he was entering the room he was astounded by a new picture that was placed on the family picture table. A dark guy with a smooth flowing hair and an authoritative look on his eyes, at one look he is sure, he is the guy in his dreams. After that he asked his mother, “Hey sis, I mean uhm mom,” said Mark, “No, don’t call me that if you’re not yet ready. It’s a bit uncomfortable for me either, having this change between us,” interrupted Mariel. “Anyways, who’s the guy in the picture?” asked Mark although somehow he knows the answer and just wants to confirm it. “He’s you’re father.” And it was just as he thought the guy in the picture and the guy on his dream is his father. Although something still bugs him, why is he having these dreams? Is his father haunting him? And what is he doing in that gang war? That’s when he decided to ask his mother how he died.

“He’s dead isn’t he; you said it when you cried last night. I heard it. So, how did he die?” asked Mark, “Well, you are his son, and you got that same curiosity just like his. I think you have the right to know. He was a gang leader of one of the favorite local gang here for they’re gang is the one that likes to help the community development, which was the total opposite of the opposition for they only care about gang war and total town domination and control. It was the “Decisive War” so as was called by the spectators. If your dad’s group win, smaller gangs will look up to it and help in community development while on the other hand, if the other group wins, total chaos will continue to reign. But there was a side bet. Usually in these gang wars, leaders are just behind the gang and giving commands but not this time. The other gang had you father to be in the first line and has no other choice for some of his enemies subordinates are outside the hospital waiting to kill me as I was giving birth to you if ever your father did not do as they say. The gang leader thought putting him in the frontline will make sure he dies and will kill the spirit of you father’s gang. Although he died that night, the spirit of his comrades were not broken, instead they were enraged. He died to protect us. He was a man of valor to the end.” At that moment, Mark has almost solved the puzzle. Now one question still remains, how can he dream about this if he doesn’t know anything about it until now?

The afternoon of that day, Mariel and Mark got to Fr. De Guzman. “Why are we going to him at this time again?” asked Mark. “Remember when you first got to school, I told you that if ever you have problems, you should just tell it to him? It’s because he’s been the guidance councilor of your father and I. That’s why I know he could be trusted. And also he’s the one that I trusted with your father’s things for you to see at this time. Father! We’re here. It’s time.” explained Mariel. “All right then, I’ve been waiting for this. Here it is.” As he was getting a small chest which contained shirts, bandanas and many things that once belonged to his father.

“Father I understand that you have once made a research about dreams so I think you can help me out here.” said Mark which caught the attention of the priest. “It’s about this dream I’ve been having for five years now. The dream of the “Decisive War” wherein I feel like I was in my father’s body. I have been confused because I never had an idea about this war until just a while ago. And as I have researched myself, dreams are based on just ideas on your head. Perhaps you can have an answer to these questions of mine?” asked Mark. Then the priest gave an expression of shock. “So that’s why. That’s why you have such trust in me when we first met. I believe I have an answer to your question but not because of my research but because of this group that I’ve been before. A special group of priest who were the keeper of the secret of the church. The true place of the purgatory. For years we have been teaching that the purgatory to be a place of simple torment for those who were not so bad at their life and not so good either. We also said that in here there is still a chance for heaven after you pay your enough torment in this world. The secret we hold is that purgatory isn’t really far from home. Actually we can say it is our home. That’s right. Purgatory is this world where we live in. after we die and be judged, if ever you are destined for purgatory, you’re soul will pass a memory removing machine and then sent to a child. This way you won’t have any memory of your past life. But I told this secret to one man and it was you because somehow I knew you will come back to us. That’s right, you are you’re father in the past life. Every 50 years we can command that machine not to remove a specific part of his memory giving the child fundamentals in life which thus creates child prodigies and geniuses. But in the year of Micheal’s death, I used it for something else. I used it for him to remember his last activity in the past life. Do you remember it now, Micheal?” said the priest. “Yes, everything is clear now. Mariel I guess there’s no need for you to cry, because I did not leave you,” said Mark. Then Mariel just walked back in disbelief. “But father, aren’t supposed to be dead by now for saying that secret to me?” asked Mark. Then Mariel stopped walking as she bumped to a man in a hood. “Well he is now, we knew you would come someday and used him as bait and now there’s no further use for him,” and with a flick of a hand he was shot with a suppressed .45mm caliber gun. He was dead in an instant. “And you two, know our secrets so as well you should die!” but Mark interrupted him, “No! One may survive! I also know that every 1,000 year you can erase a specific memory in case of these incidents of exposure to one person. Meaning you can just erase Mariel’s memory and just kill me instead” said Mark but Mariel disagreed. “You died for me once, it’s my turn now. I’m the one who’ll die! You just erase everything he knows and his dream will mean nothing to him anymore. And besides I still have a chance to go to purgatory, unlike you so don’t worry.” Mark tried to talk her out of it but she has decided. “All right then, this is what will happen. We’ll delete his memory and we’ll be out, then you two will go home and you will leave him in a corner of a street which you’ll cross and where you’ll ‘accidentally’ get crushed by a car. If you won’t do this, we’ll kill you both ourselves and we work clean and your deaths will be nothing else but a cold case.” said the hooded mysterious guy and as Mark tried to protest, they erased his memory and vanished to thin air with the dead priest’s body. Then after that Mariel decided to go home with Mark.

As they were walking, Mark asked about the sad look on Mariel’s face but Mariel said it’s nothing. And as they approach the crossing, she saw a guy who she knew would finish the job if something goes wrong. Then after that, she pretended to saw an old friend and left her son on the street. She ran onto the street and as she was in the middle, she looked back at Mark and smiled at him while crying. Then she got hit by a car with no plate and got out of sight in just seconds. Mark was shocked and silent for a while. “Mariel! Mom!” cried Mark as he was about to go and run to her but was stopped by a nearby man. A policeman checked her but she was already dead. With no plate ad no one even saw the color and type of the car, the case was closed easily.

For years, Mark became lonely. But he recovered. And after 15 years, he is now a lawyer and is happily married to a girl he loves and has a baby girl.

But you who is reading this now, yes you. What if you are reincarnated already and trying to prove yourself worthy to go to heaven? What if your memory were just removed? Wouldn’t you give it your best to prove yourself? What if his is your second and last chance and just forgot it? So let us not waste this opportunity, let us be the best of who we can be today as a person for this must be our last and forgotten chance.

When Mark’s daughter turned four, she just woke up and cried so Mark came there to stop her. Then he asked her why she cried, and she answered that it’s because of her dream that a beautiful woman died because she was hit by a car. Then Mark smiled and said that she shouldn’t be afraid because it was just her grandmother visiting her. But to us, we all know what that means. :->

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