Rekindled Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I ran out of gas on a deserted back road one day, I didn't expect the person who would come to my rescue...
(This is set ten years in the future.)

"No no no!" I yelled as I hit my fist against my steering wheel. "Damn it!" I said while staring sullenly at the empty gas gauge. 'Just my luck.' I thought. 'It's the middle of summer and my car deicides now is the time to run out of gas.' I threw open my car door and got out. Looking both ways down the hell forsaken road, I came to the realization that no one was likely to come to my aid. "Why me?" I moaned as I reached back in my car for my cell, only to discover it dead. 'Great, just great. Now I have no way to call for help.' Running my dry, paint covered hand through my hair, I thought over my options. 'I could walk to the nearest store or I could stay here and hope someone drives by and stops.' I tapped my finger on my bottom lip. "I'll stay here for thirty minutes, if no one comes then i'll walk." I sat back down in my car with the door open, trying to stay cool in the ninety degree weather. "Ugh, why does it have to be so hot?" I took off my paint covered work shirt, leaving me in a black tank top. "Ahh, much better!" I smiled to myself. I heard a noise to the left of me so I glanced out of the corner of my eye in that direction. I saw the sun gleaming off the top of metal and knew. "Yes!" I jumped up and did a fist pump. 'Someone is coming down the road!' I thought happily. As the car got closer (it was a black Mustang) I absentmindedly put my hand on top of my necklace that rested in the hollow of my neck for it served as my good luck charm. I leaned against my car, staring at the car weirdly. 'Their not going to stop, I probably look like a fucking killer.' I sulked and turned to sit back in my car when I heard the sound of tires on gravel. I turned my head and saw a VERY attractive guy around my age step out of his car. "You need help Ma'am?" He smiled at me. I felt myself flush but quickly made a point to turn towards my car and wave my hand at it. "Yeah, I kinda ran out of gas." I took a breath, not realizing that I had forgotten to breathe since I saw the guy. He laughed "Only kinda?" He started walking closer to me and my hand flew again to my necklace. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, he was tall (like 5'11) with short spikey brown hair. He was lightly tanned with a small mole on his left cheek. His eyes were the most unusual aspect of him and most intriging, in the light they reflected blue with golden flecks revolving around the iris. The guy stopped to stand next to me and smiled. 'What a nice smile' I thought. "I can give you a ride to the gas station up the road if you want, I promise I don't bite." Again he smiled. I looked at him"I would be so grateful." As I returned his smile, I was taken in by his eyes again. He cocked a eyebrow and I realized I was staring. I turned away blushing. "Just let me grab my purse and lock my car." He nodded "Ok, take your time. I'm not in a rush." I leaned across the panel between my driver and passenger seat to grab my purse. I caught a glance at myself in the mirror and gasped. 'I look horrible!' My makeup was smeared in one spot and my hair was tangled with different colored paints flecked in it. I rushed to fix the smear of makeup then quickly ruffled through my purse for my brush. I rushed the brush through my hair, wincing in pain. Finally looking somewhat presentable, I threw the brush back in my purse, grabbed my keys, and climbed out of my car. Before I could reach back to close the door, the guy was closing it for me smirking. Blushing again, I hit the lock button twice so the alarm would set. "Shall we?" He smiled, that amazing smile. 'What are you thinking?! You just met this guy!' I nodded and smiled in return. He turned and headed for his car, I followed behind quickly. I got into the passenger seat as he slid into the drivers seat. "Don't forget to buckle up." He said as he started the car, it roaring to life. I quickly buckled my seatbelt as he sped off the gravel and onto the paved road. "Ahh..!" I gasped and I heard him snicker. "Did I scare you?" He smiled mischisvly. I straightend indignitly "Of course not." I watched as his grin grew wider. "I didn't catch your name Mrs...?" "Ellis, Kaitlyn Ellis." I smirked but stopped quickly when I saw his face harden, I feared I did something wrong so instantly my hand went to my beloved necklace. "Is everything ok?" I asked timidly. "Yes, i'm just surprized that I didn't recongize you. Taken it has been many years since I saw you last." He said this while looking at the road. 'He knows me?' I thought, surprized. "We've met before? What is your name?" I questioned,confused. He smiled grimly and looked me in the eyes. "Dalton, Dalton Browning."

Slowly my hand lowered from my necklace, knowing no good luck charm in the world could save me from the reality sitting next to me. "Dalton..." I breathed, now I recongized him. The hair, the smile, those beautiful eyes. The eyes I remember staring into thinking that he was the only one for me. "You look so... Grown up." I studdered blankly, not able to think of anything else to say. He smiled thinly "You too Kaitlyn." He sighed. 'He still hates me after all these years and I still love him...' I thought sadly, my eyes brimming with tears. I turned towards the window and prayed the gas station wasn't much farther. "So, how have you been these past few years? You married?" He asked dryly. 'Why is he even trying to converstate with me if he hates me?' I wondered. "Alright, I finished college. Got my degree in the Fine Arts, now Ihave my own art museum. As for being married, no i'm not." I smiled sadly, remembering why that was so. 'It was because I couldn't get over you,Dalton.' I felt a single tear slid down my cheek to my chin and drip on to my hand. I quickly, but discreetly, wiped it away. "Congrats on the museum. I'm not married either if you were wondering, haven't found anyone I felt truely in love with. I was wondering though, why do you keep placing your hand on the base of your neck? Is something there?" He gave me a sidelong glance as I started, surprized. "Oh... Um it's just a necklace, i've always loved it. It's so simple yet beautiful..." I pulled the thin chain from under my tank top and looked at it. A pure gold chain with a tear shaped emerald and tiny diamonds lining the top. I heard Dalton chuckle, pulling me out if my reverie. "What's so funny?" I asked, confused. "I got you that for Valentine's day, right before I ended things between us." He seemed.. Happy in a way. I blushed brighter then any jewel. "O.. Oh yeah. I'd forgotten." He looked at me and smiled, a real smile. "I've missed you Kaity." I was about to reply, not fully comprehending what he just said, when I noticed we were pulling into the gas station finally. Dalton stopped the car in front of the pumps and I hopped out, glad to be out of the awkward situation in the car. 'Wait! Did he just say he missed me?' I turned toward the car to find it empty. "Hey." I jumped and spinned around to find Dalton smirking at me. I felt my heart thumping loudly against my chest but I couldn't tell if it was from being scared or his face being mere inches from mine. "Don't do that!" I scowled, doing my best to prevent the blush creeping into my cheeks. He smiled "I got the gas for your car." He held up a gas canister. "Oh, thank you." I watched as he put the canister in the truck and slaugntered back to where I was standing. "They have a little coffee shop in the back of the convientance store, I was wondering if you wanted to grab a cup and relax before we go back?" He looked away towards the sky, seeming more intrested in it then my answer. I smiled "I'd like that." He lowered his eyes to meet mine and grinned. "I was hoping you would say that." He offered me his arm and I took it gratefully. 'He sure has changed.' I thought, not realizing how happy I was to see him again. We entered the small store and Dalton led me towards the back of the store. He stopped at the last table in the very back. "What kind of coffee do you like? I'll go order." I quickly said a random coffee type, I was to lost in thought to really think about my choices. I watched him, almost without realizing it, as he walked towards the counter and ordered. He laughed with the man as he prepared our orders. Realizing before I did that I was staring at him, Dalton looked at me. I quickly turned away, blushing. Even with him on the other side of the store, I heard him chuckle. A few minutes passed and Dalton returned with our drinks. I smiled "Thank you." He grinned "Your welcome." I sipped my coffee, relishing in the flavor. I closed my eyes and set my drink down. When I opened them, I noticed Dalton staring at me. "Wha..What? Is something on my face?" I began reaching for a napkin but his hand was suddenly on mine. "No, I just can't believe how much you look like a woman now. You really have grown up Kaity." I blushed, a deep rouge. "You have too Dots."I smiled, remembering how much he hated that nickname. He laughed and moved his face closer to mine, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. "You still remember that damned nickname?" His eyes, usually so clear, were clouded over with a emotion I couldn't decipher. Just when I thought I couldn't blush more, I did. "Ye..Yeah, I never forgot." I breathed. 'Kaitlyn snap out of it! His lips are inches from yours!' I didn't have time to react, Dalton leaned to close the space between us. I closed my eyes... "DING DONG! DING DONG!" I jumped back from him. A grandfather clock that I hadn't noticed on the way in had started chiming, alerting me that it was now four o'clock. "I really got to start heading home." I said suddenly, standing up quickly. Looking as if still in a daze, Dalton stood up as well. "Yeah, me too.." We began walking out of the small shop. I headed towards his car and got into the passenger seat. Dalton slid into the driver seat and started the engine. As it roared to life, I saw Dalton looked quite distracted. 'I.. He.. We almost kissed back there!' I put my hand to my mouth in shock. "Kaity, i'm sorry. I shouldn't of been so forward. I completely understand if you don't feel that way about me anymore." I faced the window, not knowing how to reply. I heard him sigh and then nothing. I was lost in confusion. 'Do I want to be with him again? Do I really want to risk that pain again? Do I really still love him after all this time?' These questons kept going around in my head and before I knew it, we were back at my car. We both got out and I watched him take the gas from the trunk of his car and started putting it into my car. I stood quietly until he finished, still at a loss for words. "There you go, that should be enough to get you home." He looked at me with unreadable eyes. I looked at the ground. "Thank you so much, I don't know what I would of done if you hadn't came along." I felt him brush by me, headed for his car. "Well guess this is goodbye. Hope I see you again someday Kaity." As I watched him open his car door, I realized the answer to the questions I had been turning over and over in my head since we almost kissed. 'Yes.' "Wait, Dalton!" I ran towards him. He turned and I hugged him, never wanting to let go. "Don't go." I whispered into his solid black tee. He gently pulled me off him. I looked up at him, into those beautiful eyes... Then he kissed me. Suddenly all the memories came rushing back, from the day I met him till now. The pain of losing him for the first time and the happiness of finally having back the man i've loved since I was fifteen years old. As we kissed, I felt invincible. Slowly he pulled back, I stared into his eyes, the eyes that were a deep lapiz blue with the pure golden flecks that circled the irises. His lips were swollen from the kiss. " I'll never let you go again." Then he kissed me again, with all his strength.

Submitted: April 18, 2012

© Copyright 2022 ksmead. All rights reserved.

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deaths daughter

hey its Carla i love it so romantic i hope this happens hey friend me okay love u lots

Wed, April 18th, 2012 2:12pm


i like it :D .... i didnt know you could write so dang well 0_o

Mon, April 23rd, 2012 6:38pm


thanks lol :)

Mon, April 23rd, 2012 1:06pm

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