The Death of Depression Poetry

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Last in the series of Depression Poetry by Black Albatross --- My Alter Ego

Submitted: August 04, 2008

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Submitted: August 04, 2008



Over the bridges,
above the sky,
I fly,
so high,
that the world below seems to make no sense.

Wings of glory,
ready to dive,
I fall,
so hard,
that everything turns dark, every light is dense.

And the only one thing that seems so right,
is my ongoing pain, my neverfading plight.

Chains of gold,
chains of night,
cage me down, cage my flight,
I shall rise from the ashes,
when I make my way,
I make it right.

I dream on and on,
of an ocean so blue,
and the moon calls my name,
asks where are you?

Seven seas for seven sins,
seven nodes for seven dreams,
Day and night now hold no meaning,
no voice to answer the uncried screams.

Destiny is real, make no mistake,
life is one big game of give and take,
I sense the coming of a quiet chaos,
The unforgiven.The Albatross.

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