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Walking down a road known to lead you nowhere,
You clutch your rotting core as it tries to pulse again,
The sickened words of angels linger on a frozen breeze.
Screaming at you and prying at the walls of your sanity.
Shattered dreams and the dust from broken hearts,
Follow your weary feet as you stumble in the dark,
Whispers follow you, tormenting your rotting soul.
Death stays away from you, watching you walk on.
Captivated by your pain the shadows watch nearby,
Like scavengers waiting for their prey to slowly die,
They swim coldly through the burning atmosphere.
Stealing your thoughts and life as they soar past again.
Hollowed and empty, you press wearily onwards,
On to a place you no longer know of, a dream,
A city of broken hopeless old men who will die,
Like cowards on their bent knees, begging to live,
Begging to live for fear of death, yet wishing to die.
For they fear life too.
You feel a sharp pain in your chest
As your heart tries to beat again
Death feels your attempt to grow stronger
Tickled, he watches you walk bravely through his hell
His hell is a winter frozen kiss with a soft blade,
A release from the pain, a drowning sorrow,
The laughter of the dead melts your soul,
Your heart convulses as Death squeezes softly
Watching your blood flow stronger, he embraces you
He wraps his arms around you, and strokes your skin gently
His warm body causes your body to combust into hellish flames
He places a kiss on your neck, leaving your veins to disintegrate
Such sweet sorrow he whispers to your piled ashes
Death and Life locked in a painful lovers embrace
Let the dance begin again, around another lost soul,
Who stumbles towards the city of the damned.

Submitted: May 28, 2012

© Copyright 2023 krystal magdelen. All rights reserved.

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