finding the meaning of birth

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adam and eve on finding the meaning of there birth

Submitted: February 16, 2010

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Submitted: February 16, 2010



Millenniums Ago When Adam And Eve Where Sent By The God On The Earth They Were Curious To Know Why They Where Sent Here.. They Both Were Confused That Why They Two And Only They Two Were Sent. They Started Experimenting With There Bodies To Come-Out With A Answer. Many Times They Used To Touch Each Other And Wait For Something To Happen. They Both Knew That There Is Something That Only They Both Can Do So They Kept Trying.. Adam And Eve Use To Do This In Day And Night Hoping That Change In The Sky May Bring Change. After Few Days Eve Fell Ill Adam Use To Put Sand On Her Body In A Way To Save Her But That Does Not Work. Then He Took Her To The Nearby Lake And Was Throwing Water On Her Body, Mouth, Eyes, Nose And Ears Putting It In The Mouth Made Eve Feel Better They Knew That This What She Wants. Adam Started Bringing Sand And Leaves And Use To Put It In Her Mouth When Adam Fell Ill Eve Use To Do The Same And They Discovered That There Body Needs Food And Water. Once When They Were Tired Of Finding The Meaning Adam Touched His Whole Body And Realized That Touching His Cock Makes Him Feel Good. Eve Noticed It And She Touched His Cock Which Made Adam Feel More Enjoyable From Then Eve Often Use To Give Him Blowjob. When Eve Wanted To Find The Same Part She Realized Her Pussy Gives Her Same Joy And The Season Of Masturbation Started . When This Was All Not Enough Adam Got An Idea Of Joining Thier Feel Good Parts And Eve Agreed And They Fucked Each Other. He Felt This Is The Idea Of God But Nothing Changed. They Cried And Left It On God. After Months When Eve Became Fat Adam Thought She Is About To Die . He Helped Her By Making Her Rest And Used To Bring Leaves And Water For Her. . Returning One Day From Forests Adam Saw Eve In Pain He Rushed To Her And Thought This Is It So He Wanted To Cum On Her For The Last Time. While Doing This He Realized Something In Her Pussy He Brought It Out And It Was Like Small Adam To Him And They Found There Meaning Of Making Many Adam And Eve. Later, They Fucked Each Other For Whole Life

happy ending

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